Mr Hu He Mr Hu clothes. 7 5 1 3 us English this term. He is nice . He 2 very good English . He often 4
wearing a white shirt and black trousers.
with us. We all like him very much. 6 9 the same . Mr Hu
two little sons. They’re twin brothers. They are only five. They often Betty goes to Mr Hu’s home. She loves to 8 10 the twins and play with
his sons, Bao Bao and Bei Bei. C. speaks C. want C. tells C. talks C. looks after C. have C. Then C. take C. they C. thinks Passage 2 2 a big house. The house stands at the foot D. works D. does D. teaches D. tells D. teaches D. in D. Sometimes D. see D. them D. think
( ( ( ( (
  1.A. tells )
  2.A. is )
  3.A. speaks )
  4.A. says )
  5.A. wants (
B. teaches B. likes B. says B. speaks B. has
  6.A. wear B. put on B. And B. think B. ones B. name
( ( ( (
  7.A. But )
  8.A. look )
  9.A. twins )
  10.A. calls
Mike and Lucy
brother and sister. They live 3
a hill. Near the hill is a big lake.
There 5
four people in their family. Mike, Lucy, their father and mother. Their father is a farmer. 6 home. Mike goes to school, 8 9 7 little Lucy does not. She is only five.
mother is
Mike likes sports. He swims and skates plays football Lucy likes ( ( ( )
  1.A. am )
  2.A. at )
  3.A. for ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  4.A. have )
  5.A. His )
  6.A. by )
  7.A. so )
  8.A. fine )
  9.A. to )
  10.A. sing 10
. But he likes football best. After school he often his friends.
, but he doesn’t like sports. C. are C. on C. at C. is C. their C. on C. or C. nice C. with C. singing 3 1 at home, but others like to go 3 2 a D. be D. to D. of D. are D. Their D. in D. and D. well D. at D. sings
B. is B. in B. on B. has B. his B. at B. but B. good B. of B. to sing Passage
What do you do at the weekend ? Some people like to
walk or play football. My friends Jack works hard in a factory during the always 4 the same thing. On Saturday he 5 his car and on 7 6
. At the weekend, he
he goes with his family to a 8 to do
village by car. His uncle and aunt have a farm there. It isn’t a
one, but there’s always
on a farm. The children help with the animals and give them their fields . At the end of the day, they are all ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. play )
  2.A. to )
  3.A. day )
  4.A. does )
  5.A. watches B. stay B. in B. time B. make B. washes B. Saturday B. small B. much B. places B. late Passage Mr Smith 1 4 2 10
. Jack and his wife help in the
and Jack’s aunt gives them a big meal. C. live C. at C. autumn C. borrows C. driving C. Sunday C. hard C. fast C. food C. hungry D. enjoy D. for D. weekdays D. has D. sells D. Tuesday D. short D. far D. balls D. friendly
  6.A. Monday )
  7.A. big )
  8.A. little )
  9.A. clothes )
  10.A. clean
from London. Now he is in China. He is 4
.He teaches 3 5
a middle school.
He works very hard. His students like often teaches him Chinese 6
very much. He can
a little Chinese . His students 7
Sundays. Mr Smith likes playing football . He often plays football his students.
Mr Smith school 9
a son. His name is Jack. He is student. He studies in a middle school. He goes to TV in the
bike everyday. He gets back home at four in the afternoon. He likes 10 evening. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. come )
  2.A. a teacher )
  3.A. on )
  4.A. he )
  5.A. say )
  6.A. at )
  7.A. for )
  8.A. has )
  9.A. on )
  10.A. seeing B. comes B. a worker B. in B. him B. speak B. on B. to B. have B. by B. looking Passage 5 2 is in Huangshan. There C. are C. a driver C. at C. she C. talk C. of C. with C. there is C. in C. watching
D. coming D. a farmer D. from D. her D. tell D. in D. at D. there are D. of D. looking at
Do you want to know my family? Let in my family, He is 7 4 . My father’s name 5 8
tell you. My
people young.
Wang Dong. He is forty-five years old . He 6 English. 9 11
Chinese teacher, but he 10
students think he is a good teacher. He . My mother’s name is Li Ying. She is a
loves me and I love him,
. I think he is a good 12 14
worker. She is a very good worker 13
mother. My name is Wang Feng. I’m thirteen. I’m a boy. I my home. Sometimes I go to school B. we B. home B. is three C. me C. study C. are two 15 D. us D. work D. is two . I study hard.
in a middle school. The school is ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. I )
  2.A. house )
  3.A. are three
  4.A. my father, I and my mother C. my mother, my father and me
B. my father, my mother and I D. I, my father and my mother
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  5.A. is )
  6.A. look )
  7.A. the )
  8.A. know )
  9.A. Their )
  10.A. too )
  11.A. student )
  12.A. for )
  13.A. work )
  14.A. near )
  15.A. play
B. has B. is B. an B. knows B. His B. to B. worker B. and B. lives B. to B. by bike
C. are C. looks C. 不填 C. is knowing C. My C. two C. teacher C. but C. study C. on C. on bike
D. have D. likes D. a D. knowing D. He’s D. OK D. boy D. or D. teach D. in D. bikes



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