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IT 七年级(上)复习提要 七年级( 复习提要
一,词 ( 一 ) 名词 1, 名词的复数 (
  1) ,一般的直接加 s,如 desk(desks) ,pen(pens) ,ruler(rulers) (
  2) ,以 x ,s,ch,sh 结 尾 的 加 es 如 box(boxes),class(classes),watch(watches)等 (
  3) ,以辅音字母加 y 结尾的要变 y 为 i 加 es, 如 family ,comedy,documentary 等 (
  4),以 0 结尾的名词,有生命的加 es 如:tomato(tomatoes) ,potato (potatoes ); 没有生命的加 s,如 photo(photos),piano(pianos),zero(zeros) 2, 名词所有格在名词的后边加's
, 如 LiLei's bag
desk ,her mother's brother 3, 专用名词的大写 如 English,Brown ,Rush ,Sunday ,January ,December, Beijing Opera ( 二 ) 动词 1, 动词的种类(四类) 系动词如 be(is am are); 情态动词如 can ,may,need;助动词( do does) ;行为动词如 take , bring,eat,have(has),like,sell,buy,sale,play,see,find,go,watch,thank,think 等 2, 动词的第三人称单数(与名词的复数一样 ) 如 eat(eats) take (takes) buy (buys) play (plays) have(has) are (is) 3, 动词的时态(一般现在时 ) (
  1)含有系动词的 I'm a Chinese boy . She is twelve . He is Tim's brother . Her mother is an English teacher . 含有系动词的句子在变一般疑问句时只将"主语和系动词交换位置" ,上面句子变成一般疑 问 句时分别为 Are you a Chinese boy ?( 注意第一人称通常变为第二人称 ) Is she twelve ? Is he Tim's brother ? Is her mother an English teacher ? 含有系动词的句子在变否定句时只须"在系动词的后边加上 not" ,前面的几个了陈述句变否定 句分别为 I'm not a Chinese boy. She isn't twelve . He is not Tim's btother . Her mother isn't an English teacher . (
  2)含有情态动词的句子 ( can ), She can play basketball. His mother's cousin can sing many English songs. 含有情态动词的句子在变一般疑问句时只须将"主语和情态动词交换位置" ,上面两句变一般 疑问句分别为 Can she play basketball ? Can his mother's cousin sing many English songs ?
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
含有情态动词的句子在变否定句时直接在情态动词的后边加上 not ,上面两个陈述句变否定句分 别为 She can not play basketball . His mother's cousin can not sing many English songs . (
  3)含有行为动词的句子 We have many friends. They watch TV at 7 in the evening . The students take their books to school . I have lunch at school . You have a sister . 1 ○ 含有行为动词的句子在变一般疑问句时要在原句子的前面加 do.上面的句子变成一般疑问句 分别为 Do you have many friends ? Do they watch TV at 7 in the evening ? Do the students take their books to school ? Do you have lunch at school ? Do you have a sister ? 2 ○ 含有行为动词的句子在变否定句时只须在行为动词前加 don't .上述五个陈述句变否定句分别 为 We don't have many friends. They don't watch TV at 7 in the evening . The students don't take their books to school . I don't have lunch at school . You don't have a sister . 3 ○ 含有行为动词的句子,当主语是第三人称单数时,行为动词要加 s (或 es)如: She has a red pen . He has eggs for breakfast . Her mother buys a skirt for her . She likes thrillers . My brother watches TV every evening . He wants to go to a movie . 含有行为动词的句子, 当主语是第三人称单数时, 变一般疑问句要 "在原句子的前面加上 does , 同时行为动词要还原" .上面的句子变成一般疑问句分别为: Does she have a red pen ? Does he have eggs for breakfast ? Does her mother buy a skirt for her ? Does she like thrillers ? Does your brother watch TV every evening ? Does he want to go to a movie ? 含有行为动词的句子, 当主语是第三人称单数时, 变否定句时 "在行为动词前面加 does'nt , 同 时原行为动词要还原" .上面的句子变否定句分别为: She doesn't have a red pen . He doesn't have eggs for breakfast . Her mother doesn't buy a skirt for her . She doesn't like thrillers . My brother doesn't watch TV every evening .
