Unit 3 Our senses
  1. China Hotel, Can I help? I would like to b a room for a night.

  2. He is b. He can see nothing.
  3. Don’t i them when they are working.
  4. We were having supper when the light w out.
  5. Soon the thief s up and the police followed him. 单项选择
  1. Mr. and Mrs. Black teachers in No. 1 Middle School. A. are both B. both are C. are all D. all are

  2. Just then the fire alarm and the police . A. went out…showed off C. went up…showed up B. went off… showed out D. went out…showed up

  3. Can you tell me the next day? A. what was happened C. what happened B. what did happen D. happened what

  4. A waiter me a card and me to my room. A. gives…leads B. gave…led C. showed…led D. shows…leads

  5. Ten minutes hours when we are waiting for a bus. A. like B. are like C. seem like D. seems like

  6. You had better put some wet towels your nose to help breathe. A. along B. around C. in D.

  7. This kind of apples taste A. well B. nicely
. Shall we buy a few more? D. good it again to him?
C. deliciously

  8. He didn’t hear what you said. Can you A. answer B. lead C. talk D. explain

  9.The blind man A. lied B. lain
on the floor an waited. C. talk D. laid of an ambulance. D. voice

  10.When I woke up, I heard the A. sound B. noise C. music

  11.It’s impolite to A. describe
  12.what B. take
people when they are talking. C. bark D. interrupt
when the telephone rang last night?
A. did you do B. would you do C. do you do D. were you doing 三.综合填空,根据短文内容补完下面空格 Last Sunday my master, John (
  1) a room in the Dragon’s Hotel. But when we went to reception desk, the clerk didn’t (
  2) me to stay in it because I was a dog. John had to find the manager. When he learned our story he gave us a warm (
  3). John was asleep. Suddenly I (
  4) smoke and knew that the Hotel was (
  5) fire. I (
  6) loudly. John woke up. He tried the phone, but it was (
  7). He(
  8) the door but it was very hot so he didn’t open it. He put some wet towels (
  9) the bottom of the door to stop the smoke from (
  10) into our room. Minutes later, a fire engine came. Soon I saw a fireman (
  11)up. (
  12)he didn’t want to (
  13) me! John explained again and later we were(
  14) safe. We saved each other (
  15) the fire. 四.翻译下列短语


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