Unit8 学案
一. 词组 1 想要做某事 would like to do sth 2 一 小 / 中 / 大 碗 面 a small/medium/large noodles 3 多大号碗的面条 what size bowl of noodles 4 哪种甜品 what kind of dessert 5 一大碗番茄牛肉面 a large bowl of tomato and beef noodles 6 不同种类的鱼 different kinds of fish 7 特色水饺 special dumplings 8 绿茶 green tea 9 冰激凌 ice cream 10 要我帮忙吗 Can I help you= What can I do for you
  11. 水饺店 house of dumplings
  12. 甜品屋 dessert house
  13. 来 买 你 的 水 饺 吧 come and get your dumplings 二 重点难点 1 would like 的用法 Would like=
  1. 想要某物
  2. 想要做某事 # Nancy wants some salad. =Nancy some salad # Do you want to have some tea(同义句转换) you to some tea? # I’d like some onions(一疑) you onions? 要注意回答方式:如上题,肯定: 否定: Would you like to go with ? 肯定回答: # I’d like some porridge and onions(划 线) you ? # They would like some coffee (否定句) They coffee.
意为多大尺寸, 2 what size 意为多大尺寸,多大型号 1 They’d like large shoes they I’d like a medium bowl of noodles of noodles ? 3 kind 的用法
  1)what kind of 的意思是什么种类,那种的, 用来询问事物的类别。
  2)a kind of 一种 different kinds of 不同种类的 all kinds of 各种各样的
  3)kind of = a little 1 I’d like beef and onion noodles. noodles you ? 习题集 根据首字母或汉语提示补全单词。(10’)
  1. China is a [l?:d?] country with long history.
  2. What [saiz] shoes would you like?
  3. Do you have a ['menju:] ? I’d like something to eat .
  4. There’s little apple [d?u:s] here . Would you like to get some ?
  5.We often have rice , meat , [p?'teit?uz] for lunch every day.
  6.John likes['p ? rid ? ] very much.
  7. What’s your favorite vegetable ? ['k?bid?iz] .
  8. I’d like two [b?ulz] of noodles.
  9. What [dri?k] would you have?
  10. We have many great ['spe??lz] in the restaurant. 选择题 ( )
  1. Would you liketea ? No, thanks. A. some B. any C. a few
( )
  2. Is there anything to eat ? I’m hungry ! How about some ?A. green tea B. red tea C. oragne juice D. beef and tomatoes ( )3 Jim doesn’t like tomatoes , potatoes cabbages. A. and B. with C. orD. for ( )
  4. There some beef on the table. A. have B. are C. is D. has ( )5 I’m hungry.I would likea large bowl of dumplings.A. have B. Eat C. eating D. to eat ( )6 Do you like noodles chicken? A. with B. of C. in D. to ( )7 There are tomatoes on the table. A . many B. much C. a little D. any ( )
  8. Would you like some juice to drink ? A. Yes, thanks B. No, thanks C. Yes, I’d love to ( )
  9. Would you like to go camping with me ? A. Yes, please B.No, thanks C. Yes, I’d love to a bowl of . ( )
  10.Please give A.him, porridges B. she, porridge C. her, porridge D. me, porridge ( )
  11.My family usually bread, eggs and milk breakfast. A. has; for B. eat; for C. have; for D. have; on ( )
  12.What kind of noodles would you like? A. A large bowl B. A medium bowlC. beef noodlesD. Yes, please. ( )
  13.My brother salad with apples very much,but I don’t. A. like B. don’t like C. doesn’t like D. likes 用所给单词的适当形式填空。
  1.There(be) some beef and
(egg) in the noodles.
  2.There(be) some onions and (mutton) in the bowl.
  3. I would like you (come) to my house.
  4. Look, they(buy) fruit and vegetables in the market.
  5.Would you like some juice (drink)?
  6. She(have) to cook dinner every day.
  7. I enjoy (listen) to the pop music and (watch) TV.
  8. Thanks for with me . (talk)
  9. How about(show) me your photos ? 1o.Please stop (tell) jokes. 改写句子:
  1. The girl would like a medium bowl of noodles. bowl of noodles would the girl like ?
  3. Special 1 is 10 RMB for 15 dumplings . is Special1for15 dumplings 5 He’d like noodles with beef in them. noodles would he like? 翻译句子: 翻译句子:
  1. 你想要哪种特价服饰? Whatofclothesyou like ?
