Module 12 A holiday journey
一. 教学内容: Module 12 A holiday journey 二. 重点、难点 一般过去时(V)
三. 具体内容: (一)一般过去时(V)
  1. 有些动词的过去式的变化是不规则的。如: be ?was/ were eat? ate have? had make? made see?saw swim ? swam come?came write ?- wrote sit? sat do ?did go?went leave? left meet? met spend ?-spent take ? took send?- sent read ?- read buy ? bought

  2. 不规则动词一般过去时的肯定、否定、一般疑问句以及特殊疑问句都与规则动词的相 同。 肯定 You/she/he/We/ they swam in the lake. 否定 You/she/he/ We/They didn’t swim in the lake. It took 2 hours to go there. It didn’t take 2 hours to go there. (二)知识辅导:
  1. ?What are you going to do on holiday, Tony? ?We’re going to Los Angeles. ?你假期打算做什么,托尼??我打算去洛杉矶。 一般疑问句及回答 Did you/she/he/we/ they swim in the lake? Yes, I/she/he/we/they did. No, she/he/we/they didn’t. Did it take 2 hours to go there? Yes, it did. No, it didn’t 特殊疑问句及回答 What did you/she/he /we/they do? I /she/he/We/ they swam in the lake. How long did it take to go there? It took 2 hours to go there.
洛杉矶是美国第二大城市,位于加利福尼亚州,该城市以好莱坞和迪斯尼乐园而文明 于世。 be on holiday / have a holiday 在度假 例如:I’m on holiday in London with my friend Jenny. 我和詹妮在伦敦度假
  2. We had a great time. 我们玩得很高兴。
Have a great time/ good time/ enjoy oneself 玩得很高兴
  3. How long did it take to get there? 去那里要用多长时间? It take sb. some time to do sth. 某人做某事花多长时间 It takes me 2 hours to Jinan by bus yesterday.昨天我乘公共汽车去济南花了 2 小时。 It took them 3 weeks to finish the work.他们用三周才完成那工作。
  4. We arrived by plane last Monday and took a taxi to our hotel. 我们乘飞机上周一到达,乘出租车去了旅馆。 by plane / bus/ taxi/ bike/ train 乘飞机/公共汽车/出租车/自行车/火车等,注意不加任何冠 词,表示通过什么方式,而 took a taxi 有冠词,表示具体工具。试比较: (
  1)I went by bike yesterday. ?I went on my bike yesterday.

  2)I went to Beijing by car last week. ?I went to Beijing in my uncle’s car last week.
  5. The next day we visited the British Museum and had dinner in a Chinese restaurant! 第二天,我们参观了大英博物馆,还在中餐馆吃了饭。 the next day /the following day 意思是“第二天”, 用来叙述过去的事情, 注意定冠词 the 不能丢掉
  6. I took lots of photos and I’m sending them with this email to you. 我照了很多相片,我把他们和这封电子邮件一块寄给你。 take a photo 照张相片 take lots of photos 照很多相片 send sth. to sb. 把东西寄给某人

  7. Tomorrow we’re going to fly home. 明天我们将乘飞机回家 be going to do sth.表示将要做某事
  8. Say hello to your mum and dad. 对你妈妈和爸爸问好 Say hello to sb. 向某人问好
(三)Useful phrases:
  1. two years ago 两年前
  2. on the same day 在同一天
  3. Who was with you ? When were you born?

  4. at the airport 在机场
  5. go swimming a lot
  6. How was your journey ? It was great.
  7. spend 花费(时间,金钱) 主语是人,其结构: , (
  1)sb. spend +(时间,金钱)on sth He spent lots of money on books. We often spend much time on homework. (
  2)sb. spend +时间(in)doing sth. They spent two hours(in)playing basketball.
  8. well 形容词:身体好 副词:好(修饰动词)语气词:嗯

  9. take + 交通工具 to sw. 乘……去…… She took a bus to Guangzhou last week.
  10. go for a walk / ride /swim 去散步/ 兜风/游泳
  11. by plane = on a plane = by air 乘飞机
  12. read the newspaper 看报纸 a newspaper, two newspapers (报纸可数) a piece of news 一则新闻 a piece of paper 一张纸
  13. send emails 发电子邮件
  14. take lots of photos / pictures 照很多相片
  15. fly to sw. 飞往某地 fly home(不用 to)
  16. Say hello to sb. 向某人问好 say sorry/ goodbye to sb.

