七年级英语听力强化训练 七年级英语听力强化训练 Unit25
听力理解 I. 听录音,选出正确的图片. A B




II. 听句子,选出相应的短语. A. Money Isn't Everything B. A Good Movie C. Reference(参考)Material D. A Future(未来)Farm E. Parents' Headache(头痛)

III. 听录音,根据你所听到的选择正确的问句或答句. ( )
  1. A. What country are you in? B. Where do you come from? ( )
  2. A. I like it very much. B. It doesn't matter. ( )
  3. A. I can't stand it. B. Yes, I think they are cool. ( )
  4. A. When do you have supper? B. Would you like to have breakfast with us? ( )
  5. A. Is he watching "Super Sports"? B. What does he think of "Beijing Culture"? IV. 听录音,根据大意填空.
  1. Maria is writing an article for the school. .
  2. Maria loves the .
  3. She doesn't mind the .
  4. She can't stand the colour of the .
  5. She thinks the is really cool.
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V. 听录音,选择正确答案. ( )
  1. How many children does the young woman have? A. Ten B. Eleven C. Four ( )
  2. The children wore caps, coats and pants. A. yellow/ white/ blue B. blue/ white/ yellow C. white/ blue / yellow ( ) The mother dresses her children in the same clothes now because .
  3. A. she loves her children B. she doesn't want to take other children home C. it is easy to see her children when they are among their friends ( )
  4. From the story we know the woman was . A. brave B. dull C. boring
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听力原文: I.
  1. wallet
  5. scissors

  2. scarf
  6. sunglasses

  3. razor
  7. belt

  4. key ring
  8. watch
  1. For families with children, an important problem is getting the children away from the television to do their homework.
  2. In about 50 years, people might grow plants and vegetables in the sea.
  3. Finding Nemo is an exciting American film.
  4. Even if you could buy the world, you could not buy a happy family, good friends, or knowledge.
  5. When you need help with your homework, go to the library. You may find magazines, newspapers and big dictionaries there. They can always help you. III.
  1. I come from Argentina. What do you think of this fashion show? Do you like the sunglasses? No, thanks. It's late. No, he is watching "Beijing Culture".
IV. A: Hi, Maria. B: Hi, what's up? A: I'm writing an article for the school magazine What's Cool? , and I want to ask you some questions. B: Sure. A: Well, look at these things. What do you think of them? B: OK. Um, well hmm. I love the watch. A: what do you think of the ring? B: I don't mind it. A: How about the scarf and the wallet? B: I can't stand the colour of the scarf. It's too bright, but the wallet is really cool. I like it. V. One day, Mr Brown saw a young woman on the street with some children. He was very surprised because all the children were wearing the same clothes: white caps, blue coats and yellow pants. "Are all these children yours?" he asked the woman. "Yes, they are." she answered. "Do you always dress them in the same clothes?" asked Mr Brown. "Yes," answered the mother. "When we only had three children, we dressed them in the same clothes because we didn't want to lose any of them. It was easy to see our children among other children because they were all wearing the same clothes. Now that we have ten children, we dress them like this because we don't
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want to take other children home by mistake. When there are other children among ours, it is easy to see them because their clothes are different." 听力答案: I.
  1. E
  2. C
  3. H
  8. F II.
  1. E
  2. D
  3. B III.
  1. B
  2. A
  3. B IV.
  1. magazine
  2. watch V.
  1. A
  2. C
  3. B

  4. B
  4. A
  4. B
  3. ring
  4. B

  5. A

  6. D


  5. C
  5. A
  4. scarf

  5. wallet
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