Unit 5

  1. clean
  2. work
  3. watch
  4. eat
  6. wait
  7. talk
  8. go
  5. read
  9. play
  10. study
  11. take
  12. have
  13. dance
  14. write
  15. come
  16. make
  17. get
  18. run
  19. swim
  21. shop 二,根据句意和收字母完成句中所缺的单词.
  1. There are many books in our school l.
  2. Look! The children are swimming at the p.
  3. Let's p computer games.
  4. The girl is c her room now.
  5. The boy is taking photos with a c.
  6. Look! There is a b in the tree.
  7. Here is a photo of my f. There are five people in it.
  8. What is the girl doing? She is w a letter.
  9. What are the boys doing? They are t about the pictures.
  10. Mr Green and his child are e dinner now. 三,用所给动词的适当形式填空.
  1.The little boy(eat) a big apple now.
  2. Look! Dave and Mary (dance).
  3. he(watch)TV? No, he isn't.
  4. She (not do) her homework. She's reading.
  5.It's seven in the morning. Mr Black(have) breakfast.
  6.Lily likes very much. She very well. She can English songs.(sing)
  7.My brother(take) a shower now?
  8. Bob (swim)now?
  9. What the children ?(do)They are reading.
  10.What is Mike doing? He(run). 四,单项选择. ( )
  1. Let's play the computer games. . A.Yes, I do B. Thank you C. That sounds good D. No, we don't ( )
  2. Thanks your help. A. for B. at C. about D. to ( )
  3. ?Who's in the room? Mr. Smith is. He a letter. A. is writing B. write C. writting D. writing ( )
  4. do the boys watch TV? At home. A. When B. Where C. How D. What ( )
  5. Can you buy a dictionary for me? .
A. Sure B. You're welcome C. Here you are D. Yes, I do ( )
  6. Listen! They about Harry potter. Let's join them. A. are talking B. talk C. talking D. are talk ( )
  7. Is Alice writing? --. She is listening to the music. A. Yes, she is B. Yes, she does C. No, she doesn't D. No, she isn't ( )
  8. What Mary and Kate talking? A. about B. is C. is D. do ( )
  9. Where are the boys? They soccer at school. A. play B. are playing the C. are playing D. play the ( )1
  0. Here some food for you. You can have it. A. are B. is C. am D. has ( )
  11. Is Jack playing soccer? . He's playing basketball. A. Yes, he is B. Yes, he does C. No, he isn't D. No, he doesn't ( )
  12. I often the cleaning after school. Now I the cleaning, too. A. do, doing B. am doing, do C. do ,am doing D. am doing, am doing ( )
  13. What's the woman? A. talk B. talking C. talking about D. say ( )
  14. There's a dog near here. What it now? A. is, eating B. is, eat C. does, eat D. does, eating ( )
  15. Linda with her mother shopping now. A. is go B. are going C. is going D. are go 五,句型转换.
  1. They often draw pictures in the evening.(用 now 改写句子) They pictures now.
  2. Linda is writing a letter to her parents.(改为否定句) Linda a letter to her parents.
  3. Is she eating an orange?(作否定回答) , she .
  4. She plays the piano in the morning.(用 now 替换划线部分) She the piano .
  5. Tom wants to go the movies.(改为一般疑问句) Tom to go to the movies?
  6. Are they having lunch at home now? (用 every day 替换 now) they lunch at home ?
  7. My sister and I are cleaning our room.(对划线部分提问) are your sister and you ?
  8. She's running.(改为一般疑问句) she ?
  9. We're talking to our friends.( 对划线部分提问) are you to?
  10. I'm swimming at the pool.( 改为一般疑问句) you ? 六,完成句子.
  1. 他们正在和谁谈话? are they to?

  2. 我妈妈正在车站等我.My mother me the station
  3. 谢谢你的来信. your letter.
  4. 看!王先生正在公园拍照.Look! Mr. Wang photos in the park.
  5. 这里有我的一些照片. Here some of .
  6. 人们正在跳舞. The people .
  7. 你们在谈论什么? What are you ?
  8. 那听起来是个好主意. That a good idea.
  9. 不要进来,我们正在打扫房间. Don't come in. We the room.
  10. 玛丽没在学英语,她正在写信. Mary English. She a letter. 七,选择下列所给的词并用适当的形式补全对话. about, see, at, watch, boring, do, want, exciting, sound, thriller now? Lisa: Hi, Bill. Bill: Hi, Lisa. What are you 1 Lisa: I am 2 TV. But it is 3 . Bill: Do you 4 to go to the movies? Lisa: That 5 good. Bill: What kind of movies do you like? Lisa: I like action movies and 6 . They are 7 . Bill: Great! There is an action movie today. When do you want 8 the movies. Lisa: How 9 5:00? Bill: OK. Let's go 10 5:
  00. See you then. Lisa: See you later. 八.完型填空. Kate and Ann are good friends. They 1 sing. They 2 swimming. Kate likes English very much, and Ann likes maths. They 3 in Beijing now. They 4 to school five days a week. They play games 5 Tuesdays. They stay 6 home on Saturdays and Sundays.They have two Chinese friends. 7 name are Li Lei and Han Mei. They are all in 8 same class. They like school. They like China. They say "The Chinese 9 are very kind. The food is good, 10 ." ( )
  1. A. can B. are C. like D. aren't ( )
  2. A. are B. can C. like D. likes ( )
  3. A. do B. are C. can D. is ( )
  4. A. are B. go C. do D. have ( )
  5. A. at B. in C. on D. about ( )
  6. A. for B. in C. on D. at ( )
  7. A. Theirs B. Their C. They D. Then ( )
  8. A. a B. an C. the D. / ( )
  9. A. people B. peoples C. the people D. man ( )
  10. A. much B. very C. too D. so 九.阅读理解
It's Saturday morning. Betty is having her breakfast. Betty's mother and father are with her. On Saturday morning Betty doesn't go to school. She helps her parents do some housework. This morning she says to her mother. "Can I help you, mum? ""Yes, you can help me. "her mother says,"You can go to Mr. White's shop. Something is wrong with our clock. Mr. White mends (修理)clocks. Our clock is in his shop. ""Is he mending our clock? "Betty asks. "Yes. "her father says. "And this morning it is ready. ""Yes, it is ready. "Her mother says, "Go to Mr. White's shop. Take this bag. You can put the clock in it. "Betty takes the bag and goes to the shop to get the clock back home. ( )
  1. What is Betty doing on Saturday morning? . A. She goes to school. B. She is having her breakfast. C. She is cooking with her mother. ( )
  2. Betty often helps her parents on Saturday. A. do some cleaning B. do some shopping C. do some housework ( )
  3. There is something wrong with their . A. radio B. clock C. car ( )
  4. is mending their clock. A. Mrs. White B. Mr. White C. Mr. Brown ( )
  5. Which is correct in the following? A. The clock is ready this morning. B. Betty goes to the shop to get the clock with a backpack. C. Betty and her mother go to the shop together. 十.书面表达. 现在是晚上 8 点,根据所提供的信息,请描述一下 Tom 一家的活动情况. 50 字左右. father read a book mother watch TV grandmother Frank Mary clean the room do homework play computer games


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