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He doesn't want to go to a movie . (三)形容词 本册所学的形容词不多,注意拼法和反义词 big (small) long (short) sad (happy) boring (interesting\funny ) exciting relaxing great healthy old (new) successful white (black) (四)代词 1,人称代词和物主代词 第一人称 人称代词 单数 主格 宾格 物主代词 I me my 复数 we us our 第二人称 单数 you you your 复数 you you your
第三人称 单数 she\ he\ it her\ him\ it her \his\ its 复数 they them their
2,指示代词: this (these) that (those) 3,不定代词 some someone 4,疑问代词 who what how much how old (疑问副词:when where ) 5,反身代词 yourself (五)数量词 1,基数词 one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen 2,序数词 first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth (六)介词:本册的介词较少,主要用在介词短语里面,如 on:on sale (销售) \ on weekends (在周末) \ on April 8th, (在四月八日) \ on the desk (在桌子 上) \ on TV (在电视上) \ in:in English (用英语) \ in the afternoon (在下午) \ in the case (在盒子里) \ T-shirt in red (红色 T 恤) \ be in the movie(出演这部电影)\ in September (在九月) be in our school music festival (参加我们学校的音乐节) at:call sb.at 3356 (拨打 3356 找某人) \ at your school (在你们学校里) \ at Huaxing Clothes Store (在华兴服装店)\ at a very good price (以非常优惠的价格) \ at six (六点钟) have a look at (看一看) of:a set of (一串…) \ the photo of your family (你的全家照) \ lots of =a lot of (许多) \ date of birth(birthday)(生日) with:with sb. (同某人一起) \ be good with (和…相处得好) \ help sb. with sth. (帮助某人做某事) for:thanks for =thank you for (谢谢某人的….) \ bag for sports (运动包) \ pants for $30 (卖 30 元的裤子) \ see for yourself (亲自看看) \ for girls (对女孩子来说) \ like sth. for lunch (喜 欢吃……当作午餐) about:about Chinese history (有关中国历史) under:under the desk (在桌子下面) (七)副词:除疑问副词外,本册的副词有 only too very well often also really 副词 only often also really 等在句中的位置都是在行为动词前面或是系动词的后面. 注意几组词的区别: 1,too 和 also :too 一般放在句子的末尾,also 在行为动词前面或是系动词的后面. 2,well 和 good :两个词都有"好"的意思,但 well 是副词,而 good 是形容词,well 修 饰动词,放在动词的后面,good 修饰名词,放在名词的前面.如 play basketball well speak English well a good student Good morning (八)冠词:只有不定冠词 a (an)和定冠词 the 两个 1,不定冠词 a 和 an :a 用在辅音前,如 a pen a chair \ an apple an egg an 用在元音前.an old teacher an English book an action movie
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注意辅音字母第一个音是元音的情况:F H L M N S X 这七个字母的第一个音是元音, 在说一个以上字母时要用 an ,如 an"F" (一个 F) an "X" (一个 X). 同时注意字母 U,它是元音字母,但它的第一个音是辅音,因此说一个 U,应为 a "U". 2,定冠词 the:当一个名词第二次出现时前面用 the . 注意在三餐饭(breakfast lunch dinner )前不用 the ,月份和星期前都不用 the ,体育活动的 球类运动前面不用 the .如:have dinner \ in January \ December \ Sunday \ play basketball play tennis (volleyball \ soccer \ Ping Pong \ chess \ baseball) 在乐器的前面要用定冠词 the .如:play the guitar (the violin \ the piano \ the drum ) (九)连词:本册所学连词有 and but or then and 连接两个词或两个句子,表示前后的句子意思顺接. 如:I like thrillers and I like action movies. but 连接两个句子,表示后面意思转折. 如:He likes tomatoes but she doesn't like broccolis or 表示选择关系.如:Can you play the piano or the violin? then 表示动作的先后顺序. 二,句子(句子的种类) :句子分为四种即 陈述句,疑问句,祈使句和感叹句. 这里重点介绍疑问句和祈使句 (一)疑问句:一般疑问句,特殊疑问句,选择疑问句,反意疑问句 1,一般疑问句:见前面的动词部分.一般疑问句的回答用"yes"或"no"开头,用"yes"作肯定 回答时后面不能出现"not" ,用"no"作否定回答时后面要出现"not" . 2,特殊疑问句:其结构为" 特殊疑问词 + 一般疑问句的结构 "本册出现的特殊疑问句有 1 His name is Marry. What's his name ? ○My name is Jim. What's your name ? What is her first name? Her first name is Brow. 2 ○Her bag is on the bed . Where's her bag ? The oranges are in the room. Where are the oranges? 3 ○My telephone number is 29
  75. What is your telephone number? 4 ○I'm fine. How are you? She is fine. How is she? 5 How old are you? ○I'm fifteen years old. 6 ○This skirt is twelve dollars. How much is this skirt? How much are these pants? These pants are 18 dollars. rd 7 Her birthday is September 23 . When is her birthday? ○ 8 ○The apple is red. What color is the apple? What's this in English? How do you spell this word? What kind of movies do you like? (二)祈使句:表示命令,请求.本册所学的祈使句类型有 Spell it, please. Please take these things to your sister. Let's play ping-pong.(tennis\basketball\volleyball) Come and buy your clothes. Have a look at Zig Zag's Clothes Store. 三,情景会话:本册出现的主要会话片段 1,Good morning! (afternoon \ evening )! 2, Nice to meet you! Good morning! (afternoon \ evening )! Nice to meet you! 3,Good-bye! 4,Hello, Frank! Good-bye! (Bye-bye ) Hello, Eric! 5,How are you? 6,What's your name?
