1.My favorite sis P.E.
  2. What language do you s.
  3.Is there a post oaround here.
  4.She put her money into a b.
  5.China is an interesting c.
  6.Beijing is an interesting c.
  7.Look! My home is bthe post office and the bank.
  8.Welcome to the z.
  9.Tom can’t go to school bhe is too young.
  10. -Where does your teacher l. -In China. 二、单项选择。
  1.I’m from.I can speak. A.China;ChineseB. China; China C Chinese; ChinaD. Chinese; Chinese
  2.-Whatdoes your friend speak? - He speaks Chinese. A.country B.city C.language D.talk
  3.-does your pen pal live? -She lives in Beijing. A.When B.Where C.Which D. Which place

  4. Therea big park and three schools in the town. A. is B.are C.am D.be
  5.He isn’t tall,so he sitsthe classroom. A.next to B.in the front of C. in front of D.in
  6. Chinese people are very. A.friend B. friendly C. friends D. friendy

  7.-do you like cats? -Because they’re very cute. A. What B. How C.Why D.Where

  8. What language do you? A.speaks B.speak C.say D.talk

  9.the Sydney ?It’s in Australia. A. What’s B. Where’s C.That’s D.It’s

  10.Jane likesevery Sunday. A.swim B. swiming C. swims D. swimming
  1.There (be) many tall building in the city.
  2.I see many (child) in the zoo.
  3.Koalas like to eat.(leaf)
  4.Joe(play) with his friends every afternoon.
  5.This little elephant(be) very quiet.
  6.Let’s(start)our class.

  7.My mother sleeps now.So please(be) very quiet.
  8.Mike(get) up at 6:30 in the morning.
  9.Are there different(kind)of animals in the zoo.
  10.What other(animal)(do) Tom(like). 四、根据汉语意思完成句子。(
  1.你为什么想去看熊猫? do you see pandas?
  2.考拉有点有趣。 are funny.
  3.星期日是一周的开始。 Sunday is a week.
  4.邮局在超级市场的正对面。 The post office is the supermarket.
  5.我会说一点儿日语。 I can speak Janpaese. 五、句型转换。
  1.There are some apples in the basket.(改为否定句) There apples in the basket.

  2. Bill likes dogs because they are very friendly.(对划线部分提问) ??? ???Bill like dogs? 3 .Sonia likes dolphins. (对划线部分提问) does Sonia like?

  4.The park is across from the post office. (对划线部分提问) the park?
  5.Tom speaks English. (对划线部分提问) Tom speak?
  10) Let me tell you something my little dog ,Lisa.Lisa is an American.She looks very .She hassmall eyes,two big ears,short legs and a small tail. It’s great fun playing with her.I often teach her how togames.Now she can play many kinds of games.If I say “Go to sleep! ”,she goes to her bed and lies down.If I say “baskball!”,she goes to catch a ball and puts it into a basket.If I say “pleasefor us!”then she dances to the music .Can she sing a sing a song?One of my friends asks me.Of course she can. But she does notin English or Chinese.When she sings,can understand her.
  1、A、for 2 A、cat
  6、A、plays B、to C、at D、about D、pig
B、tiger C、dog
B、lovely C、danger D、dangerous B、three B、playing C、two C、play D、one D、do

B、Does B、sings B、sings
C、Plays C、dance C、dance
D、play D、dances D、dances

  10、A、somebody B、many 七、阅读理解。 A
C、nobody D、some
Hello, I’m Marico. I come from Japan.Ican speak a little English and French. But I can’t speak Chinese .I usually get up at 6:30 and go to school at 7:30 in the morning. I like PE best at school. It is exciting. I don’t like math. I think it is diffcuit and boring, I want to go to China very much. My name is Sonia. I come from the United States.I’m 11years old.I go to school at 7:40 in the morning and I go home at 5:00 in the afternoon.I have lunch at school.I like music best. It is relaxing.I want to join the music best. It is relaxing.I want to join the music club. I’m Bill. I’m from the United Kingdom. I can speak English and a little French,but I can’t speak Japanese.I like art and I want to join the art club,I don’t like math,because it is boring.I have a pen pal in France.I want to see him one day.
  1.What language can’t Mariko speak? A.English B.Chinese C.Japanese D.French

