Unit 2 revision

  1.在这儿附近 在这儿附近
  2.在附近 在附近
  3.在中心大街 在中心大街
  4.在邮电局对面 在邮电局对面
  5.紧挨着公共电 话
  6.在图书馆和餐 在图书馆和餐 馆之间
  7.在超市前面 在超市前面
  8.在教室的前部 在教室的前部
near here=around here in the neighborhood on Center Street across from the post office next to the pay phone between the library and the restaurant in front of the supermarket in the front of the classroom
Some sayings for giving directions

  9.在右边 在右边
  10.在旅馆的右边 在旅馆的右边
  11.在左边 在左边
  12.在他们的左边 在他们的左边
  13.直走 直走
  14.沿着大桥街走 沿着大桥街走
? ? ? ? ? ?
on the right on the right of the hotel on the left on their left go/walk straight go/walk up the Bridge Street= ? go/walk down the Bridge Street
Unit 2 sb72nd
go straight down Center
  15.沿着中心街直 沿着中心街直 Street 走 go across the bridge/street=
  16.过桥 过街 过桥/过街 过桥 cross (v.) the bridge/street
  17.穿过第六街 go through Sixth Avenue 穿过第六街 turn right
  18.向右转 向右转
  19.在新公园向左 turn left at New Park 在新公园向左 ? The hotel is down Bridge 转
  20.旅馆在大桥街 Street on the right. = 旅馆在大桥街 ? The hotel is on the right of 的右边。 的右边。 Bridge Street. Unit 2 sb72nd

  21.非常喜欢他们 like them very much/ 非常喜欢他们 a lot ?
  22.有花园的房子 a house with a garden 有花园的房子 ?
  23.花园之旅的开 the beginning of the 花园之旅的开 garden tour 端
  24.玩得很开心 ? have fun= 玩得很开心 ? have a good time= ? enjoy oneself ? be a little hungry
  25.有点饿 有点饿
  26.喜爱做某事 ? enjoy doing sth. Unit 2 sb72nd 喜爱做某事

  27.散步 散步 ?
  28.下个星期日 下个星期日
  29.让他们向右转 ? 让他们向右转
  30.告诉我们你的生? 告诉我们你的生 日 ?
  31.去某地的路 去某地的路 ?
  32.乘出租车 乘出租车 乘出租车去某地 ? 从某地乘出租车 ? ?
  33.旅途愉快 旅途愉快
take/have a walk next Sunday let them turn right tell us your birthday the way to sp. take a taxi take a taxi to sp. take a taxi from sp. have a good trip 2 sb72nd Unit

  34.一个有趣的花园? 一个有趣的花园
  35.欢迎来到我市 ? 欢迎来到我市 ?
  36.开门 开门 ?
  37.开着 开着 ?
  38. 24小时营业 小时营业 ?
  39.打扫屋子 打扫屋子 ?
  40.到达上海 到达上海 ?
an interesting garden welcome to our city open the door be open open 24 hours clean the house arrive in Shanghai = get to Shanghai
Unit 2 sb72nd

  41.到达旅馆 到达旅馆
  42.到达家里 到达家里
  44.一个玩乐的好地 一个玩乐的好地 方
  45.做某事很愉快 做某事很愉快
  46.一个大眼睛的女 一个大眼睛的女 孩
arrive at the hotel = get to the hotel arrive home= get home pass a big supermarket a good place to do sth. have fun doing sth. a girl with big eyes
Unit 2 sb72nd

  47.在第三个路口向左转 在第三个路口向左转 turn left at the third crossing/turning= take the third turning on the left
  48.如果你饿了,你可以在超市买食物。 如果你饿了,你可以在超市买食物。 如果你饿了 If you are hungry, you can buy some food in the supermarket.
  49.当你见到一个大的超市时,向左拐。 当你见到一个大的超市时 向左拐 向左拐。 Turn left when you see a big supermarket.
Unit 2 sb72nd

  1. 在桌子下有一本书。 在桌子下有一本书。 There is a book under the table (desk).
  2. 在书橱里有一些书。 在书橱里有一些书。 There are some books in the bookcase.
  3. 在地上有一个篮球。 在地上有一个篮球。 There is a basketball on the floor.
  4. 在椅子旁边有一些篮球。 在椅子旁边有一些篮球。 There are some basketballs near the chair.
  5. 在门的后边有一个书包。 在门的后边有一个书包。 There is a backpack behind the door.
  6. 在小汽车的前边有一些小孩。 在小汽车的前边有一些小孩。 There are some kids in front of the car.

  1. 在梳妆台上没有手表.
There isn’t a watch on the dresser.

  2. 在抽屉里没有(一些)字典.
There aren’t any dictionaries in the drawer.

  3. 在附近没有邮局.
There isn’t a post office in the neighborhood.

  4. 在超市的对面没有饭馆. .
There isn’t a restaurant across from the supermarket.

  5. 在第六条大街上没有银行.
There isn’t a bank on the Sixth Avenue.

