七年级英语(下 七年级英语 下)Unit1-Unit6 知识点
  1. be from
  3. live in
  5. years old
  7. speak English
  2. pen pal
  4. a very interesting country
  6. the United Kingdom
  8. go to the movies

  9. write to sb.

  11. post office
  13. across from
  15. take/have a walk
  17. take a taxi

  10. tell sb. about sth.

  12. pay phone
  14. excuse me
  16. have fun
  18. near here = in the neighborhood

  19. on Center Street
  21. between…and…

  23. in front of
  25. turn left/right

  20. next to…
  22. go straight

  24. on the left/ right
  26. a small house with an interesting garden

  27. the beginning of…
  29. the way to…

  31. have a good trip
  33. enjoy doing sth.
  35. go through

  28. play games
  30. go down…

  32. be hungry
  34. let sb. do sth.
  36. kind of

  37. want to do sth.

  39. play with
  41. during the day
  43. work with

  38. South Africa

  40. be quiet
  42. what other animals
  44. give sb. sth. = give sth. to sb

  45. in the day / at night

  47. wear a white uniform

  46. get sth. from sb.

  48. go out to dinners

  49. like doing sth/ to do sth
  51. have a job for sb.

  53. work hard
  54.work for a magazine
  56. watch TV

  50. talk to/with sb.
  52. in a hospital

  53. write stories
  55. an international school for children of 5-12
  57. TV show

  58. read a book
  60. at the pool
  62. a photo of my family

  59. wait for
  61. eat dinner
  63. take photos

  64. play computer games

  66. on vacation
  68. lie on the beach
  70. look cool

  65. How's it going?

  67. have a good time
  69. this group of people
  71. in this heat

  1.-Where is your pen pal from?
-She's from Japan.

  2.-Where does he live?
-He lives in Paris.

  3.-What language does she speak?
-She speaks English.
  4. Please write and tell me about yourself.

  5.-Is there a bank near here?
-Yes, there is. It's on Center Street.
  6. The pay phone is across from the library.
  7. Just go straight and turn left.
  8. Next to the hotel is a small house with an interesting garden.
  9. This is the beginning of the garden tour.
  10. Let me tell you the way to my house.
  11.I hope you have a good trip.
  12. -Why do you want to see the lions? -Because they are cute.
  13. Why does he like koalas?
  14. Where are lions from?
  15. Lions are from Africa.
  16. What animals do you like?
  17. What other animals do you like?
  18. What do you do? I'm a reporter.

  19. What does he/she do? He/She is a doctor.
  20. What do you want to be? I want to be an actor.
  21. Where do you work? I work in a restaurant
  22. I work with people and money.
  23. Thieves don't like me.

  24.-What's he doing?
-He's reading.

  25.-What are you doing?
-I'm watching TV.
26,-Do you want to go to the movies?
-That sounds good. This TV show is boring.

  27.-Is Nancy doing homework?
-No, she isn't. She's writing a,letter.

  28.-When do you want to go?
-Let's go at six o'clock.
  29. What's he waiting for?
  30. In the first photo, I'm playing basketball at school.
  31. Here's a photo of my family.

  32.-How's the weather?
-It's raining.

  33.-What's she doing?
-She's cooking.
  34. How's it going?
  35. Thank you for joining CCTV's Around The World show.
  36. What do you do when it's raining? I read a book.



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