Unit 2

  1. 在 邮 局 / 图 书 馆 / 宾 馆 / 饭 店 / 公 园 in the post office/library/hotel/restaurant/park
  2. 在警察局/电视台 at the police station / TV station
  3. 在一条繁忙的大街上 on a busy Street
  4. 在…附近 near here = around here = in the neighborhood
  5. 在……对面 across from
  6. 在…旁边 next to
  7. 在…前边 in front of
  8. 在…之间 between … and …
  9. 直走 go / walk straight
  10. 沿 … 直 走 go/walk straight along/down/up
  11. 在(你的)左边 on the / your left
  12. 右转 turn right
  13. 享受城市美好的街道 enjoy the city’s quiet streets
  14. 散步 take / have a walk= walk
  15. 步行穿过公园 take a walk / go through the park
  16. 一 座 带 着 有 趣 花 园 的 小 房 子 a small house with an int eresting garden
  17. 在花园之旅的开始 at the beginning of the garden tour
  18. 一个好玩的地方 a good place to have fun [来源:学科网]
  19. 打的 take a taxi
  20. 路过你右边的一家银行 pass a bank on your right
  21. 旅途愉快 have a good trip [来源:学科 网 ZXXK]
  22. 忙于做某事 be busy doing sth 重点难点讲解: 重点难点讲解:
  1.there be 句型
  1). There be + 人 / 物 + 地点,意为. 地点,意为.
  2). 辨析 there be 与 have:
a ruler on the desk. They a pencil. pen your friend a new pen pal? 来源:Zxxk.Com] [来源:Zxxk.Com] 就近原则,
  3). There be 就近原则,be 动词由紧跟的名 词单复数决定; 词单复数决定;
  4). There be sb. doing sth. , 意 为 ” “”
  1). __ there a pen and two books on the table? A. Is B. Are C. Am D. Be
  2). Is there a big supermarket on this street? __. A. Yes, there be. B. No, there are. C. Yes, there is. D. Yes, there isn’t.
  3). There are some people in the room. (疑) there people in the room?
  4). There are many apples on the apple tree. on the apple tree?[来源:学科 网]
  5). There are some children (play) on the playground.
  2. 各“家”各异:house 为“房屋,住宅”; 各异: , home 为“家” ,指一个人出生或居住的地方; family 为“家庭,家庭成员” ,与居住的房子 无关。当 family 指家庭时,视为?数; 当 family 指家庭成员时,视为数。 用 house, home, family 填空:
  1). Here is a photo.
  2). There are three near the river.
  3). They often stay at on Sundays.
  4). My all _ (like) watching football game.
  5). Welcome to my . 不一样的“喜爱”
  4. 不一样的“喜爱” : 1 ) enjoy doing sth= like doing 喜欢做某 事
  2)enjoy oneself = have a good time = have fun;
  1). All the children watching TV. A. enjoy B. likes C. enjoys D. love

  2). They __ themselves together every day. [来源:Z+xx+k.Com] A. like B. love C. enjoy D. likes
  3). My friend __ to tell jokes. A. like B. love C. enjoys D. loves
  4). Do you enjoy ? [来源:学。科。网] A. swim B. swimming C. swimming D. to swim
  5. 不可随意 穿过” across, through , pass “穿过” : A ○横过马路: 过桥: b 步行穿越公园: ○ c ○路过一家银行:
  1). When the traffic light is green, you can walk the road.
  2). They often walk the garden.
  3). You can cross the bridge. = You can walk the bridge.
  6.“到达”集中营 “到达”集中营: arrive in /at…= get to … , arrive / get there
  1). When will your uncle ?
  2). How can we there?
  3). I usually to school at 7 a.m.
  4). We’ll in Hong Kong soon. Test of Unit 2 I. Choose: ( )
  1. Is David __ left? A. at your B. on your C. in your D. on you ( )
  2. Let me __ you the way __ the hotel. A. to tell, of B. tell, to C. to tell, to D. tell, for ( )
  3. We really enjoy__ with other young people .A. workB. to work C. works D. working ( )
  4. Please __ during the tour. A. have a fun B. have funs C. have funny D. have fun[来源:Zxxk.Com] ( )
  5. The supermarket is __ the hotel. A. across from B. across to C. cross from D. across in ( )
  6. , where is the post office? A. Sorry B. Excuse me C. I’m sorry D. Excuse us ( )
  7. there any parks near here?
A. Is B. Are C. Have D. Has ( )
  8.Xiao Ming’s fatherShanghai next Sunday. A. arrives in B. is a rriving at C. is arriving in D. is arriving to ( )
  9. right and it’s the __ of the garden tour. A. Turn, begining B. Take, beginning C. Turn, beginning D. On the, beginning[来源:Z_xx_k.Com] ( )
  10.What’s your father busy __? A. to do B. doing C. does D. do 音标单词: II. 音标单词
  1. We’re [?'ra?v??] at Jinan ['??p?:t] next Wednesday.
  2. If you’re ['h??gr?], you can buy some food in the ['sju:p?,m?:kit].
  3. Is there a ['rest?r?nt] on the ['kwa??t] street.
  4. Where’s the shopping ['sent?]? Just go [streit] and turn right.
  5. It’s the [b?'g?n??] of the garden [tu?]. 词形填空: (1 tell ll, III. 词形填空:
  1)find, buy, tell, be, ( go Do you want books or dictionaries? There a bookshop near here. If you go to the shop, let me you where it is. Just straight and turn left. It’s in front of the clothes shop. You can it there. (
  2) When your mother (get) up every morning? Can your father (speak) Fr ench well? they (have) English classes every day? Lucy (not do) her homework at school. My little brother enjoys (watch) TV very much. We all have fun (learn) English in class. I think the library is a good place (read). I like (swim) very much, but I’d like (play) football this afternoon. David wants me (help) him (study) Chinese. Sentences: IV. Sentences:
  1. Lu cy sits on Susan’s left and George’s right. = Lucy sits Susan George.

  2. There is some water in the glass. (否) There water in the glass.
  3. The bank is next to the shop. the bank?
  4. is a phonethe .这条繁忙的街道上有一个公 用电话。
  5. I __ I can in the a beautiful . 我希望住在一 个有美丽花园的房子里。
  6. We often an English song the class. 在开始上课的时 候我们经常唱首英文歌。
  7. I wish you a .旅途 愉快。
  8. the is a . 图书馆对面有一家邮局。 [来源:学科 网]
  9. Who the ? We . 谁住在这儿附近?我们住在这儿附近。
  10. 我们学校是个学习的好地方。Our school is a .
  11. 他总是穿过公园散步,看他正在散步呢。 He always a the park , look! He’s now. 任务型阅读: IV. 任务型阅读: A : (
  1) Exc use me, could you tell me the way to the mall, please? B : Yes. Go (
  2) Guangming Road and take the first turning on the left. Go across the bridge. Go straight to Guanghua Road. Then (
  3) 向左转。 along the street and take the Go second turning on the right. The mall is on your right. (
  4) It’s between the police station and the shoe factory. It’ll (
  5) take you about forty minutes to get there (
  6) on foot.[来源:学科网] A : Thanks a lot. By the way, is there a bus to the mall? B : Yes, you can (
  7) the No. 8 bus. It’ll take you right there. A : Thank you very much. B : You’re (
  8) __. 1 处词组汉语为 2 处填一个合
适 的 介 词 3 处译成英语 4 处译成汉语 5 处 take 的意思是 A. 乘坐 B. 花费 C. 拿走 6 处的汉语为 7 处填一个合 适 的 动词 8 处 填 一个 合适 的词


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