Unit 2
Where’s the post office?
Section A
Where’ she?
? Where’s she?
on ? She’s the box.
? Where’s she?
in ? She’s the box.
? Where’s she? under ? She’s the box.
? Where’s she? in front of ? She’s the box.
in front of
? Where’s she? behind ? She’s the chair.
? Where’s she? next to ? She’s the box.
next to
? Where is she? across from ?She’s the box.
across from
? Where is she?
between the big box and the small box. ? She’s
Do you know these places?
post office
pay phone
Where is the hotel? It is across from the post office.
Where is the supermarket? It is next to the library.
Where is the library? It is between the restaurant and the supermarket.
Where is the river? It is in front of the house.
Where is the house? It is behind the tree.
Listen and circle the places you hear.
I am in a place I don’t know. And I have no money. I have to go to the bank to get some. But I don’t know where the bank is. So I could say: Is there a bank near here?
A: Is there a bank near here? B: Yes, there is. It’s on the Center Street.
Make your own dialogue by using the following places. post office library hotel supermarket pay phone Fifth Avenue Bridge Street Center Street
2b Listening

  1.The library is the restaurant the between and supermarket. across from
  2.The park is the bank.
  3.The supermarket is Fifth Avenue. on next to
  4. The pay phone is the post office.
  5.The restaurant is in front of the post office.
  6.The hotel is the library. behind
Memory Challenge
What are the differences between the two pictures?
school book store park bank school library bank park book store
post office
Picture 1
hotel librarypayphone
Picture 2
payphone superpost office market


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