阅读理解 (20分) A. The world is not hungry , but it is thirsty . It seems strange that nearly 3/4 of the earth is covered with water while we say we are short of (短缺) water. Why? Because about 97% of water on the earth is sea water which we can't drink or use for watering plants directly (直接地) . Man can only drink and use the 3% - the water that comes from rivers and lakes. And we can't even use all of that, because some of it has been polluted (污染) . Now more water is needed. The problem is: Can we avoid (避免) a serious water shortage later on? First, we should all learn how to save water. Secondly, we should find out the ways to reuse it . Scientists have always been making studies in the field. Today, in most large cities water is used only once and then runs to the sea or rivers . But it can be used again. Even if (即使) every large city reused its water, still there would not be enough. What could people turn to next? The sea seems to have the best answer. There is a lot of water in the sea. All that needs to be done is to get the salt out of the sea water. This is expensive, but it's already used in many parts of the world. Scientists are trying to find a cheaper way of doing it. So you see, if we can find a way out, we'll be in no danger of drying up. 1 . The world is thirsty because . A. 3/4 of the earth is covered with water B. we have enough sea water to use directly C. we haven't used all the water in rivers and lakes D. about 97% of water on the earth can't be drunk or used for watering plants directly
  2. Which of the following is true ? A. 3% of water on the earth is in rivers and lakes. B. 75% of water on the earth is the sea. C. 97% of the earth is covered with water. D. 3% of water on the earth is sea water.
  3. From the passage we learn . A. if every city reuses its water, we'll be in no danger of drying up B. man can only drink and use about 25% of water on the earth C. today in most large cities water is used only once D. water can be used only once 4 . To avoid the serious water shortage , which of the following is the
most important? A. Save water and try to make good use of the water in rivers and lakes. B. Don't pollute water and keep all rivers and lakes clean. C. Make dirty water clean and then reuse it. D. Try to find a cheaper way to get the salt out of the sea water.
  5. The name of the passage would be A. The Sea Water B. How to Save Water C. The Thirsty World D. The Polluted Water B. Visitors to London often eat in restaurants . The owners and workers in them are all from other countries. The visitors say in these restaurants they don't feel they are in England. Most of English people eat at home as much as they can. Sometimes they themselves will think they are in another country when they are in restaurants. When an Englishman goes out of a restaurant, he may find that he doesn't understand why everything is written in French and Italian. Most of English people think it is better to eat at home, because it is cheaper. They don't want to spend much money on food and they like cooking at home. They like fast food. But for Christmas, they will spend two or three weeks to get ready for it, because they want to have good food.
  6. Visitors to London often eat in restaurants because. A. they don't like the food at home B. their homes are not in London C. it's cheaper D. restaurants are beautiful places
  7. When English people eat in restaurants , they sometimes think . A. they are in another country B. they are in the country C. they are themselves D. they love their country
  8. Some of English people don't know . A. why everything comes from French and Italian B. why people write everything in French and Italian C. everything in restaurants D. everyone in restaurants
  9. English people eat at home because . A. it is fast B. the food is expensive at home C. it is sometimes very cheap D. the food is very cheap at home
  10. English people will spend much time for Christmas . A. In order to get more food B. In order to have much food C. In order to get good food D. In order to have enough food 阅读理解 A.

  5.C 其中
  5. 文章第一段叙述世界上仅有
  3%的水能使用; 第二段叙述人们需要淡水, 想尽办法节约用水;第三段概述海水淡化的昂贵以及缺水的危险。本文着重解 释为什么地球是个 thirsty world ,如何解决它的饥渴,故答案 C 最合题意。 B.
  7.A 游客由于家不在伦敦,只好到餐馆吃饭。 由于英国人不习惯在外吃饭,就餐者多为外国人,因此英国人误
  8.B 英国人搞不明白为什么餐馆里的东西用法语和意大利语来写。
  9.D 英国人在家吃饭,主要原因是便宜。
  10.C 为了在过圣诞节时能吃上丰盛的饭菜,英国人总要花上很长时间准 备。



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