Unit 4
I want to be an actor. Section A
Rewrite the sentences(就划线部分提问):
  1. I am a reporter.
  2. His brother is a doctor.
  3. Anna’s mother is a bank clerk.
  4. I want to be an actor.
What does he do ? He is a student.
What does he do ? He is a doctor.
What does she do ? She is a nurse.
What does she do ? She is a reporter.
What does she do ? She is a shop assistant.
What does he do ? He is a policeman.
What does she do ? She is a policewoman.
What does he do ? He is an actor.
What does he do ? He is a singer.
What does she do ? She is a bank clerk.
What does he do ? He is a waiter.
Shop assistant
bank clerk
1a Match the words with the pictures
  1.shop assistant__

b h

  4.reporter c
d g

  7.bank clerke
1b Listen and number the people [1-3] in the picture above.
2 1
A: What does she do? B: She’s a doctor.
Thanks very much! See you!



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