  2. 想来杯清茶吗? Would you a cup of tea ?
  3. 我们也有上好的沙拉,还有饮料和冰茶 We have , drinks and
  3. 我 想 要 一 个 中 等 的 比 萨 饼 .I a ,please
  4. 我不喜欢汉堡包 沙拉和汤。I don’t like , salad
阅读: Jim, Kate and Li Ming are doing the homework together. Jim's spelling of "Moday" is wrong . Kate tells him about it. Li Ming wants to borrow (借) an eraser from Jim or Kate. Jim says he has one and gives it to Li Ming. Li Ming thanks Jim for his help. Jim says, "You're welcome". Now Jim says "Thanks very much" to Kate for her help. Kate says "That's all right". The three children are students in a school in Beijing. Jim is from London. Kate is from New York. Li Ming is a Chinese girl. They are good friends. They often do homework and play games together. They often help each other (互相). ( )
  1. Jim is . A. an English girl B. an American girl C. an English boy D. an American boy ( )
  2. Kate helps Jim with . A hisspelling B.an eraserC. a rulerD. a pencil ( )
  3. Li Ming borrows . A. an eraser from Kate B. an eraser from JimC. a ruler from Kate D. a ruler from Jim ( )
  4. The three students are . A. not in the same class B. in U.K. C. in Beijing D. in USA ( )
  5. They are . A. doing homework B. playing games C. reading D. cleaning the room 试卷 ( )
  1. There is beef in the bowl. I think it’s hotA. a little; a bit of B. a bit; a bit of C. a bit; a little D. a little; a bit ( ) 2 Would you like ?A. some juice B. any juice C .some juices D. any juices ( )
  3. My family usually bread, eggs and milk breakfast. A. has; for B. eat; for C. have; for D. have; on
( )
  4.We have musicMonday and Wednesday. A. in B. on C. at D. / ( )5 Give me __ beef and __ orange , please. A. some, an B. some, a C. some, any D. a, an ( )
  6. He wants to drink . A. onions B. mutton C. orange juice D. potatoes ( )7What kind of noodles would you like? A. A large bowl B. A medium bowlC. beef noodlesD. Yes, please. ( )8 My brother dumplings with beef very much,but I don’t. A. like B. don’t like C. doesn’t likeD.likes ( )9 I’d like an action movie. A. see B. to see C. seeing D. watch ( )10 Some chicken in the bowl . And some eggs on the table. A is is B are are C is are D are is 动词填空
  1. Let them (help) us with English.
  2. I with Jack (do) homework in the classroom now.
  3. They enjoy (have) beef.
  4.There are some(tomato) and (porridge) on the table.
  5.What about (swim) in the pool?
  6.Look, she (swim)in the pool.
  7.I would like something (eat).
  8. Can he (watch) TV with you?
  9.She can’t (swim)because she is afraid of(害怕) water.
  8.They’d like some hamburgers with cabbages. =They’d like some .
  9.He doesn’t like fish or meat. (改为肯 定句) He fish meat.
  10.Mary would like to drink something.=Mary drink.
  11.I’d like a large bowl of noodles for lunch. bowl of noodles for
  12. She’d like beef and tomato noodles. noodles would she like?
  13.She has a beard. (用 red hair 改选择疑 问 句 ) she beard red hair ?
  14. We like eating onion dumplings . = We like eating dumplings . 翻译句子
  1. 你 想 要 什 么 样 的 米 饭 rice you ?
  2. 他想要一中碗西红柿牛肉面条 He a of and noodles
  3. 你们经常什么时候吃晚饭 When you often ? 4 你 想 要 点 什 么 吗 I ?= What I you? 5 汤姆不喜欢数学和语文 Tom math Chinese 任务型阅读: 任务型阅读: Kim went to a beautiful beach on Monday with his friends . It was sunny and hot. So they had great fun playing in the water. In the afternoon, they went shopping. But the shops were crowded, they didn’t really enjoy it. The next day, it was rainy, so they went to a museum. It was boring. Kim found a small boy crying in the corner. The boy was lost. He helped the boy find his father. Kim was very happy. But he had no money for a taxi. So he had to walked back to the hotel. That made him very tired. On Wednesday, the weather was very cool. So they played tennis. They played all morning. It was really fun.

  1. The weather was and when Kim went to the beautiful beach .
  2. They had great fun playing in the water. 同义句改写: They in the wather.
  3. He had no money for a taxi.= He money to a taxi.



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