七年级英语下册第四单元综合测试题(冀教版) 七年级英语下册第四单元综合测试题(冀教版)(2009-06-02 14:35:
第四单元练习 班级 姓名 学号 第一题 找出与划线部分意思相同的选项 ( 10 分

  1.Liming’s home is not far from his school.A below B
beside C near ( )
  2.Would you like to have some soup now?A eat B drink
C need ( )
  3.Jenny, you look really cool in the red hat. B not warm C wonderful
A cold (
  4. Jenny is showing her photos before the class. B behind C in front of
A near (
  5. I am hungry. I would like something to eat.A like
B want C think 第二题 写出空缺出单词的正确形式:20 分
  1. My mother asked me to buy two train票 for Shanghai .

  2. In our school there are twenty- five teachers. 微笑
  3. Look at our teacher! She is always .
  4. It is time for class. Let’s go . 快速地
  5. Tom feels sad because John 弄断 his new pencil.
  6.But first, he must 请求允许 permission.
  7. I will 写信 Jenny now.
  8. What 发生 him yesterday? Did you
过得愉快 in Beijing?
  10. We have friends .到处 第三题 单项选择 15 分 ( )1is it from your home to school?
A How far B How long C How much ( )
  2.May I have some sandwich? Sorry, there . C aren’t
A isn’t some B isn’t any
  3. Thank you for me your pen. B lending C using
A borrowing (
  4.Please keep quiet. Grandma
A sleeps B is sleeping C sleeping ( )
  5. Please write to us, if you have time. Sure. But is your e-mail address?A where B what C which ( English. A say speak ( B speak say C speak tell )
  6. You can not Chinese, you must it in
  7.Who was talking in the classroom yesterday? Tom does C did
A was B (
) 8You had better more vegetables. It is good for B eating C to eat
your health. A eat (
)9 Can I talk to you for a minute, Mike? Sure, I have
time now. A a few B a little C many
  10. Please a coat with you when you go out, it is bring B take C get
cold outside. A (
  11. My father gave to us yesterday.
A two box pencils B two boxes pencils C two boxes of pencils ( so. A Did ( study B Does, study C was study )
  12. he at this school last term? Yes, I think
  13.I want to go to the bookstore some books. C to buy
A buy B buying (
  14. He but he didn’t anything. looked see C looked at look
A saw looked B (
  15. Tom his mother ready for Christmas. B helped get C helped getting
A helped with
第四题 用所给单词的正确形式填空 每次只能使用一次 10 分 nine eat sing sun quiet take fall happy slow big
  1. Please talk . Tom is doing his homework now.

  2.Would you please speak ? We can’t understand you.
  3.The building has nine floors. They live in the floor.
  4.Tom two eggs for breakfast this morning.
  5.My father usually a bus to go to work.
  6.Li Ming at the Palace Museum yesterday and hurt his leg.
  7.What is the weather like today? Oh, it is .
  8. Beijing is a big city. It’s than Tangshan.
  9. When they met in the park, they talked and laughed
  10. Listen! Jenny is an English song in the next room. 第五题 完形填空 10 分 It was A Monday morning. As a teacher walked into the , he heard a low voice: Here is the teacher. I this boring fellow is going to talk about putting a commas. It was voice. His name was Bill. He was talking the boy next to him. The teacher didn’t get angry. He said about it but e really began to talk
about putting in commas and then he wrote the sentence Bill says the teacher is a boring fellow. No, said the teacher, I’ll you how important commas are. The class and Bill’ face s
red. He put two commas in the sentence, and not read , is a boring fellow. 第六题阅读理解 20 分第一篇 Little Peter is a boy of nine. He began to go to school the year before last.and now he is in Grade Three. He lives not far from the school, but he is often late for school. He likes watching TV in the evening and goes to bed late, so he can’t get up early in the morning. This term Mrs Black, Peter’saunt, works in Peter’s school. She teaches Grade Three English. She is strict 严格的 with Peter and often tells the boy to come to school on time. Yesterday morning Peter got up late. When he got to school, it was a quarter past eight. His aunt was waiting for him at the school gate.“You are ten minutes late for the first class, Peter.” Mrs Black said angrily. “Why are you often late for class?” “Every time when I get to the street corner, I see a sign. 标志 ”It says? “ SCHOOL-GO-SLOW”
  2. When did Peter begin to go to school? Why is he often late for school?

What is Mrs. Black? When does the first class begin? Who is the sign for?
第二篇 根据短文内容,完成后面的句子 Tom and Fred were students. They were both twelve years old, and they were in the same class in their school. One day, they had a fight 打架 in class, and their teachers became very angry. She said to both of the boys, “Stay here after school this afternoon, and write your names a hundred times. ” After the last lesson, all the other students went home, but Tom and Fred stayed in the classroom. They began to write their names in their exercise books and waited for their teacher. When the teacher came, Fred was crying. The teacher looked at him and said, “Why are you crying?” “Because his name is Tom King, and my name is Frederick Hollingsworth.”Fred said with tears 眼泪 in his eyes, “It is too bad that I have a very , very long name!”
  1. Tom and Fred were both in the in their school.

  2.The teacher became angry, because .
  3. had a long name.
  4.After school, the other students.
  5. Fred was crying because he . 第七题 10 分 用所”给词造句“”
  2. Jenny buy family go trip"

  3. had great with

  4. bus train plane

first second third last



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