Module 11 National heroes Unit 2 He trained for five years
  1.知识及能力目标: To get information from the reading material about personal information To get a brief idea of newspaper article
  2.情感目标: 加深对中国航天事业的了解 二.学习重点及难点:
  1.语法-Interactive approach
  2. past simple
  3. wh-questions 三.学习过程:
  1.自主学习 自学、试读新单词和新短语 altitude, astronaut, Earth, flag, flight, land, orbit, pilot, reach, rest, space, spacecraft, train.days away, wave to,in the way.
  2.合作学习 A Read the passage and discuss the question 1>.Where did Yang Liwei to go ? 2>When was YangLiwei born ? 3>How long did the Shenzhou 5 spacecogt reached ? 4>How many pilots joined ? B Read the dialogue again and find out the important patterns
  3.探究学习 Work in groups. Think of some news.Write sentences with the words:Headline\Latest news\Background\Today 四、精讲点拨,归纳总结: 精讲点拨,归纳总结:
  1.Last 是动词,意思是 “持续,延续”,后跟具体时间.
  2. the 38-year-old….意思为 “38 岁的…”
  3.safely 是副词.safe 是形容词
  4.later 是副词,意思为 “之后,过后,不久” “一段时间+later ”表示 “多长时间以后 ”.

  5.wave 是动词,意思为 “挥手,挥动”常用短语 : wave to 表示 “向…….挥手”. 是动词,意思为 “给….看,出示”常用短语 “给某人看某物” 五. 达标练习
  1.根据汉语完成句子 夏天从六月延续到八月 Summer
  2. June he returned to England. B. Before five years D. Five years before Friday. C. ago D. in August . show sb sth 或 show sth to sb 表示
A. Five years after C. Five years later

  3. He will leave Shandong A .after B. later

  4. Lucy is an girl and her brother is. A. seven-year-old ; ten years old B. eight years old; ten years old C. eight -year ?old ;ten -year ?old D. eight -year ?old ;ten years old
  5. He in 19
  87.Many people were surprised at the news. A. dies B. died C. death D. dead

  6.Did the plane arrive safely? .Some passengers died in the accident. A. Yes , it did 六.完型填空 Last Saturday , Tony went to see Ben, but he didn’t know (
  1) Ben lived. On the way , he in front of a yellow house, and asked an old woman the (
  3)to Ben ‘s house . “His house is not far from here” said the woman, “It’s behind the trees. But you can’t get there(
  4).It will(
  5)you hours to get there on foot. You can go there by bus.” “What’s wrong (
  6)her?” Tony thought. “I can (
  7) Ben’s house from here now. It’s(
  8)the trees.” Then Tony walked to the trees. Then he found the old woman was(
  9).There was a river in front of him , and he couldn’t see a boat , The house was B. No , it didn’t C.Yes , quite safely D. No , it wasn’t
on the other side of the(
  10). ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A.where )
  2. A. waited )
  3. A. house )
  4.A. fast )
  5. A. carry )
  6. A. with )
  7. A. watch )
  8. A. front )
  9.A.wrong )
  10. A. street B. what B. stopped B. place B. easily B. spend B. to B. see B. behind B. right B. tree C. how C. walked C. way C. slowly C. take C. of C. look C. in front of C. good C. river D. when D. reached D. street D. well D. cost D. for D. look at D. near D. well D. house


外研版初一英语Module 3 Plans Unit 1 What are you going to do at the weekend?

   Module 3 Plans Unit 1 教案设计 一、教学内容 Module 3 Unit 1 What are you going to do at the weekend?通过讨论周末要做的 事情,学习用 Be going to do sth.结构表达自己打算或计划要做某事,并学会记日 记。 二、教学目标 (一)语言知识目标 1.词汇及短语: plan, revise for a test, have a picnic 2.语法:Be going to+动词原形表达一般将来时。 3. ...

英语:module1 my first day at senior high-grammar课件(外研版必修1)

   Grammar 1 The Present Simple Tense & the Present Continuous Tense The sun rises in the east everyday. Two persons are taking photos of sunrise now. Our school lies in the northeast of Hejin city. I always go to school by bicycle. The H1N1 virus ...

英语:外研必修一 module4 a social survey my neighbourhood-grammar课件(外研版必修1)

   外研版 Module 4 grammar: 第一册 present perfect tense Study the following sentences: 1. Who has opened the door? 2. My watch has stopped 3. They haven’t completed that experiment yet. 4. He has already returned that book. (An action completed in the past ...

外研版英语必修一_Module 2 Cultural Corner

   Cultural Corner Sept 1 Presentation The teacher says,"Different countries have different customs, so different countries have different schools. In this lesson we will learn some differences between schools in different countries." Step 2 ...

