仁爱版七年下学期期末考试试题 仁爱版七年下学期期末考试试题 七年
一、语音 10% (一) 找出划线部分读音与其他三个不同的选项。5%
  1. A. noodle B. flood C. woman D. book
  2. A. this B. English C. me D. mill
  3. A .book B. room C. good D. look
  4. A. what B. whose C. where D. when
  5. A. apple B. many C. heavy D. best (二)在下列各组单词中选出重音音节与其他 3 个不同的。5%
  6. A. became B. begin C. routine D. equals
  7. A. sunny B. stadium C. another D. temperature
  8. A. before B. Singapore C. expensive D. idea
  9. A. international B. watermelon C. divide D. together
  10. A. police B. department C. along D. picnic 二、单项选择 20% (
  11)Mike Jordan is a basketball star. I like very much. B. his C. him D. himself A. he (
  12)Does Wang Li English well? Sure. She studied it for two years in America. A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell (
  13) Linda often helps her mother the housework on weekends. A. with B. to C. of D. for (
  14) Don't go out. It's raining . A. quickly B. heavily C. loudly D. hardly (
  15) Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the post office? Go along this road, and the first turning on the right. Then you will find it. B. take C. make D. walk A. turn (
  16) You must come hack every day. Yes, I . A. will B. mast C. should D. can (
  17) What’s wrong your bike? A. for B. with C. about D. of
  18) Do you have a ruler? . A. Yes, I have B. No, I have not C. Yes, I do. D. No, I don’t have (
  19) . ,are you Li Ming ? A. Sorry B. Hello C. Excuse me D. Oh
  20) Are you a student? . A. Yes, I am B. No, I am C. Yes, you are. D. yes, I’m
  21) is your father? He is all right. A. How B. What C. Where D. Who (
  22) Because it is raining hard, we have to stay at home . A. so B. but C. and D. \ (
  23) Could you show us a bike ? A. how to ride B. what to buy C. where to go D. how many to buy (
  24)Can you tell me she is waiting for ? A. why B. whose C. whom D. which (
  25)Could I have two pieces of bread , please ? I’m very hungry . A. much B. many C. more D. most (
  26) Do you think an English film tomorrow night ? A. is there B. there is going to have C. there is going to be D. will there be (
  27)Excuse me , can you tell me when ? A. does the ship leave B. the ship leave C. the ship leaves D. did the ship leave (28How much should I for the game ? Oh, it is 100 yuan . A. spend B. pay C. take D. cost (
  29)He doesn’t know when he to Italy next year . A. will go B. goes C. has gone D. had gone (
  30)He asked me to his birthday party . A. went B. go C. goes D. to go 二、完形填空。10% My name is Jim. 1 is my birthday. Dad and Mum 2 me a big cake. I’m twelve now. I like cake. 3 the table of my bedroom, you 4 see my lovely cake. You can also (也) 5 my name on it. There are 6 things for my birthday. 7 are apples, pears and bananas. But I’d 8 to have something to drink now. My 9 Bill and Sam are coming. I would like to eat these food 10 my friends.
  31. A. That B. This C. It D. Today
  32. A. find B. get C. want D. put
  33. A. In B. At C. On D. Behind
  34. A. can B. must C. can’t D. don’t
  35. A. get B. know C. look D. find
  36. A. others B. another C. other D. the other

  37. A. They B. Those C. These D. That
  38. A. want B. take C. like D. get
  39. A. teachers B. sisters C. brothers D. friends
  40. A. from B. of C. with D. for 四、阅读 10% (一)、阅读下列短文,正确的写 T,错误的写 F。5% Li Ping is a Young Pioneer(少先队员).He is going to the wildlife park(野生动物 园).Now he is waiting for a bus at the bus stop. Suddenly(突然)he finds a watch on the road. He asks some people, "Whose watch is it?" But the watch isn't theirs. So he gives it to the policeman. Now Li Ping gets on the bus. There are many people in it. Li Ping is sitting near the door. An old man gets on the bus, too. He has no seat(坐位).So Li Ping stands up and says: "Here is a seat for you, Grandpa, please sit here." ( )
  41. Li Ping finds a watch on the road and gives it to an old woman. ( )
  42. Li Ping goes to the wildlife park by bus. ( )
  43. There re many people in the bus. ( )
  44. Li Ping takes the old man's seat. ( )
  45. Li Ping is a good Young Pioneer. (二)、阅读下列短文回答问题。5% Look! That is our school. It is very nice. There are many trees and many flowers in our school garden. Our school is not small. There are fifteen classes in our school. There are fifty students in every class. We have forty teachers and we have one headmaster(校 长). The headmaster is Liu Ming. In class, we listen to our teachers carefully. We study hard. After class we often play football, but sometimes we play basketball. Our school life is very nice. We like our school, our headmaster, our teachers and our class.
  46.Who is my headmaster?
  47.What do we often?
  48.Do we not listen to the teacher carefully? 49 Are the trees big? 50 How many students in every class ? 五、用所给词的适当形式填空。10%
  51.Those (child) are my (classmate).
  52.That is (he) bird. (it) name is Polly.
  53. Look ! It is (we) school.

  54. Is it (Kate) eraser? No, it’s .( I )
  55.He's a boy.(China)
  56.It’s raining (heavy)
  57.and rooms are beautiful (Tom\Jim)
  58. There (be) some milk in the bottle.
  59. She must (look) after her mother.
  60. It’s time (watch) TV. 六、句形转换。10% 61 It is my new bag. (改为一般疑问句) new bag ?
  62. There are fifty books on the desk. (划线部分提问) on the desk?
  63. They're American boys. (改为单数) American .
  64. My mother is fine. (划线部分提问) is mother? 65 She is in Row
  2.(划线部分提问) is ?
  66.Bill is not on duty today.(改为肯定句) Bill today. 七、综合填空。10% Tday ,I 67 up at seven o'clock in the morning.It
a sunny day, so I
at home. I 70 the newspaper and then I opping.I 73 a friend at the coffee shopand we 74 today onfoot. I am 76 八、翻译下列句子。16%
  92、今天谁值日 ?
  96. 别担心,我们没上学迟到。
71 lunch.After lunch, I 72 sh a drink in it. Then I 75 home

  97. 她是个日本人,但是她会说一点汉语了。
  98. 他们都是英国人,但是他们都非常喜欢中国。



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