七年级英语语法专练六 一、单项选择:
  1.”is the Great Wall?” “In China.” A.Where B.Which C.Who D.When
  2.”Is Maria your new pen pal?” “Yes,” A.it is B.he is C.he isn’t D.she is
  3.”Are you from America?” “” A.No, I’m from the USA. B.No, I don’t . C.No, I come from Australia. D.No, I come from the USA
  4.“Where is Tokyo?” “.” A.It’s in China B.It’s in Japan C.It’s in Canana D.It’s in the United Kingdom
  5.Wherehe? A.do;live B.do;lives C.does;live D.does;lives
  6.“Where do you live?” “.” A.I am a student B.I am from China C.I live in Shanghai D.I am 14 years old
  7.“Do you want to at the meeting?” “No, I have nothing to .” A.say;speak B.tell;talk C.say;say D.speak; say
  8.Tell himtomorrow. OK? A.come B.to come C.comes D.is coming
  9.People from China are . A.Chinese B.Chineses C.Chinas D.Chinese man
  10.“What language does your pen pal speak?” “” A.Yes,he does B.Only a little C.No, he doesn’t D.French and English
  11.-Where does your friend live ? -He lives in Shanghai. A.from B.to C.at D./
  12.The students usually talk their study after class. A.to B.at C.with D.about
  13.Where your English teacher come from? A.is B.are C.do D.does
  14.-What language do the Singaporean speak? -They speak . A.Chinese B.Engalish C.Japanese D.A and B
  15.Can you it in French ? A.speak B.say C.tell D.talk
  16.-What’s your favorite subject? -. A.Paris B.Red C.Sam D.Music
  17.-Can your mother speak French Engalish ? --Yes, she can. A.and B.with C.but D.to
  18.I a new book and shetwo new books. A.has;have B.have;have C.have;has D.has;has
  19.-When didi this accident happen? -It happened six o’clockthe afternoon of last Monday. A.at;in B.in;on C.about;at D.at;on
  20.-Mary, would you like to go hiking me? -Yes, I’d love to. A.in B.at C.to D.with
  21.My grand mother often tells me my father. A.for B.about C.from D.at
  22.-Do you often write your pen friends ? -Yes,once a month A.with B.for C.to D.about
  23.We are in the story. A.interesting;interesting B.interesting;interested C.interested;interesting D.interested;interested
  24.Mum! There are apples left. Let’s buy some. A.few B.a few C.little D.a little
  25.Mary is from America. She English. A.speaks B.tells C.talks D.says
  26.Next to the hotel is a small house interesting garden. A.with a B.with an C.to a D.to an
  27.Joe’s Market is a good place good foods and drinks. A.buy B.to buy C.buys D.buying
  28.He is a stranger(陌生人). He doesn’t know the way Zhongshan Park. A. at B.on C,of D.to
  29.She has written a lot of books, butgood ones. A.any B.some C.few D.many
  30.He is fourteen years old and his birthday is February. A.at B.in C.on D.of
  31.Hainan celebrated(庆祝) her twentieth birthday April 26,20
  08. A.in B.at C.on D.to
  32.Parents always tell me computer games too much. A.not play B.to play C.not to play D.to not play
  33.-Is that your pen ? -Yes, is. A.it B.this C.that D.she
  34.-Where your friend live? -He Chongqing. A.do;live in B.does;lives at C.do;lives in D.does;lives in
  35.The man is going to us a wonderful story in class today. A.say B.speak C.tell D.talk
  36.Bob likes TV andfootball. A.watch;play B.to watch;playing C.watching;playing D.watching;to play
  37.They’re .They come from . A.America;America B.Americans;America C.American;American D.America;Americans
  38.-Your English is very good. - A.You are right B.No,it’s not good C.Thank you D.Not at all
  39.Do you like PE at school ? A.Yes, I do B.Yes, I am C.No, I don’t D.No, I’m not.
  40.-Is he from Australia ? - A.Yes, he does. B.Yes. he is C.No, he doesn’t D.No, he isn’t. 二、词组翻译:
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