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  1. listen 听(强调动作) hear 听见(强调结果) I listened carefully but I heard nothing. 我仔细听但什么也没听到.
  2. We are on a school trip. 我们在参加学校郊游.
  3. What are the others doing? 其他人在干什么?
  4. lie in the sun / on the beach 躺在沙滩上
  5. send sb a postcard 寄给某人一张明信片 send sth. to sb. = send sb. sth.
  6. enjoy the school trip a lot/ very much 非常喜欢学校郊游
  7. anyway 无论如何 (转移话题)
  8. buy some presents = shop for presents 买礼物 buy sth. for sb. = buy sb. sth. go shopping for presents 去买礼物
  9. enjoy sth. 喜欢某物 enjoy oneself = have a good/ great time enjoy/ like doing sth. 喜欢做某事
  10. take sth. to sw. 把某物带到某地 take away
  11. at this moment=now 此时此刻 (现在进行时)
  12. in different places 在不同的地方 (比较 the same)
  13. do different things 做不同的事情
  14. leave work 下班 be at work 上班 He is at work. = He is working.
  15. wait for buses 等公共汽车
  16. run for trains 跑去乘火车
  17. have afternoon tea 喝下午茶
  18. go to the opera 去听歌剧
  19. watch a ballet 看芭蕾
  20. get dressed 穿衣;打扮 see friends 看望朋友
  20. call home 给家里打电话 call sb. = give sb. a call= phone sb.
  21. greetings from… 来自……的问候
  22. talk on one' phone 用某人的手机打电话 s
  23. do taijiquan,打太极拳 do yangge 扭秧歌
  24. 现在进行时的构成:be 动词+ 动词的现在分词 MODULE 2
  1. What traditions do you have at the Spring Festival? 在春节你们有什么传统?
  2. lots of traditions 许多传统
  3. clean the house 打扫房子 do some cleaning
  4. sweep away bad luck 扫走坏运
  5. paint ……red 把……涂成红色
  6. It means 它意味着…… What does it mean? (meaning n.)
  7. decorate …with … 用……装饰……
  8. have a haircut 剪头发
  9. everyone 后面谓语动词用单数: everyone has a haircut
  10. visit our family and friends 看望亲戚朋友
  11. at midnight 在半夜 (at noon= in the middle of day)
  12.fireworks 用复数
  13.bring sb. sth. =bring sth to sb. 给某人带来…… bring back
  14. at night , in the evening
  15. get ready for sth. (be ready for sth.) get ready for doing sth. 为……做准备
  16. sweep the floor 扫地
  17. learn a dragon dance 学舞龙
  18. make lanterns 做灯笼
  19.cook the meal 做饭 do some cooking
  20. be interested in sth 对某物感兴趣 be interested in doing sth. 对做某事感兴趣 MODULE 3
  1. check my email 查收我的邮件 get up early 起早 have a picnic 郊游 go to a party 去参加聚会 at the party revise / review for my test 复习准备考试 (为考试而复习) do some revision stay in bed 呆在床上 at a friend's home 在朋友家 take the plane to…=go to sw. by plane 乘飞机去……/ take the plane from…to…乘飞机从……到……
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 教学资源集散地.可能是最大的免费教育资源网!
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
walk up the Great Wall 爬长城 make friends 交朋友 stay in a hotel 呆在酒店里
  2. What are your plans? (同义句) What are you going to do?
  3. look forward to sth/ doing sth. We are looking forward to the Spring Festival. We are looking forward to going to Guilin.
  4. cook 厨师 (名词) 它还可以当动词: cook sth for sb cook sb sth
  5. How do you get (from) Shantou to Xiamen? By bus.
  6. Why + 一般疑问句?用 because 来回答. I am late because my bike is broken. 7 in the morning on Sunday morning 具体到某一天用 on on a hot afternoon 有描述词用 on
  8. be going to +动词原形 I'm going to do my homework this evening. It's going to rain tomorrow. It's going to be rainy tomorrow. There is going to be rain/ snow/wind(名词)…… MODULE 4
  1. study at home 在家学习 do the dull jobs 做枯燥的工作 do heavy work 干重活 three days a week 一周三天 long holidays 长假 free time 空闲时间 be free to do sth. get warm 变暖
  2. everyone every one of …
  3. by email 通过电子邮件的方式 on the computer on TV on the radio
  5. I'm not sure. 我不确信.be sure to do sth.
  6. The teachers won't write on a blackboard with chalk. The teachers won't use chalk to write on a blackboard. do sth with sth = use sth to do sth 用……来做某事 chalk 不可数名词 一支粉笔 a piece of chalk We will use the sun to heat our homes. We will heat our homes with the sun.
  7. Flying will be very cheap. flying 为动名词,作主语. 家庭供暖将会很便宜. Heating homes will be cheap. It will be cheap to heat homes. 打篮球是我最喜欢的运动. Playing basketball is my favourite sport.
  8. will + 动词原形 They will play football. will be+ 形容词 It will be cool in summer. There will be+名词 There will be rain tomorrow. There will be a big bridge over the river.
  9. My dream will have big classrooms. (同义句) There will be big classrooms in my dream school. will 可以用 be going to 代替,但 be 动词要根据单复数来变化.There are going to be big classrooms in my dream school. There is going to be a big classroom in my dream school.
  10. It's going to rain this afternoon. It's going to be rainy this afternoon. (但只有 there be 句型除外,be 后跟名词. )
  11. In my dream school there won't be any teachers. MODULE 5
  1. seven million millions of Americans
  2. answer some questions for my homework 为我的作业回答一些问题
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 教学资源集散地.可能是最大的免费教育资源网!
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net

