Unit 1 随堂单元练习 Section A 要求学生掌握并区分国家,语言,城市的表达;会使用句型 be from.Section B 里学生应掌握如何 make pen pals. Section A I. 选择最佳答案. A) 国家,城市,语言对对碰:
  1. come from . A. Canada; Canadian B. Japaneses; Japan C. Canadians; Canada D. Japan; Japanese
  2. is the capital of . They speak . A. Sydney; Australia; Australian B. Paris; France; French C. London; England; French D. Toronto; the United States; English B) 情景交际题:
  3. ?Where are you from??. A. Sorry B. Excuse me C. I'm doing my homework D. I'm from the United States
  4. ?Are you from America??. A. No, I'm from the USA B. No, I don't. C. No, I come from Australia D. No, I come from the USA
  5. ?How do you like Singapore? ?. A. Very much B. You're welcome C. That's all right D. Thanks a lot II. 根据括号中所给单词的提示完成下列句子.
  1. His pen pals from Singapore. (be)
  2. My grandmothein Hangzhou. (live)
  3. They are from .They speak. (China)
  4. Many boys physics. (not like)
  5. ?Are you from England? ?No, I'm from and I speak . (Japan) III. 用 say, speak 或 talk 的适当形式填空.
  1. Sally,"I like English."
  2. I want towith your parents about your schoolwork.
  3. Does your pen pal Chinese well?
  4. They like about clothes.
  5. May I to Jack, please? IV. 用适当的介词填空.
  1. ?Where is London??It's the United Kingdom.
  2. She lives Beijing her parents.
  3. Where's Mary ?
  4. Please say it Japanese.
  5. He got an e-mail his new pen pal. V. 按括号中的要求完成下列句子,每空一词(含缩写) .
  1. Paul comes from Canada. (改为一般疑问句) Paul Canada?
  2. Tom speaks French. (改为否定句)Tom French.
  3. My pen pal is from America. (对划线部分提问) your pen pal from?
  4. Her brother speaks French. (对划线部分提问) her brother?
  5. Bob wants a pen pal. (对划线部分提问) Bob ? Section B I. 选用横线中所给词的适当形式填空. city, soon, country, dance, subject
  1. Toronto is a very beautiful .
  2. How many are there in the world?
  3. My favorite at school is music.
  4. Can you write to me ?
  5. Ann likes singing and a lot. II. 从所给词汇中选择恰当的词,完成句子. [little, a little]
  1. I know Japanese, but I can speak English. I like English.
  2. ?Does Mr Smith speak Chinese? ?Only .
  3. There is very rice at home. Can you help me buy some today? [some, any]
  4. Sally has pencils, but she doesn't have pens.
  5. Do you have books about her?
  6. Can you give me water? III. 根据所给单词及标点符号写句子.
  1. like, not, sister, does, his .
  2. November, in, is, your ?
  3. favorite, my, is, sport .
  4. like, going, on, you, to, the, weekends ?
  5. beautiful, a, I, think, country, is. Unit 2 随堂单元练习 Section A,问路及给人指路; Section B,能更详细地对你所住的街区及城市交通做出指引,为你远方想来探访的朋友做出 行程指南. Section A I. 请根据句意,补全下面各句.
  1. I want to buy some food and drinks, I need to find a .
  2. We can post a letter in a .
  3. Usually we have great dessert in a big.
  4. We can read and borrow(借)some books in the .
  5. On Sundays my parents often go to the to relax. There are many flowers. II. 请根据句意,选择恰当的介词填空. on, across, next, between, in front of, behind
