七年级英语下册过关测试( ) 七年级英语下册过关测试(

  1. The shop is Fifth Avenue. A. in A. in
  3. The hotel is my house. A. in front of
  4. is the bank? A. What A. are
  6. my left, there is a tree. A. On A. Hello A. on
  9. Let me ! A. going A. quiet A. down, turn A. having fun A. of B. go B. busy B. straight, turn B. to have fun B. with C. to go C. dirty C. through, turn to C. to have funs C. and
  10. Wangfujing is a street in Beijing.
  11. Go Center Street and left. You can find the post office.
  12. New Park is a good place .
  13. This is a great city some interesting places. B. In B. Thank you B. in C. To C. Excuse me C. down
  7. , where is the pay phone”
  8. Is there a big supermarket the neighborhood? B. next It’s near the park. B. Where B. have C. When C. is C. across B. at B. at C. on C. between
  2. The pay phone is the post office and the library.

  5. There a desk, six chairs and some books in the room.

  14. Go the bridge. Don’t run. A. through A. in, to A. classroom A. in A. beginning
  19. I hope you have a good time! A. The same to you A. at A. looking at A. are A. learn English
  24. Let’s in the park. A. take walk A. is, in front of A. with A. from A. across A. left, left B. make a walk B. are, in the front of B. have B. down B. through B. left, on the left
B. across B. on, from B. park B. between B. begin . B. Thank you B. in B. to read B. is B. learning English
C. on C. in, through C. library C. behind C. begining C. Have a good time C. on C. reading C. does C. to learn C. take a walk C. is, in front C. there is C. on C. to C. on the left, left

  15. The pay phone is Green Street and it’s across the hotel.
  16. Mum lies reading, and she often goes to the .
  17. The restaurant is the park.
  18. At the of the class, our teacher always tells us an interesting story.

  20. My parents will arrive Beijing next Sunday.
  21. My little daughter enjoys books.
  22. The room with four windows our classroom.
  23. No.43 Middle School is a good place .

  25. There a river the bus.
  26. I want to find a house many trees .
  27. Go straight this street and then turn right.
  28. Take a walk the park on the Center Street.
  29. Go straight and turn . The bank is .

  30. Let me tell you the way the airport. A. to A. has
  32. I hope you a good trip. A. to have A. busy A. is, has A. garden A. begin A. new
  38. I you have a good trip. A. want A. are A. There isn’t A. is A. reading A. with A. between A. to tell, to B. hope B. is B. Is there B. are B. read B. have B. in B. tell, at
B. on B. takes B. have B. quiet B. are, with B. place B. began B. busy
C. in C. brings C. having C. clean C. is, with C. house C. beginning C. old C. think C. have Yes, there is. C. Has C. has C. to read C. and C. at C. tell, to

  31. Julia a taxi to work every day.

  33. Look! There are a lot of people on New Street. It’s a street.
  34. Next to the hotel a small house an interesting garden.
  35. Bridge Street is a good to have fun.
  36. The garden is the of our tour.
  37. There isn’t a nw hotel, but an one.

  39. There two libraries in the neighborhood.
  40. a post office in your neighborhood?

  41. There a hotel and two restaurants on this street.
  42. He enjoys in the library.
  43. China is a big country a long history.
  44. The desk is the two beds.
  45. Let me you the way the supermarket.

  46. She sits Jane and Mary. A. next to A. a
  48. They walk the garden. A. across A. to
  50. She often fun. A. have
  51. see the giraffes. A. Let
  52. do you like animals? A. Why, because A. kind of
  54. Pandas from . A. Japan
  55. do you like coalas? A. Where
  56. What do you like? A. animals A. do, likes A. Because, /
  59. are from . A. Chinese, Chinese A. but B. Australian, Australia B. and C. English, English C. or
  60. He is a little ugly, he is very friendly. B. China B. How I like elephants. B. sports B. does, like B. Because, so C. language C. does, like C. So, because C. America C. Why Because they are very smart.
  53. The monkeys interesting. B. kinds of C. are kind of B. Let we they’re cute. B. What, so C. Why, so C. Let’s B. has C. does B. through B. for C. at C. with
  49. Can you tell me the way the bank near here? B. between B. any C. near C. some
  47. There aren flowers in the garden.

  57. Why he dolphins?
  58. I’m hungry, I have some food.



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