unit one
一、 单词
四会 dream capital beach sea town wooden over climb ladder
quiet rain while sitting room street share friendly above
dinning room grow most lie bookshelf shower lamp bath
in front of chalk below printer shelf top tidy sixteen seventeen
nineteen seventy ninety thousand million arrive seventh sixth
come exam second third fourth fifth ninth eleventh twelfth
twentieth sound bathroom afraid still message
三会 palace balcony cushion bunk beds cupboard sink basin opposite
air conditioner mirror football pitch
二会 wardrobe
二、 词组

  1. live in a palace
  2. live next to a restaurant
  3. the biggest one
  4. the capital of the usa

  5. chat with friends
  6. sit on the big floor cushions
  7. look out at
  8. stay with

  9. over a river
  10. my own bedroom
  11. make dinner
  12. in the centre of

  13. on a busy street
  14. share…with
  15. come first
  16. arrive in beijing
  17. the 7th of apirl
  18. have a free day
  19. the great wall
  20. the summer palace
  21. the palace musem
  22. take sb to sp
  23. be different from
  24. call from sp
  25. take a message

  26. call…back
  27. at least
  28. on the ground/first/second floor
  29. have a shower/bath

  30. 50 meres long
  31. at the same time

  1. woud like to do sth = want to do sth
  2. like to do th ( like doing sth)
would like sb to do sth= want sb to do sth
  4. sound + adj

  5. ask sb to do sth
  6. can’t wait to do sth
四、 重点句子

  1. would you like to live in a palace, eddie?
  2. what’s your favourite?

  3. the capital of japan is tokyo.
  4. i climb a ladder to get into my house.

  5. my family and i often sit in the kitchen while my mother makes dinner.

  6. i live with my family in a flat on a busy street.
  7. a garden is the best place to grow flowers.

  8. stephen is lying on his bunk bed.
  9. sandy sits between kitty and me.

  10. the window is opposite the door.
  11. i can’t wait to see you.

  12. i think you’ll be tired after a long plane trip.
  13. where else are we going?

  14. i’ll take you to the space museum and we’ll visit the palace museum on saturday.

  15. that sounds great.
  16. amy get eighty-points . she came fifth.

  17. it’s really different from the flats in beijing.
  18. i’ll ask him to call you back.

  19. what kind of home do you live in?
  20. wilson lives two floors above wendy.
五、 语法

  1. 介词的用法 区别 in front of , in the front of above/ on / over

  2. 基数词、序数词的用法 (特别注意基数词、序数词的读法和写法)
6,425,200= six million, four hundred and twenty-five thousand, two hundred
first, second, third, fifth, eighth, ninth, twelfth, twentieth, twenty-first

unit two
一、 单词
四会 none order badminton underground air pollution area country
lake building such place like close far hey until so western
local theatre teach take less waiter shopper sick hospital ham
chip beef fork plate each loaf packet coke either right
finger hold week group full nearby ride bicycle wonderful
sunny rice bottle instead
三会 tin souvenir dirty exchange exhibition miss golden works of art
painting stone carving youth centre type
二会 pizza cashier carton throne pottery

  1. order a pizza
  2. three tins of dog food
  3. by underground
  4. go walking
  5. most of us

  6. such a tall building
  7. be close to
  8. at night
  9. in the centre of beijing
  10. at the theatre
  11. sing beijing opera
  12. over there
  13. hold a party 14 have a good time

  15. send an e-mail to mr mu
  16. the best game in the world
  17. see fine works of art

  18. meet friends at the youth centre
  19. show…around
  20. ride bicycles

  1. let sb do sth
  2. enjoy/love/like doing
  3. want to do sth

  4. have to do sth
  5. why don’t you=why not do sth
  6. there be…to do

  7. it takes sb some time to do sth
四、 重点句子

  1. how many tins of dog food can we buy with that?
  2. i enjoy/love eating chinese food.

  3. let’s take them to the sports centre.
  4. here is such a tall building.

  5. it’s only 40 minutes from the centre of beijing by underground.

  6. there is less air pollution in sunshine town than in other areas of beijing.

  7. we do not have to go far if we want help with our homework.

  8. you can shop until ten o’clock at night in star shopping mall.

  9. why don’t you visit our local theatre with us?

  10. a theatre is a good place to go if you like beijing opera.

  11. how much beef and ham shall we get?
  12. what else do you want to buy?

  13. there is no chicken. there is no.
  14. i really like the boy in red t-shirt.

  15. there are lots of fun and interesting things to see and do.

  16. i like going into town on my bicycle.
  17. what kind/type of house do you live in?

  18. how much does a bottle of orange juice cost?

  19. let’s take the exchange students to the chongqing restaurant instead.

  20.i think it’s a wonderful place to live.
五、 语法
  1. how much / how many
  2. no / none
  3. may be /maybe
unit three
一、 单词
四会 follow north northwest southwest call robber drive quickly
police station just push away fail use knife work route
along right another stop traffic light jump later suddenly
surprised catch crossroads straight corner road hotel cross
across round off onto train stair south step side bridge join win paper turning towards everybody note page monitor postcard
三会 entrance correct cloudy campfire path field barbecue picnic
invite exit complete signature footbridge
二会 tunnel farewell
二、 点词组

  1. follow me =come with me
  2. go up/down/along
  3. be north of sp
  4. at once

  5. in the end =at last
  6. be afraid
  7. go by bus
  8. get a call
  9. live nearby

  10. drive/run to
  11. get into/ out of the car
  12. jump into/ out of the car

  13. three men in police uniform
  14. run into/ out of the building
  15. drive/run away

  16. ask them about the robbers
  17. push sb into the back of a van

  18. take different routes (take another route)
  19. stop at the traffic lights

  20. turn right/ left into ….road
  21. take the first /second turning on the left/ right

  22. at a crossroads
  23. swim across the pool
  24. go through the tunnel

  25. climb up/ down the hill 26 walk down /across / towards /straight on / past

  27. at the other side of
  28. join sb / join in sth 29 have a picnic / barbecue

  30. all over the world
  31. on the websites
  32. the note on the next page
三、 点句型

  1. be afraid (that)+clause / be afraid of / be afraid to do sth

  2. try to do sth
  3. tell/ ask sb about sth tell /ask sb to do sth

  4. use sth to do = do sth with sth
  5. invite sb to do sth
  6. stop doing sth

  7. be surprised to do sth
四、 重点句子

  1. the sunnyside garden is northwest of the zoo.

  2. don’t be afraid. come with me.
  3. paul tried to open the door but failed.

  4. shall we take different routes?
  5. justin stopped talking.

  6. can you tell me the way to ….? / can you tell me how to get to …..?

  7. he was surprised to see the three men in the police station.

  8. the map shows you how to get to sunshine park.

  9. they tried to run away but we caught them in the end.
  10. i don’t think i’ll…..

  11. when you come to the corner of the road, turn right and you’ll see a hotel.

  12. walk along south road, you’ll see …. on your right.

  13. walk straight on until you see the traffic lights.

  14. it’s easy to walk from your building to mine.
五、 语法
1 区别介词 through / across
  2. go along / up /down
2 一般将来时 am / is /are going to do sth
will + do (i / we) shall + do



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