  1. Xiangyang Middle chool is the bank and the market.
  2. It is a new bridge. It is from my office.
  3. Do you want to find a phone? There is one to the Nanjing Hotel.
  4. Hall's Restaurant is not Center Street. It's the park. III. 请将左栏的地点和右栏相应的活动连线.
  1. post office A. do morning exercises
  2. library B. post letters
  3. restaurant C. read books

  4. supermarket D. have dinner
  5. park E. buy something IV. Tom 正向警察叔叔询问最近的一家银行在哪里,请补全以下对话. A: 1? B: Yes, there is. A: 2 ? B: 3 . The bank is on your left. A: 4 . B: You are 5 . V. 看图示,完成下列任务. 任务一, 假设你约好友 Gina 在公园见面,请用适当的方位介词填空,说出公园的位置. The park is 1 2 the library and 3 4 the supermarket. 任务二, Gina 想要打电话,请你告诉她从公园到公用电话的路线和它的准确位置. When you get out of the gate, turn left and go 5 . There is a 6 on your right. The pay phone is 7 the bookstore and the 8 . Section B I. 请将下列词组译成英语.
  1. 散步
  2. ……的开始 / 开端
  3. 玩得开心
  4. 去……的路
  5. 打的 / 坐出租车 II. 请用画线部分的反义词或对应词填空.
  1. This park is too dirty. That park is .
  2. My book is old. Your book is .
  3. This supermarket is small. Let's go to that supermarket.
  4. Bridge Street is busy in the day, but at night.
  5. I think Chinese is boring, but English is. III. 单项选择.
  1. When will they Shanghai? A. arrive at B. arrive in C. arrive D. get
  2. Let me tell you the supermarket. A. the way in B. the way to C. the way for D. the way of
  3. We often through the park. A. take a walk B. has a walk C. go to a walk D. takes a walk
  4. She can to the restaurant. A. takes a taxi B. taking a taxi C. take a taxi D. taking taxi
  5. We all enjoy books. A. to read B. reads C. reading D. read IV. 语法同步练 A 用 be 的适当形式填空.
  1. There (be) some water in the bottle.
  2. (be) there a pen in the drawer?
  3. There (be) some bananas on the table. B 句型转换.
  1. There are some keys on the dresser.(改否定句) There keys on the dresser.
  2. Is there a ruler in the pencil case?(作否定回答) No, .
  3. Are there any books in the backpack?(作肯定回答) Yes, . V. 请根据汉语意思,将英语句子补充完整,每空一词.
  1. 大桥街是个能让人玩儿得开心的好地方. Bridge Street is a to .
  2. 我们住在一所带有一个有趣的花园的小房子里. We live in a small house .
  3. 这是花园旅行的开始. This is of the .
  4. 你能告诉她到邮局的路吗 ?Can you tell her the post office?
  5. 我希望你旅途愉快! I you . Unit 3 随堂单元练习 你很喜欢动物吗?学完了 Section A 后,你能够说出一些动物的名称了吧?更重要的是,你也许能对一些动物进行简单地描 述.学习完 Section B 之后,你对动物的感情也许又亲近了一步,你将能更详细地描述你所喜爱的动物. Section A I. 请根据首字母提示,用动物名词的适当形式填空.
  1. The g has long neck.
  2. K are from Australia. They are often in the trees.
  3. Look! It's an e. It has a long trunk (鼻子).
  4. P are from China. They're very cute.
  5. The king of the beasts (百兽之王) is the l. II. 下面几个有关动物的问句,请你试着根据所提供的答案,选择适当的答语.
  1. Does he like dolphins?
  2. Do you like giraffes or penguins?
  3. Does she live in China?
  4. What's your favorite animal?
  5. Let's go to the zoo. A. Pandas. B. Morning! C. Yes, I do. D. Giraffes. E. That sounds great. F. No, he doesn't. G. Yes, she is. H. No, she doesn't. III. 请根据汉语提示,选词补全译文.
  1. 你认为老虎是一种很可怕的动物吗? Do you think tiger is scary ?
  2. 这只树袋熊看上去有几分可爱. The koala looks .
  3. 海豚很聪明,他们会在水上"走" . Dolphins are very . They can "walk" on water.
  4. 盒子里有一张动物园的地图 _ a of the in the .
