七年级英语下册第四单元 设计者姓名 课题 课时安排 20
  2.25 单位 丹东市第二十四中 日期 学 复习课 Unit 4 I want to be an actor . 课型 共 3 课时 第 3 课时 In this unit students 改 进 建 议 will review some names of 请属名并标注单位) jobs and some description (请属名并标注单位) 知识与技能 words and the target used language used to talk about jobs. Train students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. 于元军 过程与方法 目标 Train students’ communicative competence.
No matter what you want to 情感态度与 do in the future, you must 价值观 do the job you are doing now well. Key words The target language 教学重点 Review how to talk about and describe jobs. Review the present tense. Review What and Where questions. Train students’ listening, reading speaking, reading and writing 教学难点 skills.. Review how to read and write a
newspaper want ad. Review how to write a letter applying for a job. Pairwork 教法与学法 教具 Practicing methods A computer Cards
教 学 活 动 过 程 设 计 步骤 教 师 活 动 学 生 活 动 StepⅠ ad
  1. In this activity you’re to write your own newspaper want ad. should First you should decide what kind of job you can offer to people. Then consider what you are going to write about.
  2. Set a time limit of two or three minutes for students to prepare before writing the ad.
  3. Have students start to write their own newspaper want ads.
  4. Ask a student to write his or her ad on the blackboard. Correct any language and spelling errors along 。 with the rest students. Use these target language to make a conversation with your partner. What does he do? He’s a waiter. StepⅡ Pair workwork-talk What do you want to be? I want to be an actor.
about jobs
Where does she work? She works in a bank. What does he do? He’s a student. He wants to be a doctor.
  1. Review the where and what your questions. Write sentences on your exercise book. Write as many as you can.
StepⅢ Review the structures

  2. Ask several students to read their sentences.

  1. Give students several minutes to memorize the key vocabulary.
Doctor, actor, reporter, police Review the officer, waiter, band, clerk, sales key dangerous, assistant, student, dangerous, fun, vocabulary exciting, difficult, boring, interesting
  2. Have a dictation. StepⅤ Summary In this class we’ve reviewed all the key words in this unit . We also reviewed to write a newspaper want ad. Review all the key words and learned language points learned in this unit. StepⅥ Homework

Unit 4 I want to be an actor.
书 设 计
What does he do? He’s a waiter. What do you want to be? I want to be an actor. Where does she work? She works in a bank.
教 学 反 思



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