八年级英语外研版上册达标测试 Module 3 Journey to Mars(附详细解析)

   达标测试 我夯基我达标 Ⅰ.根据首字母和汉语提示完成单词 1.My brother has a finished his homework. 答案: 答案:already 2.Have you been to the school library r ? 答案: 答案:recently (分享)the bread with them. 3.Now let’s 答案: 答案:share 4.Why does Tony know so much about space (旅行)? 答案 ...

高一英语外研版必修1 module1 My First Day at Senior High 学案

   学 案 年级:高一外研社 年级:高一外研社 课题:Module1 Reading 课题: 一、学习目标: 学习目标: 1、掌握课文的单词和短语及用法 2、重点、难点:-ed 和-ing 形式的区别 3、look forward to 等表达的具体应用 4、透彻理解课文内容,能够对教师,班级,学生以及学校等情况用英语简单表达。 学科: 学科:英语 共 2 课时 1)(我盼望再次见到你). 5. have fun for fun in fun make fun of 6. 把… 介绍给… 7. ...

英语:module6 introduction and vocabulary教案(外研版必修1)

   本资料来自于资源最齐全的21世纪教育网 Module 6 The Internet and Telecommunications Introduction and Vocabulary Teaching objectives: 1. To arouse the students' interest in learning about the computer and the internet. 2. To help the students grasp the ...

英语:module6 cultural corner课件(外研版必修2)

   BOOK 2 Module 2 Cultural Corner Steven Spielberg Film Director Ang Leethe best director in the 78th Annual Academy Awards Chen Kaige Farewell My Concubine Zhang Yimou Not one less My father and mother Clint Eastwood (克林特?伊斯特伍德 克林特? 克林特 伊斯特伍德) Peter ...

英语必修四 Module 2 Traffic Jam Grammar 导学案

   英语必修四 Module 2 年级:高一 科目: 英语 课型:知识语言课 Traffic Jam 主备人:崔力爽 Grammar 导学案 审核人: 李海英 邢琳 使用时间: 学习目标: 学习目标: 1. 熟练掌握祈使句的不同句型,及其反意疑问句。 2. 通过小组成员的积极讨论、踊跃展示、大胆质疑,探究和总结 3. 全力以赴,以积极的热情投入学习并享受学习的快乐。 使用说明及学法指导: 使用说明及学法指导:1. 5 分钟学生自主学习,掌握、理解该语法。 2. 25 分钟学生讨论、展示、点评、质 ...

外研版英语必修一_Module 2 Function and speaking

   Function and Speaking Function and speaking Step 1 The teacher can have a dictation to the students. Write down the following words. headmaster headmistress period revision translation timetable topic vacation. Step 2 Finish activity 1 on page 17. ...



   Homework One 1.The fifth generation computers, with being artificial intelligence,_are developed( 正 在 研 制 ) and perfected now. 2. I would not bring the action to(不会诉 诸法律) a court of law if I hadn't been so desperate. 3. Frankly speaking, I'd rather ...


   Part II Vocabulary 21. Mary, I'm sorry I missed your birthday; it completely 完全c. A)伤了我的心 broke my heart B) 激起了我的情感 excited my emotion C)我一点也记不 不起来了 slipped my mind D)唤醒我的记忆 awakened my memory 22. The two things are the same in appearance but quite ...


   Smart 考研词汇 司马得考研英语词汇记忆法 【169List】 文字录入:沪江网友 guangxian,chcherub,jzzly, jiangabc 收集排版:游の客(tiangy) [尊重他人劳动成果,转载请 注明] 本资料由本人搜集整理并在能力范围内 维护,不承担任何使用此资料后所造成的不 良后果,本资料为共享免费资料,可以被用 于非商业目的的任意复制和传播,资料版权 归原创作者所有,任何人不得以任何理由将 此资料用于商业目的! 如有严重错误请mailto:shufe04@yas ...


   教改先锋网[http://Www.Jgxfw.CoM]--免费提供原创课|精品教案|优秀试卷| 九年级英语词汇专项练习题 九年级英语词汇专项练习题 英语词汇 练习一 A) 根据括号中所给的汉语写出单词,使句子意思完整正确. 1. Little Jim is (独自的) at home when his parents got to work. 2. The earthquake in Taiwan made a lot of people (无家可归). 3.Summer is his fa ...


   TaraxOS:一个无线传感器网络操作系统 :一个无线传感器网络操作 操作系统 Wen-YongWang,Wen-GangHan ,and YuXiang 摘要:本文介绍一个叫做 TraxOS 的无线传感器网络操作系统,并研究和实现其一些诸如中断、内存管理和 调度机制等功能。接着,在介绍了结点流量之后,讨论了 TraxOS 的性能分析和调度机制的一些限制。得到 的结果表明,该 TaraxOS 包括代码量小,功耗低,响应快,和健壮性等特点。 索引条目:数据处理,中断内存管理,调度机制,Tara ...