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Fine, thanks. How are you? I'm fine, too. (I'm OK.) 7, What's her first (last\family\given)name? It's John. 9,What's this in English? It's an orange. What color is it? It's red. 11,Where is my computer game? It's under the bed. (I don't know.) 13,Let's play ping-pong. No, I don't have a ping-pong ball. Well, let play volleyball. That sounds good. 15,How much is this T-shirt? It's seven dollars. How much are these shorts? They are three dollars. 17,Can I help you? Yes, I want (to buy) a sweater. What color do you want? Yellow. Here you are. How much is it? Eleven dollars. I'll take it. Thank you.(thanks.) You are welcome. 20,What club do you want to join? I want to join the basketball club. 四,本册出现的短语
My name is Jim. 8,What's this in English? It's a map. Spell it,please.(How do you spell it?) M-A-P 10,Is this (that) your pencil? Yes, it is. it's my pencil. (No, it isn't. it's her pencil.) 12,Do you have a TV? Yes, I do. (No, I don't.) Does he have a tennis tacket? Yes, he does. (No, he doesn't.) 14,Do you like salad? Yes, I do. (No, I don't.) He likes bananas. but she doesn't like ice cream. 16,When is your birthday? My birthday is (on) November 12th . When is Liu Ping's birthday? It's (on)October 15th . How old is he? He's thirteen. 18,Do you want to go to a movie? Yes, I do. What kind of movies do you like? I like action movies and domentaries. 19,Can she speak English? Yes, she can.(No, she can't.) Can you speak it well? No, I can't. 21,--Why do you want to join the art club? --Because I want to learn about art.
first name 名字 last name/ family name 姓氏 phone number 电话号码 an ID card 一张身份证 pencil case 铅笔盒 pencil sharpener 铅笔刀 computer game 电脑游戏 play computer games 玩电脑游戏 call sb.at 347-2365 给某人打 347-2365 lost and found 失物招领 a set of keys 一串钥匙 in English 用英语 an eraser 一块铅笔擦 pen friend 笔友 thanks for 为…感谢 a photo of your family 你家人的照片 on the sofa 在沙发上 behind the door 在门后 next to the bookcase 在书柜旁边 in the drawer 在抽屉里 under the chair 在椅子下 on the floor 在地板 between the dresser and the bookcase 在梳妆台和书柜之间 an alarm clock 一只闹钟 video cassette 录象带
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   2010 年中考九年级英语复习计划 近几年的学业考试试卷的难度系数 0.75, 也就是说容易题和中等题占的比例 很大。要想拿到这些分数,必须依纲靠本,回归基础,回归课本。要在激发学生 的参与意识和实践运用方面下功夫,设法促使学生积极主动地上好复习课,增强 学生的语言运用能力,减轻学生过重的课业负担,提高复习课的教学水平,达到 《英语课程标准》对学生知识和能力的要求。 所以,我们第一轮复习的重点就是带领同学从第一册开始,梳理学过的词汇 和语法知识。并以《中考说明》为依据,附以各种形式的复习练习 ...


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   一,词类,句子成分和构词法: 1,词类:英语词类分十种: 名词,形容词,代词,数词,冠词,动词,副词,介词,连词,感叹词. 1,名词(n.): 表示人,事物,地点或抽象概念的名称.如:boy, morning, bag, ball, class, orange. 2,代词(pron.): 主要用来代替名词.如:who, she, you, it . 3,形容词(adj..):表示人或事物的性质或特征.如:good, right, white, orange . 4,数词(num.): 表示数 ...


   学习英语的捷径:一个留学生的忠告 北美学习、生活的几年,既学到了很多东西,也因中西方文化冲突,长了不少教训。现在贡献出来,与国内的朋友们分享。希望各位今后在和外国人(英语是母语)交往中更富有成效;也使那些为学好英语而苦恼的朋友少走一些弯路,更快、更好的学好、用好英语。 中国人在学习英语上花的时间最长,效果也最差。这和学习和应用英语方面存在重大误区有关,一是长期的“填鸭式的”教育方法,使很多人认为学英语是为了考试,其英语实际水平可想而知;二是误认为英语不过是由“发音、语法、句子和词汇”组成的。认 ...