全国最大家教平台 全国最大家教平台 家教
初二英语词组汇编 Unit 1 欢迎回校 妇女节 welcome back to school Women's Day 准时 儿童节 值日 on time Children's Day on duty 教师节快乐 happy Teachers' Day
有趣地做某事 have fun doing something 给某人点名 call one's name 向某人致以…最好的祝愿 作演讲 考虑 谈论 姓 填充表格 对某人友好 排在第一/最后 帮他想一个名字 交通繁忙 give a talk think about talk about family name fill in the form be friendly to sb come first /last best wishes to sb. for sth. 在课上 有个好主意 听磁带 ……的简称 全名 中国人民 听起来像 in Class have a good idea listen to the tape be short for … full name Chinese people sound like have to try to do
与……不同 be different from …
为某人做张卡片 make sb a card
为某人买东西 buy sth for sb
浪费(白费)时间 a waste of time 、不得不;必须 想要做,努力做 了解很多有关……的情况 know a lot about…
help him (to) think of a name the traffic is bad Unit 2
去野外旅行 go on a field trip 去划船 后天 擅长做某事 去野餐 赶快 做某事有些困难 前天 想做某事 一种新水果 下周 进课堂 徒步到山顶 go beating the day after tomorrow be good at doing sth go on a picnic hurry up !
去钓鱼 去徒步旅行 不同种的鱼 走错路 山顶 好好休息
go fishing go hiking agree with sb different kinds of fish go the wrong way the top of a mountain have a good rest take sth with sb.
被某人的鞋绊倒 trip over one's shoes
have some problems / difficulty / trouble (in) doing sth
the day before yesterday 把某物带在身边 want to do sth. /would like to do sth . a new kind of fruit next week go into / to class 开头两行 第一个做某事
first two lines take/get sb to sw be the first (one) to do sth
hike to the top of the mountain
即将到来的野外旅游 the coming field trip Unit 3 有空 在中秋节 be free on Mid-autumn Festival 明晚 tomorrow evening 吃一顿丰盛的饭菜 eat / have a big dinner
找家教上阳光家教网 家教上
come over
see you tomorrow
更多地了解中国 know more about China 相聚 在一年的这个时候 at this time of year 谈论 在户外;在野外 in the open air (给某人)讲故事 庆祝丰收 有点儿象… tell (sb) a story 尝起来像
get together talk about taste like what … for
谢谢你邀请我 Thanks for asking / having / inviting me celebrate the harvest 大得多 a little like… 尝一尝 Unit 4 在农场 喂动物 在春天 在城市 在镇上 on the farm feed the animal in spring in the city in town 等某人 干农活 种植大米和小麦 在农村 在镇外 采玉米后 上大学 最喜欢 learn more about farming Unit 5 与……说话 海豚表演 怎么了? 在陆地上 在水里 对…… 有益 玩球 海鲜饺子 了解 speak to sb a dolphin show What's up? on land in water be good for …… play with a ball dumplings with seafood 没有事 没问题 / What’s happened? nothing much No problem /What’s the matter? on holidays stay in cages have nothing to do fall into the water say hello to sb buy tickets for boating wait for sb. do farm work grow rice and wheat in the country be out of town after picking corn go to college like best much bigger have a taste
同意某人的观点, 适合,与……一致 agree with sb 在……方面帮助某人 help sb with sth 在大学 比较喜欢 回到家 in college like better get home
把时间定在五点半 make it half past five 在假日里 呆在笼里 无所事事 掉入水中 向某人问好 买(划)船的票
许多其它的动物 many other animals 一圈一圈的走 walk round and round
为…感到遗憾/难过, 同情……feel sorry for…
早点儿回来 come back a little earlier 工作必须放在首位 Work must come first 在…的背上 on the back of
have some idea(s) about…… Unit 6
/ know about……
on the left
在右边 这儿附近 需要帮助
on the right near here need some help love to play this game
去不同的地方 go to different places 沿着这条路走 walk along this road 在第四个转弯处向左拐 乘公共汽车 像这样做 在前排 catch a bus like this in the front row
take the fourth turning on the left 喜爱玩这个游戏 站成一排 在后排 stand in a row in the back row
