Unit 6 一、选择填空
  1. Everyone having a good time. A. am B. is C. are
  2. is the weather like? A. How B. What C. Which
  3. is it going? A. How B. What C. Where
  4. is Jeff going for his vacation(假期)? A. How B. What C. Where
  5. What you when it’s raining? A. do … do B. are … doing C. did … do
  6. The game looks . I want to have a try. A. fun B. cool C. boring
  7. How’s the weather there? . I’m on the beach. A. Not bad B. it’s snow. C. It’s hot
  8. Is he ? No, he’s in the water. A. swims, fishing B. swiming, running C. swimming, walking
  9. I like the weather there. It’s always . A. sunny B. snowing C. funny
  10. I like taking . It’s much fun. A. photos B. pictures C. medicine
  11. Thank you for us. A. helping B. to help C. help
  12. It’s windy and cold, so he is wearing a scarf his neck(脖子). A. around B. on C. with
  13. It’s in spring and it’s in summer. A. warm, cool B. hot, cold C. warm, hot
  14. Uncle Tom is a writer. He is a book. A. writing B. writing C. writeing.
  15. many people her on vacation A. They’re B. There are C. There is
  16. It’s a nice . A. weather B. photo C. day
  17. What Lucy and Lily ? A. is… doing B. are … doing C.does… do
  18. Kate is English. I’m American. A. a, an B. /…/ C. an, a
  19. That terrible. A. look B. hears C. sounds. 二.短文填词。 (A) Today is Sunday. It’s a beautiful, s1__ day! Mary and her classmates are going to the West Hill f 2 a picnic. They’re r 3 bikes. Right now, they’re coming to a place at the f 4 of the hill. There are beautiful flowers and green t 5 there. Mary and her f 6 are
fc1 eparing the picnic. Some are getting water. O 7 are cooking. Now, their lunch is r 8 . They are singing, talking, e 9 , and drinking. Everyone is h 10 a good time. (B) Li Lei gets an E-mail f 1 Jack Wilson. Jack is a high school student from Canada. He wants to l 2 Chinese. Dear friend, My name is Jack Wilson. I am from Toronto, C 3 . I am 13 years old. I am a schoolboy. I know China is a great c 4 . I want to m 5 friends in China to learn Chinese. There are nineteen students in my class. My c 6 are from six countries. They are learning English. My parents are from France. They speak F 7 .There are many Chinese h 8 in Toronto. I want to learn Chinese, b 9 I don’t have any Chinese textbooks. Could you h 10 me? Please write to me soon. Thank you. Jack Wilson



   Unit 6 A卷 At a farm Name: 一、听音,选出你所听到的单词。 ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. ) 2. ) 3. ) 4. ) 5. A. horse A. these A. goat A. lamp A. sheep B. house B. those B. coat B. lamb B. ship C. mouse C. whose C. boat C. hamburger C. jeep 二、按要求写出下列单词的形式。 long (反义词) big (反义词) he ...


   第三课时 【教学重点】单词 cat,dog,rabbit,duck,pig 的拼写。 句子 Are they ducks?No,they aren’t.的书写。 【教学难点】掌握 5 个元音字母的发音规律。 【教学准备】 Read and write 部分的挂图。 单词卡:cat,dog,rabbit,duck,pig,cats,dogs,rabbits,ducks,pigs,they, are,aren’t,No,yes。 图片卡:horses,goats,lambs,sheep,cows ...


   亿库教育网 http://www.eku.cc 百万教学资源免费下载 六年级英语 Unit 1 单元练习 2007-2008 学年度第二学期 (答题时间 60 分钟,满分 100 分) 内容 得分 一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八 九 十 合计 听力部分( 听力部分(满分 50 分) 一、Listen and choose(听录音, 选出跟录音相符合的一项,并将其字母编号填在 ( 题前的括号里 ) (每小题 1 分,共 10 分) (c 学 校 )1. A. pain )3. A. bike ...


   Unit 6 B卷 At a farm Name: 一、用√划出你听到的蔬菜或水果。 二、听问句,用阿拉伯数字给答句标号。 ( ( ( ( )It’s 3 o’clock. )One hundred. )Yes, I want a pair of sandals. )It’s yellow. ( ( ( ( )It’s snowy. )It’s ninety yuan. )They are cucumbers. )Size six 三、判断下列单词划线部分的读音是否一致,是的打√,否则打 x ...


