I’ m little Ben. I’ m a student of Grade Seven. I would like to be your friends. So please let me study with you. I took many photographs. Can you tell the students what season is it in the photos?
There are some photographs of Rose Garden Estate. Are they the same or different?
T: Look, children. These are some photographs of Rose Garden Estate. Are they the same or different ? S1:They look the same. S2:They’re the same place, but the seasons are 播放 暂停 different.
apple early year red…
S1: What season is it in the … picture? S2: It is … in the … picture because…
lots of people at the swimming pool
warm clothes
leaves on the trees
lots of flowers
  1. It is winter the children are wearing warm clothes.
  2. It is because a lot of people are at the swimming pool. summer
  3. It raining , it is . spring
  4. It isis summer, because it is very. hot
  5. It is because the children are wearing winter uniforms. winter
  6. Because there are lots of ,it is summer.
  7. There are no leaves on the trees, so it’s. flowers
  8. Look! The leaves are red, it’s now. winter
  9. We like playing with kites in . autumn
  10.We are twins, we look the . autumn same
Choose one of the seasons and write a small article about it. (about 50 words)

  1.Finifh off the workbook.
  2.Talk about the other seasons .


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