I studied geography(地理) of Shaoxing .
a talk show
I saw a talk show. (see)
I wrote a letter to my friend. write
Sally Jim
The kids also had a happy weekend.
What did he do last weekend ?
He played soccer. soccer.
What did she do ?
She did her homework.
What did he do …?
He studied for a test. test.
What did she do just now(刚才)? now(刚
She read a book. She She did some reading.
What did they do last summer? summer?
They went to the beach. beach. They went swimming.
What did she do yesterday?
She cleaned the room. She did some cleaning. cleaning.
What did they do last weekend?
They went to the movies. movies.
Here are some things that Sally and Jim did yesterday. Match the words with the pictures.

  1._b_ played the guitar
  3. did my homework

  2.studied geography
  4.went to the library d
Listen. What did Sally and Jim do 2a last weekend? Complete the chart. Sally cleaned her room
did her homework
Jim played soccer
went to a movie
visited his friend’s house
Sunday afternoon Sunday night
Sunday went to the library
Pair work : talk about what Sally and Jim did last weekend.
A: what did Jim do on Saturday ? B: Jim played soccer. what about Sally? A: Sally ….
Sally cleaned the room did her homework went to the Sunday library time Jim played soccer
went to a movie
visited his friend’s house
time Saturday Sunday morning Sunday night

  1. ‰v杰伦 ate chicken in WC at 12:00 last night. 杰伦 杰 2 . I took a shower in the zoo on Sunday afternoon.
  3.樱木花道 cleaned the room in the street on Saturday.

  4. 笔 played computer games in the water last weekend. weekend.

  5. 柯南 watched TV under the bed on Friday morning. morning.

  7. 刘
cooked dinner in my hand on my last birthday. birthday.
did some swimming in my pencil box on Sunday night. night.
Help Dory write down what she did last weekend. ( In groups of 4 ,1 remember, 2 write, 1 report)
a book
the piano
Hi! Friends!!!
the movies
the room
a letter to Nemo (尼莫) (尼莫)
Hi! Friends! !!
played the piano
watched TV
cooked dinner
visited friends
cleaned the room
6 studied
had lunch
went to the movies
read a book
wrote a letter to Nemo
played soccer watched TV visited friends studied geography went to the movies
played the piano cooked dinner cleaned the room had lunch read a book
wrote a letter to Nemo(尼莫) wrote Nemo(尼莫 尼莫)
Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks.
I had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I cleaned the room In the afternoon, . I read a book .It was a little (一点) difficult. (一点 一点) watched TV On Saturday night, I .on played the piano Sunday morning, I . In the visited my friends afternoon, I On Sunday night, wrote a letter to Nemo I . Saturday
Hi! Friend s!!!
Key words: do … homework study read a book go to the movies
play computer games write a letter visit someone cook dinner watch TV clean the room
A talk show like this : I had a busy/nice/happy/great/wonderful(神奇 busy/nice/happy/great/wonderful(神奇 )/colorful(多姿多彩的 多姿多彩的)/lucky(幸运的 weekend. 幸运的)… 的)/colorful(多姿多彩的)/lucky(幸运的)…weekend. On Saturday morning, I ....In the afternoon, I …. On Saturday night, …on Sunday morning, I … In the afternoon, I …On Sunday night, I … .
Pair work:
A: What did they do? B: How was their weekend? It was not good, unhealthy.
drank played cards smoked
played computer games for 24 hours non-stop (?? non(?? ??‰}) ??‰})
It’s important to arrange weekend reasonably and meaningfully. Everyone should learn how to make full use of time.

  1.Talk about a healthy weekend you had and write down.
  2.Make a plan for your coming weekend. Let it be healthy.



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