  17. How long did you +(延续性)动词?How long did you stay there?
  18. have a holiday 度假
  19. do a lot of shopping 购买了许多物品
  20. go on a boat = go boating 去划船
【典型例题】 典型例题】 一. 写出下列单词的过去式 spend leave have 答案: 答案:spent went go swim do saw met left swam took got had did see take meet get
二. 用所给词的正确形式填空:
  1. I hope you’re .(good)
  2. My mother (buy)some books for me yesterday.

  3. Miss Han often did some (shop)in the evening.
  4. What you (do)just now?
  5. He runs much (fast)than Tom.
  6. What is the (big)animal in the world?
  7. We had an (interest)holiday in America last year.
  8. Jim is good at (study)English.
  9. Hong Kong is a (busy)city than Tianjin.
  10. He (see)a film tomorrow with me. 答案: 答案:
  1. well
  7. interesting
  2. bought
  8. studying
  3. shopping
  4. did ; do
  10. is going to see
  5. faster
  6. biggest
三. 用所给动词的适当形式填空:
  1. (run)is our favorite sport.
  2. How long did it take (see)your grandparents?
  3. Huahua usually (get)up at seven last year.
  4. Listen! Tom (listen) to the music.
  5. Remember (phone)me when you arrive at the station.
  6. Let’s go (fish)together.
  7. No (smoke)here!
  8. You spent too much time (play)
  9. Tony (not buy)any food for his parents just now.
  10. What you (be)when you grow up? 答案: 答案:
  1. Running
  6. to fish 四. 单项选择
  1. It takes me three hours to the cinema. A. going B. to go C. go D. went
  2. to see
  3. got
  4. is listening
  5. to phone

  7. smoking

  8. playing

  9. didn’t buy

  10. will be

  2. I’d like Tom today. A. to visit B. visit C. visits D. will visit

  3. I hope the work soon. A. to do B. do C. you to do D. doing

  4. Are you holiday? A. on B. at C. in D. for

  5. I want to do some . A. shop B. shops C. shopping D. shoping

  6. We have a football match next week. A. will B. are going to C. go to D. going to

  7. Tomorrow be rainy. A. will B. is going to C. be going to D. are going to

  8. ? does he usually get to school ? ?He usually the bus. A. How,take B. How,takes C. What,take D. What,takes

  9. I go to school every day. A. by foot B. on foot C. on feet D. by feet

  10. He the teacher now. A. listening B. listening to C. is listening to D. are listening

  11. Timmy goes to school every day. It’s one hour’s walk from his home to school. A. in a bus B. by plane C. on foot D. by foot

  12. Bill’s mother often tells him spend too much time playing computer games. A. not to B. be not C. don’t D. doesn’t

  13. What house do you want ? A. living B. living in C. to live D. to live in

  14. I love winter it snows. A. because B. so C. and D. but

  15. Do you buy for your little sister? A. something B. anything C. someone D. anyone 答案: 答案:1?5 BAAAC
6?10 BABBC
11?15 AADAB
五. 完形填空:阅读下面短文,从 A、B、C、D 中选出能填入短文中相应的答案。 What do you do at the weekend? Some people like to _1__ at home, but others like to go 2__ a walk or play football. My friend Jack works hard in a factory during(在期间) the __3__. At the weekend, he always 4__ the same thing. On Saturday he __5__ his car and on __6 he goes with his family to a village(村庄) by car. His uncle and aunt have a farm there. It isn’t a __7__ one but there is always __8__ to do on the farm. The children help with the animals and give them their __9__ Jack and his wife help in the fields. At the end (结束) of the day, they are all __10__ and Jack’s aunt gives them a big meal.
  1. A. play
  2. A. to
  3. A. day
  4. A. does
  5. A. watches
  6. A. Monday
  7. A. small
  8. A. much B. live B. for B. time B. makes B. drives B. Sunday B. big B. little C. stay C. in C. autumn C. borrows C. sells C. Saturday C. hard C. fast D. enjoy D. at D. week D. has D. washes D. Wednesday D. short D. far

  9. A. clothes
  10. A. clean
B. places B. late
C. food C. hungry
D. water D. friendly
答案: 答案:1?5 CBDAD
6?10 BBACC


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