  2.What subject does Sonia like best?
B. English
C. Music

  3.Who comes from America? A. Mariko B.Bill C. Bill’s pen D. Sonia

  4. What club does Bill want to join? A.The music club B. The English club C. The art club D. the French club
  5.Which of the following is true(正确)? A. Sonia has lunch at home. B. Bill likes math,but Mariko doesn’t. C. Bill can speak three languages . D. Mariko usually goes to school at seven thirty in the morning. B. I like animals,so my parents often take me to the zoo on holidays.There are many different kinds of animals in the zoo.Some are friendly to people,but some are not.Dangerous animals,liketigers,bears,lions,snakes usually have to stay in the cages(笼子).Every day,they do nothing but walk round and round in the small rooms all the time.When they are tired,they sleep.I don’t think it’s good for them to live like this.I feel sorry for them. I can see many other lovely animals in the zoo,too.Do you like watching a dolphin show in the zoo?They swim very fast and jump high,They can play with a ball and walk on water. Theymay come up to
help you if you fall into(掉入) the water and can not swim. They are our friends.
  1.I usually go to theto see the animals. A.bank B.vides arcade C.zoo D.Supermarket
  2.Tigers and lions are very. A.shy B.intelligent C.small D.dangerous
  3.We can see snakes in the. A.cage B.pay phone C.post office D.hotel

  4.The writer thinks it isto put the animals in the cage. A.beautiful B.good C.not good D.friendly

  5.The dolphin show is. A.fun B.ugly C.scary D.sad
八、习作。 假如你的名字是玛丽,今年 12 岁,来自美国,但现在中国上学, 你的爸爸、妈妈、弟弟和妹妹也都在中国,你来介绍你和你的家庭成 员的爱好、工作和学习情况。 (不少于 50 个单词) My family



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   初中一年级下册英语课文 第一课 第一单元 我们玩得很开心 贝蒂:你好,妈妈,你能听到我说话吗? 贝蒂的妈妈:使得,我能。你在哪里? 贝蒂:我正站在中国的长城上跟你通话呢? 贝蒂的妈妈:真的吗? 贝蒂:我们参加学校的郊游,而且玩的可高兴啦。 贝蒂的妈妈:好极了,贝蒂。其他人在做什么呢? 贝蒂:哦,托尼在吃冰激淋,王辉正在拍一些照片,玲玲在买礼物和明信片,大 明则躺在阳光下吃午饭。 贝蒂的妈妈:你能给我也寄一张明信片吗? 贝蒂:好的。我和玲玲正在写明信片呢。我们非常喜欢学校的这次郊游。好了, 我 ...


   四年级英语试卷 学校姓名班级考号 一、英汉互译(20 分) 英汉互译( 1. teacher’s office 3. just a minute 5. what for 7. go to school 9. art 线 2. 讲台 4. 回家 6. 欢迎 8. 去操场 10. 谁的帽子 room 二、找出不同类的单词(16 分) 找出不同类的单词( ( ( ( ) 1. A. green ) 2. A. yellow ) 3. A. sweater ) 4. A. breakfast ) 5 ...


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   Unit1 Welcome back toschool 第一课时 教学设计 二、教学目标 掌握句型 We have a new friend today.和 I’m from…(国家名)及其 Welcome。 听说几个国家的名称,如:America, Canada, China 能听懂会说 We have a new friend today. I’m from…. Welcome! 并能在实际情景中运用,要求模仿正确,语 调自然。 三、教学重点 句型:We have a new frien ...


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   一课时 教学目标: 教学目标: 1、 能够听、说、认读单词:sheep,hen,cow,horse,goat,lamb。 2、 了解单词 sheep,hen,cow,horse,goat,lamb 的复数形式。 3、 听懂 Let's do 部分是指示语,并按要求做出相应动作。 【教学重点】单词:sheep,hen,cow,horse,goat,lamb 及其复数形式的表达。 句型:What are they?和 Are they…?的问答。 【教学难点】horse,sheep,goat 的 ...


