Module 3
Unit 0ne What are you going to do at the weekend
LEAD-IN: Listen and match the words in the
Box 1with the words in Box 2
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  4.get up
  5.go to
  7.revise for
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  1.a party
  2.a piano lesson
  3.a picnic
  4.early bed email homework test
  9.some clothes
According to the pictures and write phrases:
have a piano lesson
check my email
do my homework
revise for my test
have a picnic
stay in buy some go to a bed clothes party
The language points the weekend: 在周末 on weekdays: 在平日 Eg. We should study hard on weekdays and we have a good rest at the weekends.
  2.on Saturday morning/afternoon/evening: ? 在星期六的早晨/下午/晚上.(有adj.修饰它们,prep. 用”on”.否则用”in”) ? Eg. in the morning/afternoon/evening:
  3.check one’s email: 查邮件 ? Eg. Do you often check your email on the internet?

  4.have a piano lesson:上钢琴课 Eg. He has a piano lesson on Sunday morning.
  5. go to a party: 去参加晚会 Eg. I’m going to go to a party on Friday evening. a friend’s home: (home 可以省略) 相似的短语: at a chemist’ (在药房) in a barber’s (在理发店) in a bakery’s (在面包房)
  7.revise for one’s test: 复习考试 Eg. I’m busy revising for my test in the morning.
Work in pairs
ask and answer to complete the dialogue
--What’s Daming going to do on…morning? --He’s going to check his email and do his homework.
morning Daming check email do homework Betty
do nothing
go to a party
Have a piano lesson Listen to some music buy some clothes go to a party Listen to some music
morning Daming
get up early Play table tennis
Meet Lingling and Tony in the park No mention have a picnic
Stay in bed Meet Lingling and Tony in the park No mention revise for have a picnic her test
Pronunciation and speaking
? Listen and repeat:

  1.--What ‘s he going to do? --He’s going to do his homework.
  2.--What’s she going to do? --She ‘s going to buy some clothes.
  3.--What are they going to do? --They’re going to have a picnic.
  4.The pronunciation of / l / B. /kl / clothes A. / bl / table tennis C./ pl / plans play
Unit two:We are going to walk up the Great Wall
? Read the passages and match them with the photos:
After reading the passage, say what they are looking forward to:
Is looking forward to
seeing her daughter and granddaughter the Dragon Boat Festival going to Disneyland with her parents
Li Wuhan
The language points

  1.look forward to + nouns: 盼望 Eg. He’s looking forward to hearing from her . some sightseeing:观光 do some reading:读书 do some cooking:做饭 do some washing:洗衣服

  3.Make friends:交朋友
Eg. She is outgoing, and make a lot of friends.

  4.Lie on the beach:躺在海滩上 lie in bed: 躺在床上

  5.stay in a hotel: 住在旅馆 stay at home: 待在家里
  6.Chinese/foreign culture:中国/外国文化 Eg. The Chinese culture is different from the foreign culture.
  7.rice dumplings:米种子 dumplings: Eg. Chinese often eat rice dumplings during the
Dragon Boat Festival.

  8.Walk up the Great Wall: 登长城 Eg. They’re going to walk up the Great Wall.
According to the passage and answer the questions

  1.Why is Helen going to visit her granddaughter?
Because it’s her birthday

  2.Why are they going to do some sightseeing? Because they like Chinese culture

  3.Why is Lucy going to Disneyland ?
Because she likes Mickey Mouse

  4.Why is she going to lie on the beach ?
Because she likes the sun and the sea

  5.Why is Li going to watch the Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong?
Because his parents live there

  6.Why are they going to enjoy his mother’s Zongzi?
Because she’s a very good cook
Writing: write
full sentences with “because”

  1.Why is Lucy going to learn English?
Lucy is going to learn English because she wants to make some American friends.

  2.Why are Lucy and her parents going to stay in a hotel in San Francisco?
They are going to stay in a hotel in San Francisco because her parents have some friends there.

  3.Why are Li and his wife going to lie on the beach?
They ‘re going to lie on the beach because their children like swimming.
Work in pairs: according to the pictures
and answer the questions: --What are they looking forward to? --They are looking forward to winning the football match --They are looking forward to scoring the goal
Unit three: Language in use
Practise dialogue with pictures:
--What ‘re you going to do on Saturday morning?
-- I’m going to go shopping on Saturday morning
--What is he going to do on Sunday morning?
--He is going to play computer games on Sunday morning?
--What is she going to do on Sunday morning?
--She ‘s going to go swimming.
Grammar structure: the simple future tense
一.用法:表达打算,计划,有意做某事. 二.形式: Subject + be going to +v.原型
I am going to visit Australia.
肯定句: 肯定句
She is going to buy some clothes.
I am not going to visit Australia. Are you going to visit Australia?
Yes, I am / No, I am not. She isn’t going to buy some clothes. Is she going to buy some clothes? Yes, she is. / No, she is not
Work in groups: Discuss what they are going to
is going to revise
  1.He for his test on Sunday.

  2.Isome clothes tomorrow.
am not going to buy
are going to play
  3.Wetennis on Saturday afternoon. going to have 4Are you a picnic on Saturday? Yes, I am.
‘re going to
  5.Theya birthday party on Friday have evening.


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