  3.What's the population of …? 某地人口是多少? 形容人口多用 big 或 large What's its population?
  4. Shanghai has 13 million people. Shanghai is a city with a population of 13million. The population of Shanghai is 13 million seven million. It has a population of 13 million people.
  5. be famous for 以……而出名 如:北京以长城而闻名.Beijing is famous for the Great Wall.
  6. in the east/south/west of… 在……的东,南,西…(内部) 上海在中国的东部. Shanghai is in the east of China.
  7. 问天气:What's the weather like? / How's the weather?
  8. on the coast 在海岸线上
  9. It's never very hot in the summer or very cold in the winter.
  10. with 带有,有 Beijing is a city with lots of old buildings. MODULE 6 一,反义词: dangerous 危险的 safe 安全的 danger / safety n. difficult 难的 easy 容易的 exciting 激动人心的 boring 枯燥的 expensive 昂贵的 cheap 便宜的 popular 受欢迎的 unpopular 不受欢迎的 relaxing 放松的 tiring 累人的 badly(worse, worst) 坏地 well(better, best) 好地 carefully 认真地 carelessly 粗心地 late 晚 early 早 loudly 大声地 quietly 安静地
  2. be good at sth 擅长某事 be good at doing sth 擅长做某事 例如:我哥哥擅长篮球. My brother is good at basketball. 我哥哥擅长打蓝球. My brother is good at playing basketball.
  3. What Olympic sports do you like? Football is my favourite sport. Why do you like it? I like it because it's exciting
  4. 位移动词用现在进行时表示将来时.如:她将去学校. She is going to school. She is leaving for school.
  5. 在每周六上午九点半 at 9:30 am every Saturday
  6. 早到这儿 get here early 晚到那儿 arrive there late 坐在黑板前 sit in front of the blackboard 在教室后面 at the back of the classroom
  7. It's +adj. + to do sth 学习英语很难.It's very difficult to learn English.
  8. 对某人讲得又慢又大声 speak slowly and loudly to sb(宾格). slowly 和 loudly 为副词,副词修饰动词.
  9. 需要做某事 need to do sth 我们需要每天打扫教室. need to clean the classroom every day. We 想要做某事 want to do sth = would like to do sth. 我们想要打蓝球.We want to play basketball
  10. No one 谓语动词用单数.如:没人要踢足球. No one wants to play football.
  11. It's +物性形容词 +for sb to do sh 对他来说学习数学很简单. It's very easy for him to learn math.
  12. work hard 努力学习/工作 (这里 hard 就是副词) speak English well 这里 well 就是副词
  13. do some sightseeing 游览 go sightseeing 去观光
  14. 带某人参观……take sb. around …
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 教学资源集散地.可能是最大的免费教育资源网!
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net

