七年级英语试卷 一、 词汇,根据中文和首字母提示写词。 (10分)
  1. Paris is the c of Russia.
  2. I live in a w house with my family.
  3. Our Chinese people are very f .
  4. --Are there any tomatoes in the kitchen ? --No, there are n.
  5. He was s to see the three men in the police station.
  6. The restaurant is on the floor . (九)
  7. There are more than two (百万) people in this small town.
  8. I need some more water because I am very (口渴).
  9. Go (穿过)the bride and you ’ll find the hospital.
  10. Our (班长) studies hard and he is a top student in my class. 二、选择。 (15分) ( )
  1.Sandy sits between and . A. he, I B. him , me C. I , he D. me , he ( )
  2.How do we say the number “4,1235 ”? A. four thousand ,one hundred , thirty five B. B. four thousand , one hundred and thirty five C. four thousand ,one hundred and thirty five D. four thousand ,one hundred and thirty-five ( )
  3.I have a room twelve showers and four baths. A. in B. on C. with D. of ( )
  4.Look , here is tall building. A. such a B. a such C. so a D. a so ( )
  5.Mr Li . A. teach me English B. teach my English C. teaches me English D. teaches my English ( )
  6.He told me that he arrived Beijing the morning of January 8th . A. at, in B. in, in C. in, on D. to, on ( )
  7.There is going to a football match tomorrow evening. A. have B. be C. take D. make ( )
  8.She would like . A. two bottles of milk B. two bottles of milks C. two bottle of milk D. two bottle of milks ( )
  9.Everyone to know how to the shopping mall ? A. wants, get B. wants, to get C. want, getting D. wants ,to getting ( )
  10.You the homework now. You may do it tomorrow. A. don’t need to finish B. need to finish C. needn’t to finish D. need finishing ( )
  11.Your radio is too noisy . Could you , please ? A. turn it down B. turn down it C. turn it on D. turn on it ( )
  12.They stopped but they nothing. D. to hear , listened B. to listen, hear C. hearing, listened D. to listen,
heard ( )
  13.The book will make you . A. interested B. interest C. interesting D. to interest ( )
  14.Neither Rose nor her classmates in the room. A. is B. were C. have D. was ( )
  15. Greens are on visit to a beautiful city in China. A. / , a B. A , the C. The , a D. The, / 三、动词填空。 (10分)
  1. I’ll ask him (call ) you back .
  2. There are lots of things ( do ) in Sunshine Town .
  3. It takes about twenty minutes ( get ) to the center of the town.
  4. We are happy ( be ) with you .
  5. They ( drive ) to the party yesterday.
  6. Neil ( not do ) his homework the day before yesterday .
  7. you ( hold ) a party tomorrow evening.
  8. It’s five fifty now. He ( read ) English .
  9. What time she ( get ) up in the morning ?
  10. Does he want me ( help ) him ? 四、句型转换。 (10分)
  1. He had an egg for his breakfast. ( 改为否定句 ) He an egg for his breakfast .
  2. He is going to play basketball tomorrow .( 画线提问 ) he going to do tomorrow ?
  3. We get there by bus. ( 画线提问 ) we get there ?
  4. Turn right at the fifth turning . ( 写同意句 ) the fifth turning your right.
  5. The cinema is 20 metres from the café . (画线提问) is the cinema from the café ? 五、选错并改正。 (10分)
  1. We are going to have a picnic on next Sunday. ( ) AB C
  2. It’s time to lunch . The girl is hurrying home. ( ) A B C
  3. What a fine day. Why not to fly a kite ? ( ) A B C
  4. Shall we go by a taxi ? ( ) A B C
  5. I think the bike maybe Jam’s . ( ) A B C 六、翻译句子。 (10分) 1、美国的公寓真的不同于北京的。 The flats in America are from those in Beijing. 2、Peter 住在 Mary 下面两层。
Mary two floors Peter. 3、湖北在湖南的北面。 Hubei is Hunan. 4、在阳光小镇上空气污染比北京其他地区少。 There is air in Sunshine Town than in other areas of Beijing. 5、假如明天下雨,我们就不去长城了。 If it tomorrow , we go to the Great Wall. 七、完型填空。 (10分) One day Einstein was walking __1__ the street in New York. His friend__2_him and said to him , “ Einstein , you should buy a new coat. Look ! __3 old your coat is !” But Einstein answered. “ It 4__ matter. Nobody 5 me here . ” 6 a few years Einstein __7__ a famous scientist. But he still __8 the old coat. His friend met him again and asked him __9__ a new one. But Einstein said “ I needn’t buy a new one. Everyone 10__ me here . ” ( )
  1. A. to B. in C. at D. by ( )
  2. A. see B. look C. meet D. met ( )
  3. A. How B. What C. Too D. So ( )
  4. A. isn’t B. can’t C. don’t D. doesn’t ( )
  5. A. know B. knows C. see D. sees ( )
  6. A. Before B. After C. When D. Soon ( )
  7. A. is B. will be C. became D. become ( )
  8. A. put on B. putting on C. wore D. wearing ( )
  9.A. to buy B. buy C. buying D. wearing ( )
  10. A. know B. look C. see D. knows 八、阅读理解。 (10 分) (
  1) On New Year’s Eve, people in Italy throw out all the old things. So there are chairs , beds, clothes and plates in the street. In Spain, the new year comes in more quietly. In the evening people come together to the streets .Each holds a bag of grapes. When twelve o’clock comes, people start eating the grapes . In Japan, people eat noodles on New Year’s Eve. This food is said to bring long life. Early the next morning, some families climb Mount Fuji. There they watch the first sunrise of the new year. ( )
  1. This story is about New Year’s Eve in . A. Italy B. Spain C. Japan D. All of the above ( )
  2. People in Spain welcome New Year by after twelve. A. eating grapes B. eating noodles C. throwing the old things D. watching the sunrise ( )
  3. People in both Spain and Japan to welcome the new year. A. throw things away B. get together C. eat some food D. climb a mountain ( )
  4. Japanese climb Mount Fuji to . A. look at the stars B. look for New Year’s wishes
C. see the sun coming up D. have a rest ( )
  5. The people in get long life from their New Year’s food. A. Japan B. China C. Spain D. Italy (2 ) Mr. Jones had a nice, brown coat . He loved it very much, but his wife didn’t like it. Because it was old. She often said. “ Give it to a poor man . ” But Mr. Jones always answered, “ No, I like this coat. ” Then a cigarette fell on it and made a hole in it. So Mrs Jones said, “Please don’t wear it again. ” Mr. Jones took it to a small tailor : “ Please make another coat like this one .” The tailor made the coat very carefully. Then he lit a cigarette, and made a hole in it in the same place. ( )
  6. Mrs. Jones didn’t like the coat because . A. it was nice and brown B. it was not nice C. it was very old D. it was not old ( )
  7. Mr. Jones always said, “ ”. A. I like this coat B. Give it to a poor man C. No, I don’t like this coat. D. I don’t give it to a poor man ( )
  8. made a hole in the coat. A. Mr. Jones B. Mr. Jones C. Mr. And Mrs. Jones D. A cigarette ( )
  9. Mr. Jones asked the tailor to . A. make a new hole in the coat B. make a new coat C. make a hole in the new coat D. make more money ( )
  10. Who do you think was foolish ? A. The tailor B. Mr. Jones C. Mrs. Jones D. Nobody



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