  6. 在我们学校没有外国学生.
There aren’t any foreign students in our school.

  1. 在图书馆旁边有一个投币电话吗? Is there a pay phone next to the library?
  2. 在第五条大街上有一家超市吗? Is there a supermarket on Fifth Avenue?
  3. 在你家附近有宾馆吗? Is there a hotel near your home?
  4. 在宾馆对面有银行吗? Is there a bank across from the hotel?
  5. 在邮局后边有饭馆吗? Is there a restaurant behind the post office?
  6. 在你家有兄弟姐妹?吗? Are there any brothers and sisters in your family?

  1. 教室的前部没有教师. in the front of There a teacher the classroom. isn’t
  2. 教室前没有树(tree). There aren’t any trees the classroom. in front of
  3. 在小汽车的前边有一位司机. There is a driver the car. in the front of
  4. 在小汽车的前面有一位学生. There is a student the car. in front of
  5. 我站在你们的前边. I’m standing you. in front of
  6. 我站在教室的前部. I am standing the classroom. in the front of
Unit 2 revision

  1.The Great Wall is a good place to visit (visit). playing
  2.They have fun (play) soccer. beginning
  3.This is the (begin) of the garden tour.
  4.Next to the hotel is a small house with an interesting garden. me tell
  5.Let (I) (tell) you the way to my house. At
  6. the beginning of class we usually sing an English song.
( A )
  1. is your pen pal from? He’s from Australia. A. Where B. What C. How D. Why ( C )
  2. Where does she ? She lives in Sydney. A. lives B. living C. live D. is living ( D )
  3. People from Canada English and French. A. say B. talk C. tell D. speak ( C )
  4. Where is Toronto? It’s in . A. Australia B. France C. Canada D. England
( B )
  5. Please write and me about yourself. A. speak B. tell C. ask D. talk ( D )
  6. There a bank and two pay phones near here. A. has B. have C. are D. is ( C )
  7. The supermarket is the post office and the library. A. next B. across C. between D. in front
( A )
  8. Thank you for me the way to the post office. A. telling B. to tell C. asking D. to ask ( D )
  9. Do you want to us? A. play B. wait C. listen D. work for ( C )
  10. Are you on weekends? Yes, I am. A. hungry B. relaxing C. relaxed D.surprised
  1. There is a supermarket the busy on street.
  2. You can phone me 8:00 a.m. and at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow (明天 morning. 明天) 明天
  3. They will arrive London next in Monday.

  4. Can you tell me how to get the to new park?
  5. Walk the Seventh Avenue.The to hotel is your left. on
  6. I put some flowers next my to window.
根据汉语提示翻译下列句子。 根据汉语提示翻译下列句子。
  1. 沿着这条街往前走,然后向右拐。 沿着这条街往前走,然后向右拐。 Go this street, then right turn . down
  2. 这儿附近有图书馆吗? 这儿附近有图书馆吗? there a library near here? Is
  3.让我来告诉你如何到达飞机场。 让我来告诉你如何到达飞机场。 让我来告诉你如何到达飞机场 Let me show you how to get __ the __ to airport.

  4. 看这张照片,站在我右边的是我父 看这张照片, 亲。 Look this photo. The man is my at father.
  5. 我喜欢坐在公园的长凳上看书。 我喜欢坐在公园的长凳上看书。 I enjoy a bench the sitting on in park.
  1.Does she have any brothers or sisters?
  2.I’m (14岁) and my 14 years old in November birthday is __ (在11月).
  3.I like going (go) to the movies playing with my friends and (play) sports. tell
  4.Please write and (tell) me yourself about (you). on weekends
  5.I play soccer (在周末).
an interesting
  6.I think China is __ country . (有趣的国家) to
  7.Please write answers the questions. My favorite subject
  8. (我最喜 欢的科目) in school is P.E.
  9.他不喜欢英语。 He doesn’t English. like He English. dislikes
  1. 动物园里有两只老虎. There are two tigers in the zoo.
  2. 你学校有图书馆吗? Is there a library in your school?
  3. 公园的前面没有公用电话. There isn’t a pay phone in front of the park.= There aren’t any pay phones in front of the park.
  4. 书桌后面有个电话和三个盒子. There is a phone and three boxes behind the desk. 书桌后面有三个盒子和个电话. There are three boxes and a phone behind the desk.
  5.那个宾馆在哪里? 它在中央大街的左边. Where is the hotel? It’s down Center Street on the left.
Unit 2 revision
Asking the way
Is there a …near here?
Excuse me.
Where is the nearest …? Can you tell me how I can get to the…? Can you tell me how to get to the …? Could you tell me the way to the …, please? Which is the way to…? Do you know the way to…
Unit 2 revision
Showing the way
Go down this street. / Walk along this road. Take the first turning on the right. / Turn left at the first crossing. It’s on your right/left. / It’s next to …/ between--and--… Go across the bridge./Cross the bridge. You will seein front of you. You can’t miss it.
Unit 2 revision



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