  15. 将持续到……will continue/last until … How does he need to learn English?
  16. He needs to learn English quickly.
  17. She likes running and she likes cycling, too. = She likes running and she also likes cycling. also 反在实义动词前,be 动词和情态动词后.
  18. 我不喜欢迟到.I don't like to be late.
  19. 我不喜欢跑步和骑自行车. I don't like running or cycling.
  20. so 因此;所以 在英语句子中不能与 because 同时用 如:我饿了,所以想去买点吃的. I'm hungry so I'm going to buy some food.
  21. more +(形容词或副词)原级=比较级 more popular more exciting more dangerous more tired more quickly
  22. much, a little, even +(形容词或副词)比较级 much bigger, much better, much more popular Pan Changjiang is funnier than Yao Ming. 句子中有 than,要用比较级 比较级规则变化口诀:比较级,要变化,一般词尾加 er.(long-longer) 词尾若有哑音 e, 直接加 r 就可以. (nice-nicer) , 重读闭音节,单辅音字母要双写. (hot-hotter) 辅音字母若加 y, 记得把 y 变为 i.(happy-happier) MODULE 7
  1. the longest journey 最长的旅程
  2. by 直接加交通工具单数 by bike/ bus/ train
  3. get to school 到学校 get home/there/here 到家
  4. live farthest from the school 住得离学校最远 farthest 为副词,是 far 的最高级,可省略 the, 形容词最高级前面一定要加 the
  5. the ( best )way to sw. 去……的(最好)方式
  6. the most dangerous way 最危险的方式
  7. be closest to sw. 离……最近 go to work 去上班
  8. take a train to sw. 乘火车去……
  9. the fastest train 最快的火车
  10. from…to… 从……到……
  11. in eight minutes 八分钟后 (将来时)
  12. the same … 相同的…… the same school 相同的学校
  13.take some time by… 乘……花……时间 take ten minutes by car 乘汽车花十分钟
  14. more than = over 超过……,多于……
  15. one of the busiest international airlines 最繁忙的航线之一
  16. a distance of …kilometres ……公里的距离
  17. in nine and a half hours 在九个半小时后
  18. buy a ticket at the bus stop 在汽车站买票
  19. millions of Americans 上百万美国人
  20. A taxi from Shanghai to the airport is cheaper than the train for two people. 对两个人来说从上海到机场乘出租车比乘火车便宜.
  21. British Airways uses the Boeing 747 for long journeys. 英国航空公司使用波音 747 进行长 途飞行.(划线 the Boeing 747 用 which 提问)
  22. The Boeing 747 travels longer than other planes.
  23. I like to travel by bus because it's safer than going(动名词) by car.
  24. from one place to another 从一个地方到另一个地方
  25. The cheapest way is by bus. 不能说:By bus is the…way.
  26. travel to school 去上学
  27. Who travels (the 可省略) farthest to school?
  28. Who has the longest journey?
  29. How interesting is the journey from …to… by train? (问 interesting 的程度) The journey from …to…by train is the most interesting way.
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 教学资源集散地.可能是最大的免费教育资源网!
3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net

  30. What's the most expensive way to travel? By plane. MODULE 8
  1. my/ my parents' / sb's past life 某人的过去生活
  2. be born 出生
  3. the name of ……的名字
  4. What +be +sb. +like? 某人的性格怎么样?
  5. be friendly to sb. 对某人友好
  6. be strict with sb. / in sth. 对某人要求严格
  7.On the east coast of America 在美国东海岸
  8. lots of things 许多事情 There are lots of things to do in Shantou.
  9. visit their old family houses 参观他们的故居
  10. with 带有 He likes the house with a garden. a pond with fish in it 里面有鱼的池塘
  11. on my bedroom walls 在我卧室的墙上
  12. the last time I was there 我在那儿的最后一次 (be the first to do)
  13. one day 有一天 (将来时或过去时)
  14.Was anyone famous born there?有名人出生在那吗?anyone 为不定代词,谓语动词用单数, 形容词放在不定代词后. There is nothing new in today's newspaper.
  15. I know what he does. 我知道他是干什么的. 动词 know 后的句子为宾语从句,语序要用陈述语序. She asked where she was. The teacher asked who had a pen.
  16. Tony was born in England. Tony wasn't born in England. Was Tony born in England? Yes, he was. / No, he wasn't. They were naughty. They weren't naughty. Were they naughty? Yes, they were. No, they weren't. MODULE 9
  1. once upon a time 从前
  2. decide to do sth. 决定做某事 decide not to do sth.
  3. go for a ride / walk 去兜风/散步
  4. in the forest 在森林里
  5. pick flowers 摘花 pick up sth. 捡起/拿起某物 pick it/ them up
  6. b



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   大学 6 级听力笔记_英语题库 六级听力的难点 首先是语速太快。怎么解决?就是要具备相当的听力词汇,多加练习,以提高语速适应性。 第二个困难是我们对英美人的发音习惯不太熟悉。 首先是你自己的发音, 如果你的发音不准, 你很有可能把 correct 听成是 collect, go bad 变质, 把 变坏听成 go to bed 上床睡觉, break 把 the ice, 听成 break the eyes。 发音不准有两个原因,一是方言。发音不准的第二个原因是初 中高中老师的误导。发音方面 ...


   2008 年 10 月自考英语(二)试题 月自考英语( 照着 GIF 图片格式的打的,难免有错误,敬请谅解.4juan 站长,老周. I.Vocabulary and Structure 1. If you in ignoring my instructions, I shall have to punish you. A. exist B. resiste C. persist D. insist 2.Economics, student needs and our new underst ...


   英 语 教 案 学年度第二学期) (2008?2009 学年度第二学期) 2008? 科目: 年级: 姓名: 2009.2.20 二 二 00 八二 00 九 学年第二学期教学计划 》 一、内容分析:本学期使用教材是《九年义务教育六年制小学教科书英语(五年级下)(PEP 内容分析 PRIMARY 内容安排 单元 Unit 1 Unit 2 题目 This is my day My favourite season 话题 Daily routine Seasons; activ ...