  5. 南希常和妈妈去看大象. Nancy often elephants with her mother. A. Kind B. kind of C. a kind of D. animal E. smart F. fun G. cute H. There is I. has J. map K. box L. zoo M. go to see N. goes to see
IV. 请根据上下句提示,完成下面两个同学的对话. A: do you like best? B: I like dolphins. they're really smart and interesting. A: Why do you like them? B: A: in the zoo? B: Yes, they are. dolphins A: Yes, I do. B: Let's see the dolphins, OK? A: . Section B I. 请选择括号中适当的词填空.
  1. I feel tired and I want to for half an hour. (relax, relaxing)
  2. Please be . My little brother is asleep. (quite, quiet)
  3. The man in a hat looks old and . (beautiful,ugly)
  4. Gina says Chinese people are to her.(friend,friendly)
  5. Some animals like to eat very much. (grass,class) II. 请根据所给的词汇,完成介绍可爱的熊猫 Anne 的短文. Anne, eating, shy, smart, cute, quiet, China, leaves This is .She's .She looks very , but she is .So please be . She's from . She loves bamboo (竹) . III. 根据汉语提示完成句子.
  1. 杰克,请保持安静,有人在睡觉. Please , Jack. Someone is sleeping.
  2. 她的女儿有点儿害羞. Her daughter is .
  3. 我们通常白天工作,晚上睡觉. We usually and sleep .
  4. 他每天睡觉放松 20 个小时. He and every day.
  5. 汤姆喜欢和朋友们玩耍. Tom to his friends. IV. 单句改错.
  1. We all likes to see animals in the zoo.
  2. What do you like pandas? Because they are very cute.
  3. Koalas usually like to eat leafs in the tree.
  4. He usually gets up early and sleep late every day.
  5. It's raining outside. Please don't to go out. V. 根据短文内容,简略回答问题. Do you like animals? Most people like animals. We usually go to the zoo to see animals, and sometimes we keep small animals at home as pets, for example, dogs, cats or fish. We like animals because they are our friends. Many animals can make people happy, and others can help us work. In our life, we can see dolphins, elephants, dogs or some other animals doing a lot of things for people. Dolphins can give great shows to children. Elephants can carry heavy 重的) ( things for farmers. Dogs can look after our houses. Now people are trying to get animals to do some other things.
  1. Where do people usually go to see animals?
  2. What animals do people keep at home?
  3. Why do people like animals?
  4. What can dogs do for people? Unit 4 随堂单元练习 学完了 Section A 后,你不仅可以熟悉各职业名称,对部分职业所从事的工作范围也会有初步的了解.记得重点掌握如何询 问他人的职业!Section B 中主要围绕如何掌握阅读招聘广告的本领,并会学习如何写招聘广告. Section A I. 职业描述
  1. He's a doctor. She's a nurse. They work at a hospital.
  2. They're musicians. The boy plays the drums. The girl plays the guitar.
  3. They're clerks. They don't work in an office. They work in a hotel.
  4. The man is an actor. The woman is an actress. They work in a theater.
  5. He's a piano teacher. He doesn't work at a school. He works in a theater, too.
  6. They're secretaries. They work in an office. II. 翻译下列词组.
  4.有点儿 __
  5.出去吃饭 __
  10.警察局__ III. 用所给单词的适当形式填空.
  1. There are three (thief) coming into the market.
  2. Please give (we) something to eat.
  3. Mary wants (be) a teacher like her mother.
  4. His mother (work) in a bank.
  5. This is an (interest) book. IV. 连词成句.
  1. want, does, be, what, Ann's mother, to (?)
  2. wants, Tom, actor, an, be, to (.)
  3. every, meet, I, day, people, interesting (.)
  4. their, from, money, get, me, people (.)
  5. a, in, works, hospital, she (.) V. 句型转换.
  1. Song Zuying is a singer. (对划线部分提问) Song Zuying ?

  2. What does your father do? (改为同义句)
  3. She wants to be a bank clerk. (对划线部分提问) she ?
  4. Please give her some books. (改为同义句) Please give some books .
  5. Tony works in a bank. .(对划线部分提问) Tony ? Section B



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