hair ear eye
nose mouth
Unit 7 What does he look like?
short hair
long hair
A: What does he / she look like? B: He / She has … hair.
straight hair curly hair bald
long straight brown hair
short curly red hair
long straight blonde hair
漂亮+长短 形状+颜色 长短+形状 漂亮 长短 形状 颜色 怎样描述头发: 怎样描述头发: blonde 金黄色 brown 褐色 ?她有一头漂亮短的金黄 她有一头漂亮短的金黄 色的卷发。 色的卷发。 ?She has beautiful short curly blonde hair. ?一头漂亮乌黑 的长发 一头漂亮乌黑 ?beautiful long black hair.
hair 头发 short hair long hair curly hair straight hair
He is short. He is tall. He is of medium height.
build 体格
medium build
He is thin. He is heavy. He is of medium build.
  1. short hair
  2. curly hair f
  3. long hair a
  4. straight hair __ a d
  5. tall

  6. short h
  7. medium height e
  8. thin b g
  9. heavy
  10. a medium build e
1b Listen and fill in the blanks in the picture on the screen. Can you find Amy’s friend ?
Is that your friend? No, it isn’t.
tall curly hair
A:Who’s the man?
Pair work
B:He is Jack chan .He is my favorite star. A :What does he look like? B: He has short black hair. He hair. is of medium build. (tall …)
Group work: talk about one of the people in your family Name : Height : Hair : Age : Build:

From : Occupation (职业): 职业): ):?????? Like and dislike :
Example: My sister’s name is Wang Hong. She’s 16 years old. She is a student . She is tall and thin. She has short black hair. She likes singing and reading.

  1. 如何询问他人的长相: 如何询问他人的长相: What does he / she look like?
  2. 描述他人的长相: 描述他人的长相: He / She is tall / of medium height / short. He / She is thin / of medium build / heavy. He/ She has long straight black hair…
Exercise:用is 或has 填空 用
  1.He tall and beautiful hair. has is
  2.She of medium height, and she is has curly hair.
  3.She very short, and she very is is young.
  4.He straight hair and he is has heavy build.
  5.She has flowers in her hand.
你爸爸长什么样? 你爸爸长什么样
What does your father look like ?
他很高而且他中等身材。 他很高而且他中等身材。
He is tall and he is of medium build.
Mary 留着长的直的黑发。 留着长的直的黑发。
Mary has long straight black hair.
他又瘦又矮. 他又瘦又矮
He is thin and short.
Everyone is special! 人人都很特别! 人人都很特别! Everyone is important! 人人都很重 要! Don’t judge the others by their appearance.
不要以貌取人. 不要以貌取人.
Listen and circle “is” or “has” below

  1. be + 形容词
  2. be +of+名词
  3. 名词
  5. have + 名词
is is is is is is is is is
/ / / / / / / / /
has has has has has has has has has
tall heavy curly hair of medium height thin long hair short of medium build short hair
medium height long hair
thin short medium build short hair
Do you like your look (外貌) now ? Design your new look and draw the picture.
medium build
A: What does she look like? B: She is thin / of medium height / heavy.
The pop singer’s of medium build and of medium height. He has short black hair. He looks cool in white with a hat.
This is a heavy singer. He has short hair, too. He wears glasses and looks funny.
She’s very heavy and of medium height.She has short black hair.She always wears glasses and always smiles.She likes talking to people.
The girl’s
a little bit thin and
beautiful. She has curly blonde hair.
Describe one of your classmates or teachers. And write some sentences.
No 4月14 日 一.用所给词的适当形式填空。
  1.Thank you for___( come ) to me.
  2.Look !Bill _____(lie) on the grass.
  3.what’s the weather like there? it’s ____(sun) there. (sun)
  4.There are many beautiful ____(beach).
  5.We are ___(surprise) to hear the news.
  6.Do you know these ____(man)
  7.His uncle is a great ____(music).
  8.There are a lot of ____(people) in a park.

  9.The girls are really very ____(relax) on the beach.
  10.The book is very ____(interest).
  11.Everyone ____(like) to be on vacation.
  12.Mr.Wang is of medium ____(high). 二.句型转换。


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