   EEC 英语五年级下册月考试卷 默认分类 2011-01-11 22:21:06 阅读 36 评论 0 一、翻译。( 分) 翻译。(12 。( 1. 向左转 4. 立刻,马上 立刻, 2.在照片里 在照片里 5.呆在家里 呆在家里 二、选择。( 分) 选择。(15 。( ( )1. A.What . ( )2. Look A. at ( season do you like? ? B. How C. Which 3.一滴雨 一滴雨 6.感冒 感冒 字号:大中小 订阅 those clouds ...


   三年级英语下学期教学计划 三年级英语下学期教学计划 学期 一、班级基本情况: 英语对于小学三年级所有学生来说,都是从同一水平开始学习。教师应从激 发学生学习英语的兴趣入手,培养学生学习英语的积极性,使他们建立初步的学 习英语的自信心,初步了解中西文文化的差导。 二、本套教材具有以下几个特点: 1、注重学生语言运用能力的培养,突出语言的实践性和交际性,同时也突 出语言的真实性和实用性; 2、注重学生自学能力和学习策略的培养 ,为学生的进一步学习或终身学习 奠定基础; 3、注重中外文化的双向式交 ...


   Review of units 1-5 Unit 1 Useful Expressions 1. make predictions 2. free time 3. fly…to… 5. I disagree. 7. keep pets 8. be able to 10. come true 11. see sb. 做预测 空闲时间 乘坐…飞往… 在太空站上 与 sb.相爱 我不同意. Eg. I don’t want to talk about it on the phone. Can yo ...



   威廉?莎士比亚 简介 1578 年艾汶河畔的斯特拉福镇。有位男孩坐在书桌旁专心地学习,他认真听课、拼 命看书。可他在想些什么呢? 1587 年伦敦。一位年轻人首次到伦敦谋生。他听着闹市的喧嚣声,看看伦敦塔雄伟的 大墙, 望着泰晤士河的淙淙流水。 “静谧的泰晤士河, 潺潺地流淌, 直到我唱完心中的歌。 ” 1601 年伦敦。泰晤士河上的船夫对人群大声喊着:“快来,快来,快来呀!‘环球剧 院’快挤满人啦!”2000 多观众渡过河,前来观看莎士比亚的最新一部戏剧??《哈姆雷 特》。 这本讲述莎士比 ...


   1. alter v. 改变,改动,变更 2. burst vi. n. 突然发生,爆裂 3. dispose vi. 除掉;处置;解决;处理(of) 4. blast n. 爆炸;气流 vi. 炸,炸掉 5. consume v. 消耗,耗尽 6. split v. 劈开;割裂;分裂 a.裂开的 7. spit v. 吐(唾液等) ;唾弃 8. spill v. 溢出,溅出,倒出 9. slip v. 滑动,滑落;忽略 10. slide v. 滑动,滑落 n. 滑动;滑面;幻灯片 11. ...

星火英语-15篇文章贯通四级词汇(文本)15.the Ancient Olympics

   恒星英语学习网 获取更多四六级资讯请登录 Www.Hxen.com 古代奥运会 the Ancient Olympics With great anticipation, China is busily preparing for the 2008Summer Olympic Games. Beijing will be added to a long list of the great cities that have invited the world to honor the worl ...


   外语界 1999 年第 4 期 ( 总第 76 期) 09 0关于英语专业的语法教学 □ 赵美娟    去年笔者参加南京大学举办的全国英语 专业四级考试口试讲习班时 , 从多年口试试 点的成绩统计获悉 , 上年高分段考生在语言 表达的流利程度和词汇量上都比往年有了一 定程度的提高 ,但是与此同时 ,语法错误量也 比往年有所增加 。这一结论与不少教师在教 学实践中的感受是一致的 。这一现象提醒我 们一定要摆正语法教学的位置 , 积极探讨语 法教学的方法 ,以提高语言教学的质量 。 一 、语法教 ...


   第一要诀:收听英语气象报告 有些教学录音带为配合初学者的学习,故意放慢 语速,这对英语听力的训练是不够的.如果听语速正常的英语,初学者又会感到 力不从心.英语气象报告的速度虽快,但词汇简单固定,内容单纯,重复的可能 性大,而且在生活中随时都可以印证,是听力入门的好教材. 第二要诀:收听 中国国际广播电台的英语广播 中国国际广播电台(China Radio International)每 天早上 7:00--8:00,中午 11:00--12:00 各有一小时的英语节目.内容包括国内外 新闻, ...