专题二 代词
基础过关训练 选词填空。 Ⅰ.基础巩固 选词填空。
  1. ( He, Him, His) mother is waiting for outside. (he, him,his, himself)
  2. love country. (we,our, us)
  3. (She, Her, Hers) is a good writer, but I don't read any books of (she, her, hers)
  4. ?Who is it? ?It's . (I, me)
  5.Mr Brown is a friend of . (my,mine, me)
  6. ?This is dictionary. ( my,mine, me) Where is ? (your,yours) ?It's over there, on the table.
  7. The little boy is too young to look after . (him, his, himself)
  8. I hope all of you can enjoy at the party. (yourself, yourselves)
  9. The children did the washing .( himself , themselves)
  10.These pens are . (you, your,yours) Where are ? (us, our,ours)
  11. Think for and you'll get the answer. (you, your, yours, yourself)
  12. I want the manager ,not his secretary. (him, her, himself, herself)
  13. Look at the photo. The girl beside is Nancy. (I, my, me, mine)
  14. Yesterday was Dad's birthday. I gave a scarf as a present. (his,him, he)
  15. Please remember : Where there is a will, there is a way. (this, that)
  16. He is ill. was why he was absent at the meeting. (This, That)
  17. ?Who is ? (this, that, you) ?is Jim speaking. (I, This)
  18. The flowers inside are more beautiful than outside. ( ones, that,those, these)
  19. wants to go with me? (Who,Whom)
  20. With do you want to go?(who, whom)
  21. ? are you? (Who, What) ? I am a student.
  22.? is that man? (What,who) ?He is my teacher, Mr Green.
  23. ? have you chosen to take part in the sports meet? ( What, Who,Whom) ?Li Lei.
  24. is more interesting, this book or that? (What, Which)
  25. There aren't students in the classroom. (some, any)
  26. Look! boys are playing football. (some, any)
  27.?Would you like coffce?(some, any) ?Yes, please.
  28. He has too work to do. (many,much)
  29. How bottles of orange do you want to buy? (many, much)
  30. Lily, Lucy and Kate want to stay here. (both, all)
  31. We wear a yellow skirt. (every,each)
  32. They both came on time, but left ahead of time. (every, each)

  33. of us hopes to have free weekends. (Every,Each)
  34. Hold it in this hand,not hand.(other, anothcr, the other)
  35. There are ten kinds of flowers in the garden. Three are from America, two are from Japan and are from England. (others, the others)
  36. There are ten kinds of flowers in the garden. Three are from America, two are from Japan and five are from England. (the other, the others)
  37. you or I leave the house. (Either,Neither)
  38. Please add sugar to the coffee.(a few, a little, few, little)
  39.I have been to Cairo times. (a few, a little, few, little)
  40. Though he has many friends, he has good friends. (a few, a little,few,little)
  41. Listen to me, boys and girls. I have to tell you. (something, everything, anything, nothing)
  42.Do you have interesting to tell me? (something, everything, anything,nothing)
  43. ? Is there in the box? ?No, there is . (something,everything, anything, nothing)
  44. I'd Iike in the world to be happy. (someone, anyone, everyone, no one)
  45. is over 200 miles from London to Manchester. (It, This, That) Ⅱ.运用提高 A.根据句意用适当的代词填空。 .根据句意用适当的代词填空。
  1. Help to fish,Li Lei.
  2. You are smoking too . You'll have to give up.
  3. There aren't people near here who can help me.
  4. Why don't you ask your parents for money?
  5. I have got important to tell you.
  6. We've got two TV sets, but works well.
  7. No one helped Mary. She did it all by .
  8. I can't find the pen I was given. Have you seen ?
  9. Now many Chinese farmers like travelling from one place to to enjoy the beautiful scenery of our country.
  10. ?We have to be quick. The train starts at 10:
  35, ?Don't worry. There is time to go.
  11.? is in the classroom. Where are the students? ?They have all gone to the library.
  12. I asked him for some oil, but he didn't have .
  13. Kate and her sister went on holiday with a friend of .
  14. I find important to remember the words.
  15. ? is her husband? ?The man on the bike
  16. you nor he did the shopping.
  17. ? What's the weather like today? ? is sunny.
  18. ?Who is shouting in the classroom? ? must be Tom.

  19. If you want to keep fit, you'd better eat more vegetables and meat.
  20. It was a long journey, but of them four felt tired. B.将下列句子译成英语。 .将下列句子译成英语。
  10.我对加拿大的文化知道得很少。 能力提高训练 单项选择。 Ⅰ.能力提升 单项选择。
  1.?Your bag is quite nice. Where did you buy ? ?In Beijing. Do You want to have like this? A. it; one B. it; it C.one; it D. one; one
  2.? does your cousin look like? ?He's tall and thin. A. What B. Where C. Who D. Which
  3. The weather here is colder and wetter than in Beijing. A. it B. that C. ones D. those
  4. pencil-box is beautiful. But is more beautiful than . A. Tom; my; he B. Tom's; mine; his C. Tom's; mine; him D. Tom's; my; his
  5. Don't you let help you? A. I and my friend B. my friend and I C. my friend and me D. me and my friend
  6. You may come to my house this week next week. A. neither; or B. from; to C. either; or D. either; nor

