Unit 3
? 让他们做某事 ? 有点精明 ? ? ? 一种游戏 各种各样的书 对他和蔼/友好 对他和蔼 友好
? 和我们一起玩耍 ? 玩水 ? 在白天 ? 在夜里
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
let them do sth. kind of smart= a little smart a kind of game all kinds of books be kind to him = be friendly to him play with us play with water in the day= during the day at night Unit 3 sb7 2nd
温 故 知 新
一片叶子 7片叶子 一个小时 许多肉/ 许多肉/草 保持安静 一个…,另一个 一个 ,另一个… 一些…,另一些… 一些 ,另一些 一些…,其他的… 一些 ,其他的
a leaf seven leaves an hour much meat/grass be quiet= keep quiet one…, the other… some…, others… some…, the others…
Unit 3 sb7 2nd

  1. A koala comes from Australia. (变否定句)
A koala doesn’t come from Australia.

  2. He likes dolphins very much. (变一般疑问句)
Does he like dolphins very much?

  3. I like Tom because he is very friendly.(对划线部分提问)
Why do you like Tom?

  4. The shy girl wants to see giraffes. (对划线部分提问)
What animals does the shy girl want to see?

  5. Do you have lots of clever friends? (变陈述句)
I have lots of clever friends.

  6. Pandas are from China. (同义句转换)
Pandas come from China.
Unit 3 sb7 2nd
Ⅳ. 找出下列各句中的错误并改正。 找出下列各句中的错误并改正。
  1. They all likes to see these pandas from China. like
  2. Tim often plays with soccer after school. plays
  3. Giraffes usually eat the leafs on the top of trees. leaves
  4. There is a lot of apples on the table. are
  5. Tigers like to eating small animals. 改为eat或去掉 或去掉to 改为 或去掉 Unit 3 sb7 2nd

  6. The koala come from Australia. comes
  7. Monkeys like to climb trees and eating fruit. 改为 或to climb → climbing 改为eat或
  8. Penguins from the South Pole. 前面加are或 前面加 或come
  9. ?What do you like elephants? Why ?Because they are friendly.
Unit 3 sb7 2nd

  10. We can see many animal in the zoo. animals

  3. 翻译下列句子 翻译下列句子.
  1.你为什么喜欢考拉?因为他们有点聪明 你为什么喜欢考拉? 你为什么喜欢考拉 因为他们有点聪明. Why do you like koalas? Because they’re kind of clever.
  2.我最喜欢的动物是海豚 因为他们很有趣. 我最喜欢的动物是海豚,因为他们很有趣 我最喜欢的动物是海豚 因为他们很有趣 My favorite animals are dolphins, because they’re very interesting.
  3.让我们先去看大象吧 让我们先去看大象吧. 让我们先去看大象吧 Let’s see elephants first.
  4.他最喜欢什么动物 他最喜欢什么动物? 他最喜欢什么动物 What are his favorite animals? What animals does he like best? 3 sb7 2nd Unit

  1.熊猫来自中国四川 熊猫来自中国四川. 熊猫来自中国四川 Pandas are/come from Sichuan, China.
  2.狮子来自北非吗 狮子来自北非吗? 狮子来自北非吗 Are lions from North Africa?= Do lions come from North Africa?
  3.长颈鹿不是来自英国 长颈鹿不是来自英国. 长颈鹿不是来自英国 Giraffes aren’t from England.= Giraffes don’t come from the UK.
  4.海豚来自海洋 海豚来自海洋. 海豚来自海洋 Dolphins are/come from the sea.
Unit 3 sb7 2nd



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