全国最大家教平台 全国最大家教平台 家教
紧挨着 最好做某事
next to had better do sth
擅长认地图 be good at reading maps
Unit 7 住在一座高楼上 live in a tall building 住在第 15 层 使用电梯上上下下 把他带到第一层 走进电梯 get into the lift 在多伦多市 in the city of Toronto go shopping live on the fifteenth floor 去购物
use a lift to go up and down take him down to the first floor 在城市篮球队 on the city basketball team 走出电梯 get out of the lift 在购物中心 at the shopping centre
做相同的事情 do the same thing 乘第 11 路车 catch the No.11 bus 让我在地图上指给你看 一个叫 Tom 的小男孩 最喜欢的体育明星/歌星
Let me show you on the map a little boy called Tom one’s favourite sports /singing star Unit 8
保持健康 开会
keep healthy have a meeting
离开 / 缺席 三天前 长大 顺便问一下 做眼保健操 打电话 有一个长假 某物有问题 分秒必争
be away three days ago grow up by the way do eye exercises make telephone calls have a long holiday have a problem with sth every minute counts
在同一时刻 at the same time 举行篮球赛 have a basketball match 做早操 刚才 do morning exercises a moment ago/ just now
半小时之前 half an hour ago 坚持记日记 keep a diary 吃清淡的早餐 have a light breakfast
Unit 9 打包 去散步 做完某事 出生 pack one’s bags go for a walk finish doing sth be born 求助于某人 ask sb for help 向某人辞行 say goodbye to sb 和某人交谈 good luck to you with sth 起先 读晨报 离家 at first read a morning paper /newspaper leave home talk to / with sb
祝你在… (方面)有好运 在早餐时 at breakfast
在会议上 at a / the meeting 大部分课程 most of the lessons 迁移到某地 move to sw
飞往北京 fly to Beijing 喜爱做某事 enjoy doing sth 一直,始终 all the time
对某人了如指掌 know everything about sb
Unit 10 中央电视台的一名记者 a journalist from CCTV 某人第一次访问中国 one’s first visit to China
找家教上阳光家教网 家教上
most Swedish people
许多国家的人 在音乐会上 在……的中间 带他去医院
people in many countries in the middle of … take him to( the) hospital
昨天晚上 last night /yesterday evening 他们中的大多数 most of them 上上下下地跳 乘飞机去那儿 开音乐会 倒下、跌倒 在……结尾 结婚 jump up and down go there by plane give a concert fall down at the end of …… get married 在音乐会结束的时候
at the concert
at the end of the concert 用英文唱一首歌 sing a song in English 超过 继续 匆匆忙忙地 出发 more than go on in a hurry start / set off
在一个大的汽车制造厂 in a big car factory 拉住某人的手 take sb by the hand Unit 11 终年\ 一年到头 all the year round 变得更暖和 堆雪人 中国的天气 在三月下旬 需要做某事 你说话的口音 get warmer make snowmen 在一年的这个时候 at this time of year 出来 come out last from …… to …… in spring on Wednesday in much of China 在….(方面)帮助某人 help sb with sth
the weather in China 持续 in late March need to do sth the way you speak 在春季 在星期三
find out the answer to this question
在一年中不好的时候 与……有很大不同 对……有益/害
at a bad time of year be very different from… 待……好/ 不好 be good / bad to… Unit 12
be good /bad for…
恐怕 过得快活 在华北
be afraid. in North China stay above zero last long later on in the snow ring up a strong wind
在中国的西部 in the west of China 有时,时常 at times
have a great /good time ; enjoy oneself ;play happily
在淮河以北 to the north of the Huai River 阳光充足 a lot of sunshine 保持 0 度以上 持久 过后 在雪地里 打电话 一场大风 降至 0 度以下 fall below zero 白天晚些时候(傍晚)later in the day 在雨天 最好做某事 on rainy days had better do sth
和某人一起玩 play with sb 下大雨(雪) rain/snow heavily/hard 刮大风 blow strongly on the playground at night
一场大雨(雪)a heavy rain/ snow 未来 24 小时天气预报 在白天 快来
a weather report for the next 24 hours 在夜间
谢谢你的收听 Thank you for listening. 在操场上 in the daytime come on Unit 13 开一个聚会 have a party
