Module Two
Spring Festival
? Chinese festivals
Spring Festival Lantern Festival Qingming Festival Dragon Boat Festival Mid-Autumn Festival Double-Ninth Festival ★on the day of the lunar month
? westen festivals
Valentine’s Day , February 14 April Fool’s Day, April 1 Mother’s Day 2nd Sunday in May Father’s DayThe third Sunday in June Labor’s Day 1st Monday in September Halloween , October 31 Easter Sunday 1st Sunday after the first Monday in November Thanksgiving Day the fourth Thursday in November
Key words:
Spring festival, a lot of traditions, get ready for, learn a dragon dance ,sweep the floor, clean the house, sweep away bad luck, cook meals, make lanterns, paint… red , decorate…with, paper cuts, at work, tradition, bad luck, mean, paper cuts, buy new clothes, have a haircut, New Year presents, New Year’s Day, dragon and lion dancing, family dinner, make dumplings, sweet rice pudding, at midnight, set off fireworks , a few, good luck, Lantern Festival, rice dumpling, bring , all the year round, 以花瓣的形式飞进 来
Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B. Then make dialogues in pairs in Present continuous tense.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A Clean Cook Paint Learn Get ready for Make Sweep put on ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? B A dragon dance The doors and windows The house The floor Lanterns New clothes The Spring Festival The meal

  1. A: What’s your mother doing? B: She’s cleaning the house.
  2.A:Are you sweeping the floor? B1 :Yes, I am B2 :No, I’m not. I’m making a lantern.
Can you tell others about Spring Festival?
? The most festival in China
Exercises in Module Two
单项选择: 单项选择:

  1.In China red good luck. A. means B. mean C. meaning D. to mean
  2.There is dragon . A. dances B. dance C. dancing D.danceing
  3.- What does your sister go shopping ? ? She wants to buy some presents. A. with B. on C. for D. to
  4.They usually put the presents or the Christmas tree. A. under , next to B. in, on C. on, over D. in, below
  5. We have lots of food good luck in the Spring Festival ? A. in B. for C. at D. on
  6.We have a lot of in the fridge. A. chickens B. beef C. noodle D. potato
  7.He wants to away all the dust. A. sweep B. clean C. put D. take

  8.She is a girl. I hope she has good . A. luck, luck B. lucky, luck D. lucky, lucky D. luck, lucky
  9.My uncle often gives some new books me for my birthday. A. at B./ C. to D. for
  10.I can finish this book by 10:
  00. A. read B. to read C. reads D. reading
用所给单词的正确形式完成句子: 用所给单词的正确形式完成句子

  1.My family (celebrate) the Lantern Festival all together.
  2.Look, Everyone (clean) their houses and __(sweep) the bad luck.
  3.-Do you think 13 is a (luck) number? -No, it isn’t. - you (wait) for your friend? -Yes , we are.
  4.Do you like cleaning the windows or (sweep) the floor?
  5.In the western (country), people like Christmas best.
  6.- he (do) his homework in the evening? ?Yes, he (do) it now.
  7.Mid- Autumn Day is a (tradition) festival. - Is he (practice) speaking English? ?Yes, he is.
  8. your family(eat) dumplings at the Spring Festival?

  1.Mike doesn’t learning a dragon dance. He’s learning a lion dance. A B C
  2.Is your father helpping you, Jack? A B C
  3.All of the students are geting ready for the sports meeting. A B C
  4.My sister is in work, She’s careful. A B C
  5.Is Lingling’s mother cooking the meal? Yes, she’s. A B C

  6.We usually decorate the doors and windows use paper cuts. A B C
  7.On New year Day, we often wear new clothes. A B C
  8.Everyone go shopping for presents before the festival. A B C
  9.At the moment, we all get ready for the Spring Festival. A B C
  10.He’s a fat man has long white beard and wears a red suit. A B C


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