学 校 遥墙 中学 班 级 Class_3 Grade_7__ 日 期 授课 教师 杜学 民 课 题 Unit 11 what do you think of game shows? 复备区域
知识点(语音、词汇、 语法等方面) 备课 标与 教材
I love it. I don’t like it. I don’t mind it. I can’t stand it. What do you think of the wallet? He/She loves it. He/She doesn’t like it. He/She doesn’t it. He/She can’t stand it. What does he/she think of the belt?
重点、难点(知识、技 能两个方面)

  1. Listen for people’s opinions. Listen for likes and dislikes. Read a letter. Write people’s opinions.
  2. Present Simple Tense. What questions and answers. 本单元的重点以及学习目标是让学生学 会如何表达自己的观点以及个人喜好。 这与前面学过的几个单元有很大的联 系。 The diffences western cultures. between Chinese.and
分析知识点与知识系统 的关系
分析确立重难点的依据 学生已具备的知识与技 能 备 学 情 学生的学习兴趣(对教 师、教学法的兴趣)
前面的单元学习中,学生已经学过如何 表达自己的观点,以及自己的喜好,因 此大部分学生学习本单元都不是很难, 但是单词仍然是重点和难点。 给学生展示一段视频,发生在餐馆中的 对话,引起学生的兴趣,用时引入本单 元的句型。在 PPT 中,也出示一些食物 的图片,引起学生的兴趣。 上有学生要尽快的学会使用本单元 的重点句型,进行对话。中下游的学生 的重点对单词和词组进行巩固。
备 教 学 目 标
知识与技能目标(分层) 1st.they can read and write words and the sentence ,and use more words to make new sentences and dialogues 2nd. They can speak ,read and write them correctly 3rd. they can speak, read correctly ,frequently 过程与方法目标 Let the students learn how to ask and answer What do you think of game shows? Make sure the students can use “what do you think of game shows ? ” communicate with each other Show a short flash ,including different activities, students can ask and answer
创新支点 备 教 学 方 法 与 媒体
Methods: report, role play, listening and speaking Multi-media: PPT, tape
教 学 流程
  1. Warming up Check the homework by asking some students to read the sentences. Ask the students to read the following passage and underline the sentences using the structure “What do you think of…?” Step
  2.Speaking and writing (3a, 3b) Ask the students to read the two sentences in Activity 3a.Then ask the students to learn 3a. Say, I would like two students to finish 3a.One looks at this page and the other looks these CCTV shows? Fill in the blanks. Ask the students to look through 3b and finish 3b according to 3a. Check the answers. Step
  3.Survey (
  4) Ask the students to read the sentences in
  4. Then ask the students to write the names of more TV shows. Say, Do you know more TV shows? Fill your opinions and find who agrees with you. Give the students a few minutes to prepare. Encourage the students to speak out their opinions. Step4 Learn the things that can be decorated (1a) Show the new sunglasses, scarf, wallet, belt, watch and key ring. Say, I have some fashionable things .I bought them yesterday.
What do you think of my scarf...? Help them to answer: I don’t like it /me love it/I don’t mind it/I can’t stand it. Point to some things and ask a student:” what do you think of my new wallet? Then ask another student to point at the first one “What does he think of the wallet? Ask the students to read the pictures. Ask the students to do the match work. Check the answers. Step
  5.Speaking 1b Point to the fashionable things and say: How many of these things do you have? Ask students to answer. Step
  6.Listening (2a and 2b) Ask the students to listen to the conversation. Say: Now let’s listen to the tape. We are going to hear a conversation. And you have to write down the words you hear. Play the recorder. Then ask the students to write down the words to fill in the cart. Further activity: Ask the students to do some pair work in the following way if they can understand the listening material well. Then ask students to say the conversation without the help of the recording. Step
  7.Group work (2c) Point out the example in 2c.Ask two students to read it. Then encourage the students to ask and answer questions about their parents think of the things in 1a. Say, I think you may like your new scarf. But I want to know what your parents think of it, please make up a conversation using the things in 1a. Step 8Homework: 基础题:Ask the student to finish the following exercises after class. 探究题:整合本部分重点句型 教 学 反思



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