  7.I don't think we can do it all . A. by ourselves B. by myself C. by ourself D. by yourselves
  8. I can't repair the model ship . Can you help ? A. me; me B. myself; myself C. myself; me D. me; myself
  9. "Don't worry. There's much wrong with you, " said the doctor. A. nothing B. everything C. something D. very
  10. ?Hainan is really a beautiful city and there're many places of interest. ?So it is. Why not stay here for two days? A. other B. others C. the other D. another
  11. Most young people find exciting to watch a football match. A. it B. this C. that D. one
  12. Look! There are many tall buildings on side of the street. A. both B. either C. all D. neither
  13. ?Is ready for the sports meeting? ?No. We haven't got a pair of sports shoes. A. everything B. something C. nothing D. anything
  14.?Which tie is more suitable for me9 the blue one or the colourful one? ?I have no idea. You'd better take them . A. all B. each C. every D. both
  15. ?Five cakes,please! ?Only one cake left. Would you like to have ,little girl? A. one B. it C. this D. that
  16.?Have you sent your parents an e-mail telling them you arrived safely? ?No. of them can use a computer. A. None B. Both C. Neither D. A1l
  17. ?When shall we meet again? ?Make it day you like.It's all the same to me. A. one B. any C. another D. all
  18. ?Who is in the room? ?. A. No one B. None C. Nothing D. No
  19.?How many old friends did you meet at the park? ?. A. Not a one B. Not one C. None D. No one
  20. ? did Mr Wang leave in a hurry? ? Perhaps to meet a friend. Who knows? A. How B. Where C. For what D. With whom
  21. Mr Li has two children. is a driver, and is a teacher. A. One; another B. One; the other C. One; other D. One; others
  22. Be quiet! I have to tell you.
A. important anything B. anything important C. important something D. something important
  23. I don't think we've met before. You're taking me for . A. some other B. someone else C. other person D. else someone
  24. ?Lucy, go and clean the floor. ?Why ? A. I B. myself C. me D. my
  25. Jane has bad habits, while her brother has many. A. few B. little C. a few D. a little
  26.? I saw Jim in the club. But he didn't speak to me evening. ?Maybe he didn't see you. A. all B. every C. eithcr D. another 下列每个句子中均有,一处错误,请指出并改正。 Ⅱ.综合拓展 下列每个句子中均有,一处错误,请指出并改正。 l. Don't leave little Tom at home by him. 误: 正:
  2. Whom do you think is the tallest in your class? 误: 正:
  3. He covered his eyes with hands. 误: 正:
  4. A friend of me has gone abroad. 误: 正:
  5. None of the two boys are good at English. 误: 正:
  6. Here are three apples. You can take either of them. 误: 正:
  7. What do you like better, this one or that one? 误: 正:
  8. Please pass me the boxes, the one under the table. 误: 正:
  9. Little of them have been to America. 误: 正:
  10. There are too much mistakes in your diary. 误: 正:
  11. Many of my friends lives abroad. 误: 正:
  12. May I keep the book little longer? 误: 正:
  13. We needn't hurry. We have little time left. 误: 正:
  14.The books on the table are newer than ones in my schoolbag. 误: 正:

  15. Neither of the films we saw last night are good. 误: 正: 易错陷阱演练 单项选择。 陷阱突破 单项选择。
  1. ?Who taught English last term? Was Mr Smith? ?No, Miss White did. A. you; it B. you; he C. your; it
  2. China is larger than country in Africa. A. any other B. the other C. any
  3. He has five children, and of them is good at painting. A. everyone B. everybody C. every one
  4. ? is under the bed? ? It's mine. A. Who's B. Who C. Whose
  5. ?Who is singing in the next roorn? ? must be Katherine. A It B.She C. This
D. your; that D. many D. every
D. Which
D. There



   专题二 代词 基础过关训练 选词填空。 Ⅰ.基础巩固 选词填空。 1. ( He, Him, His) mother is waiting for outside. (he, him,his, himself) 2. love country. (we,our, us) 3. (She, Her, Hers) is a good writer, but I don't read any books of (she, her, hers) 4. ?Who is it? ?It's . (I, ...


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   英语学习方法 不能把问题复杂化,最重要的只有两点:单词和对英语的感觉。前者的话,把书上 的单词背下来的话就已经足够应付考试了,对于语感,只要读课文就行了,但是不知道 你那里的老师教的英语是不是带口音,如果带的话,记住一定要选一些磁带什么的帮助 一下,否则英语的兴趣可能被抹杀了,这很危险的。还有一点我想说的就是一定要有一 本练习册(只要一本就足够了),这样可以练习一下语法,好象开始的时候用的不多, 但是深入以后,语法是很重要的。 英语的入门过程,需要一点时间,别急,坚持一种自己的学习方式,慢慢 ...


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