   Unit 6 At the zoo Let ’ go to the zoo. It is so big. It is so small. It has a short tail. It has a long tail. What ’s in the tree? It is a monkey. Look at his arms. It has long arms. It has a small nose. It has a long tail . Look at the elephant. I ...


   Unit1 马 horse 羊 lamb Do you like young 母牛 cow 小狮子 cub animals? 你喜欢小动物吗? 你喜欢小动物吗? 山羊 goat 小山羊 kid 绵羊 sheep 小绵 小马 foal 狮子 lion 鸟 bird 小奶牛 calf 老虎 tiger 老鼠 mouse 袋鼠 kangaroo 什么 what 小袋鼠 joey 猴子 monkey 这个 this 那个 that 叫 call 兔子 rabbit 大象 elephant in 句型 ...


   新目标八年级英语(下)第一单元检测试卷 一、词汇考查。 A.选择正确的词语填空。 1. Tom has (few; fewer) Christmas cards than I. 2. They believe that there will be (less; fewer) green trees in fifty years. 3. He is ill and he can eat (more; less) food, so he gets quite weak. 4. The (more ...


   八年级英语下第四单元检测试卷 一、词汇考查。A.用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. Tom does well in Chinese; however Lucy does Chinese (good) than Tom. 2. Lily isn’t good at math, in the end-of-year exam she did (bad) of all the students. 3. When I heard the news, how I am! (disappoint) 4. ...


   小学三年级英语下册第一单元测试卷 听力部分 一、听录音,把所听到信息前面的字母填在括号内,每个句子听两遍。(5 分) ( )1. A. boy B. girl C. teacher D. student ( )2.A. apple B. ant C. bag D.school ( )3.A. eggs B. elephants C. ducks D.dogs ( )4.A. welcome B. where C. sorry D.what ( )5.A. you B. I C. new D. ...


   第 4 课时 Section B 3a4 Teacher's words : Practice makes perfect. 【Learning objectives】 熟练运用本课词汇和反意疑问句,能表达自己的想法。 Knowing : 本课的 4 个单词 Practicing: 对自己不清楚不理解的事情进行提问, 。 Ability aims: 通过学习反意疑问句,会对自己的不理解不清楚的事情提问。 Emotion aims: 通过本单元所进行的活动,学会写便条及感谢信。 【Import ...



   http://passport.zxxk.com/Register.shtml 第三版块 (八年级上册) 八年级上册) 1 单元 1、你的生活方式与她的一样吗? Is your lifestyle ? 2、他不是很健康,因为他几乎不锻炼。 He isn’t very . Because he . 3、我认为经常吃垃圾食品对你的健康没有好处。 I think eating food usually your health. 4、好的学习习惯帮助我取得好成绩。 Good habits me ...

英语四六级写作阅读高分策略 附送写作增色好句子

   特别说明 此资料来自豆丁网(http://www.docin.com/) 您现在所看到的文档是使用下载器所生成的文档 此文档的原件位于 http://www.docin.com/p-36049776.html 感谢您的支持 抱米花 http://blog.sina.com.cn/lotusbaob ...


   ??2004 学年度第一学期期中考试试卷 首师大附属育新学校中学部 2003?? ?? 初 二 英 语 班级姓名 成绩 姓名 班级 2003. 11. 5 第一卷 口 试 ( 10 分) (笔试前已进行完) 笔试前已进行完) 第二卷 听 力 部 分 ( 20 分) 请将听力题 1-15 题的答案填写在机读卡上,第四大题答案写在答题 纸上。 一、Listen to the sentences and choose the correct responses 听句子,选择恰当的答语 听句子,选择 ...


   新标准英语三年级起点第二册教案 Model 9 Possessions Unit 1 I’ve got a new book 西园小学英语组 Ⅰ.Teaching objectives: 1. words and phrases: have got T-shirt 2. Sentences: I’ve got a book. It’s about animals. Have you got a new book? Yes, I have. /No, I haven’t. 3. Grammar ...


   英语口语 8000 句-在家中 ●从起床到出门 早晨好! Good morning. Good morning, John. (早晨好,约翰。) Good morning, mom. (早晨好,妈妈。) 闹钟响了吗? Did the alarm clock go off? *go off 是闹钟“响”的意思。 Did the alarm clock buzz? Did the alarm clock ring? 该起床了! It's time to get up! It's time to ...