潘桥中学 七年级英语备课组
Teaching Procedures
The 1st period Section A 1a-2c 1aThe 2nd period Section A GF-4 GFThe 3rd period Section B 1a-2d 1aThe 4th period Section B 3a-4 3aThe 5th period Self check 1-3 1-
Section A 1a-2c 1a-
Teaching aims Language points Teaching steps
Teaching aims

  1、Lead the Ss to learn some new words and sentences about movies;
  2、Let the Ss learn to talk about preference; 3、Let the Ss learn to ask about others’ preference.
Language points

  1、Sentences: 、 : (
  1)--Do you want to go to a movie? --Yes, I do. I want to go to an action movie . (
  2)--What kind of movies do you like? --I like action movies and comedies .
  1) types of movies: action movie, 、 : thriller, comedy, *documentary, *opera (Beijing Opera) (
  2) romance, movie
  3、Difficult points: Do you want to go to a movie? 、 ?Yes, I do. I want to go to an action movie.
It is a coomdy.y c meed
They are comedies co ies
action mo vies ction mo ie. ction mo ie It is an action movie. s
action mo vies ction mo ies They are action movies ction mo ies
It’s a documeentry.y do cumnta ar nta do nta
They’re documeentrieies nta rie ocum nta aies.s nta s
It’s a thriiller. thriller. thriller thr ller
They’re thrillers ers thrillers. s
It’s a romance. ro nce.
It’s a cartoon. cartoon ar
They’re cartoons . cartoons. cartoons artoons
action movie
Match the words with the pictures
action movie
thriller documentary comedy
Match the kinds of movies with the posters.

  1. action movie
  2. comedy movie
a c


Listen and circle the kinds of movies in activity 1a you Hear.

  1. action movie
  2. comedy movie
  3. romance
  4. thriller
Tapescript Boy: Do you want to go to a movie? Girl: Yeah, I do. Boy: Do you want to go to an action movie? Girl: No, I don’t. I want to go to a comedy. This girl wants to go to a movie. She doesn’t want to go to an action movie. She wants to go to a comedy.
Pair work:
A: Do you want to go to a movie? B: Yes, I do. I want to see a comedy. No, I don’t.
Do pair work as the sample, using the following pictures:
What kind of movies do you like?
I like action movies and comedies.
I like action movies and comedies.
comedy action movie thriller documentary
comedies comedies action movies movies thrillers thrillers documentaries documentaries
2a Listen to Ben and Sally’s conversation. Number the kinds of movies in the order you hear them.
3 1 action movies comedies 2 documentaries 4 thrillers
Fill in the blanks
Ben: Do you want to go to an action movie? Sally: No. Ben: I don’t like action movies.
What kind of movies do you like?
Sally: I like documentaries. What kind of movies do you like? Ben: I like documentaries ,too,and comedies.I don’t like thrillers. Sally : You don’t? Ben: No. They’re scary.
2b Listen again. In the chart, draw under the kinds of movies Ben and Sally like, and under the kinds of movies they don’t like, and ? for “ I don’t know.”
comedie action documentaries s movie s Ben Sally ? ? ? thrillers
Names Jim Lily Kate Tom …
(组内做个调查,用What kind of movies do you like? 问,然后做个汇报。 )
Kinds of movies action movie thriller comedy action movie …
S: Our group has four students. Two like action movies….
Homework Oral work
  1. Listen (1a,2a) and recite the dialogues. Written work
  2. Collect the pictures of the movies that you like.
  3. Write a short dialogue about going to see a movie you like.


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