Unit2 Where's the post office ?
单元复习(二) 一、英汉互译
  1. 在图书馆对面

  3. 在超市和邮局之间
  4. 在投币式电话附近
  5. 在第五大街上
  6. Across from the post office
  7. Next to the park
  8. Between the bank and the library
  9. In the library
  10. have a good trip\ 二、根据句意和首字母补全单词
  1. Do you e your work? Yes, I like it very much.

  2. There is a big park in the n. You can play in it.
  3. His grandparents’ house is a from the bank.
  4. Your shoes are clean, but my shoes are d.
  5. Is there a bookshop n to the park?
  6. Go s and turn left on Fifth Avenue.
  7. I’m very h. I want to eat some food.
  8. There are many books in the school l.
  9. There is a library b the post office and the supermarket. 三、选择介词填空。 at, with, from, on, in, between, near, next to, through, across, about
  1. I like Chinese food, what you?
  2. Where is the post office? --It’s Fifth Street.
  3. Is there a hotel here? Yes, it’s not far from here.
  4. I play volleyball my friends after school.
  5. The pay phone is the post office and the library.
  6. Where’s the library? It’s the bank.

  7. Lisa is the United States.
  9. Take a walk the park. 四、单项选择。

  8. Please look your book.

  10. An old hotel is from the park.

  1. There is a house a garden next to the park. A: in B: on C: with D: about

  2. Walk along the street, then you can see a bank your right. A: in B: on C: from D: at

  3. I often take a walk the park in Second Avenue. A: across B: through C: pass D: cross

  4. There is a big desk between and . A: he, I B: he, me C: him, I D: him, me A: have B: has C: is D: are

  5. There a bank in the neighborhood.

  6. The pay phone is Green Street and it’s across the hotel. A: in, to B: on, from C: at, through D: in, through

  7. Her parents often after dinner. A: take a walk B: takes a walk C: take to walk
  8. Is there a hotel near here? Yes, A: it is B: there is C: it isn’t D: there isn’t
  9.Go straight and turn . You can see the school. A: to left B: the left C: for the left D: left D: take walking

  10. We enjoy the party. We at the party. A: has a fun B: has fun C: have a fun D: have fun

  11. There a desk and two beds in the room. A: are B: is C: has D: have
  12. Can you tell me the way the park?
  13. You can some music here. A: at B: to C: of D: for D: look
A: listen
B: see C: enjoy

  14. The hotel is the market and the bank. A: both B: in C: next to D: between
  15. My house is the garden. A: across in B: cross from C: across from D: across at 五、句型转换
用心 爱心 专心 -2-

  56. Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the airport?(改为同义句) Excuse me. the airport?
  57. There is a video shop near here.(改为一般疑问句,并做否定回答) a video shop near here? , .
  58. There is a book store near here.(改为否定句) here.
  59. The bank is on Green Street.(对划线提问) the bank?
  60. Walk through the street and you can find it.(改为同义句) walk through the street and you can find it.
  61. She likes bananas.(一般疑问句) she bananas? the bridge? There a book store near

  62. The bridge is across from the hotel.(对划线提问)
  63. There are some books on the desk.(否定句)
There books on the desk.

  64. Can Jim play the guitar?(作否定回答) , he .
  65. I sit on Jack’s right and on John’s left.(同义句) John. 六,书面表达 昨天晚上我和妈妈出去散步,在路上我们遇见了一个外国人。他向我询问如何去温泉饭 店。我告诉他沿路往前走,在第三个转弯处左转就能看见饭店。他非常感谢我,我也为能帮 助他而高兴。 提示词语:go out for a walk,on the road,the way to,walk along,on the left,thanks for,be happy that I sit Jack


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