给你的一张票 a ticket for you
全国最大家教平台 全国最大家教平台 家教
有空 我很乐意 在盘子里 和……相同
be free I'd love to on the plate the same as …
确信 去电影院
be sure. go to the cinema hold on ,please take/ bring out leave a message be ready to do sth
谢谢你邀请我 Thank you for inviting me 请稍等 取出
把……翻过来 turn … over
(替某人)捎口信给某人 take a message for sb 留言 把口信代给某人 give the message to sb 接电话 answer the telephone 乐意做某事
/ give sb the message
Unit 14 写下 来吃晚饭 自取 春节 努力学习 在学期末 write down come for dinner help oneself to (the) Spring Festival work hard at the end of the term 上学/班迟到 日常英语 寒假 上演戏剧 下周 马年 Unit 15 快餐 中国清茶 fast food 在世界上 家常做法 辣的食品 去购物 大扫除 in the world home cooking hot food go shopping do some cleaning Chinese tea without anything in it / Chinese tea with nothing in it be late for school/ work everyday English winter holiday(s) put on plays next week the year of horse
外卖食品、熟食 take-away food 在野外、在户外 in the open air 对健康有益 在工作日 在周末 be good for health on weekdays at the weekend
做点家务活儿 do a bit of housework 既不……也不…… neither… nor… 各种各样的…… all kinds of … 点菜 在进餐 take one’s order at table
因……而著名 be famous for 或者……或者…… either… or… 就坐 在桌旁 买单,付帐 take a seat at the table have the bill
Unit 16 去图书馆的路 音像店 住院 半小时 小心 男/女厕所 及时 the way to the library 向右拐 a video shop be in hospital half an hour be careful men's / ladies’ room in time 在街角处 在路的尽头 乘公共汽车 在……途中 往……走去 turn right go across the bridge at a street corner at the end of the road catch / take a bus on one's way to … make one's way to 在第二个十字路 at the second crossing 过桥
红绿灯、交通灯 traffic lights
找家教上阳光家教网 家教上
迷 失 ( 道 路 ) be / get lost 首先;第一 等某人 first of all wait for sb 走错路
正在那时 环顾四周
just then
go wrong look around
花太久的时间 take long 你不会找不到的 You can’t miss it. 在右手边 on the right-hand side
在路的另一边 on the other side of the road 五分钟的路程(步行)five minutes’ walk
Unit 17 横穿马路 左顾右盼 吵闹 轮到某人 插队的人 嘲笑某人 实际上 在半夜 看病 在医务室 cross the road look left and right make a noise be one’s turn a queue jumper laugh at sb in fact at midnight see the/a doctor at the doctor’s 上下车 站队 get on / off the bus stand in line wait for one's turn
等待某人的轮次 插队 和某人争吵 乱丢某物 呆在床上 准备上学 保持快乐 Unit 18
在队伍的前头 at the head of the queue jump the queue quarrel with sb throw about sth stay in bed get ready for school stay / keep hapy 因某事而发笑 laugh at sth
捣乱,制造麻烦 make trouble
感冒 入睡 (仔细)检查 好好休息 对……有益 听音乐 每隔一年 梦到…… 忙于做某事
have a cold fall asleep/go to sleep look over have a good rest be good for …… listen to music every other year dream about… be busy doing sth
头痛 醒来;唤醒 醒着的 代替 做运动 尽力放松 每 5 分钟 下沉 感到更累
have a headache wake up be awake instead of take exercise/ do sport try to relax every five minutes go down feel more tired
咳嗽得很厉害 have a terrible cough 再三地,反复地 again and again
给某人量体温 take one's temperature
进行充分的锻炼 take enough exercise Unit 19
在周末 准时
at the weekend on time
一大早 别迟到 登上岛屿
early in the morning Don't be late land on the island
在学校大门口 at the school gate 把……从水中拉上来 把……拉出水面 环顾岛屿 不再 取回某物 逃跑
pull sth up from the water pull sth out of the water 周游岛屿 迟早 出去散步 拍照 walk around the island sooner or later go out for a walk take photos /pictures
look around the island get sth back run away
no longe



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