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个字母中, Ⅰ.请写出 26 个字母中,在朗读时以元音音素开头的字母的 大小写(10%) 大小写(10%) A, a 下列各组单词中, 有一个单词划线部分与其他三个单词划 Ⅱ. 下列各组单词中, 线部分的读音不同,请选出( 线部分的读音不同,请选出(5%) ( )
  1.A.cat ( )
  2.A.me ( )
  3.A.hill ( )
  4.A.plus B.that B.he B.five B.use C.grade C.pencil C.nice C.duty D.thank D.we D.bike D.excuse D.children
( )
  5.A.teacher B.school C.much
根据句意用括号中所给词的适当形式填空, Ⅲ. 根据句意用括号中所给词的适当形式填空, 使各句语法正 确(10%) 10%)
  1.What's the (girl, girl's)name?
  2.I' m now in (Japan, Japanese).
  3. (Are, is)you Lucy?
  4. (Who, What) isn't at school? Wei Hua. She is ill.
  5. (What, What's)your fax number?
  6.I have (a, an)English book.
  7.What's this (on, in)Chinese?
  8. (Are, is)these your pencils?
  9.I think they are (box, boxes).
  10.Sorry. I (am not, don't)know. Ⅳ.选择填空(20%) 选择填空(20%)
www.ygjj.com 阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 初一英语学习资料 ( )
  1.Excuse me. Are you Mr Li? No, I am not. . A.That's right. B.That's all right. C.Nice to see you. ( )
  2.When you meet a person(人)for the first time(第 一次), you can say"" A.How do you do? B.How are you? C.I' m sorry. ( )
  3."See you later"means . A.How do you do? B.Good morning C.Goodbye ( )
  4.Can you find 'f'in'fish'? A.an B.a C.two ( )
  5."Is he in Row 4?""No, he ." A.isn't B.aren't C.am not ( )
  6." are you?""I' m
  11." A.How old B.How C.Who ( )
  7.What's eleven minus three? A.nine B.eight C.seven ( )
  8.What class are you ? A.on B.in C.at ( )
  9."What is it in English?""It's an ." A.orange B.cake C.pear ( )
  10."What are these?""They' re ." A.buses B.bus C.a bus ( )
  11.This is a bird. name is Polly. A.She's B.It's C.Her ( )
  12.David is
  12. a student in our school. A.His B.He's C.She's ( ) Miss Gao is our teacher. love her very much.
  13. A.We B.She C.Bill ( )
  14."Is in Grade 1?""No, she isn't." A.Joy B.Jim C.Ann
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  15.The twins are . A.America B.American C.the U.S.A. ( ) "Can he the book on the desk?"
  16. "Certainly." A.puts B.putting C.put ( )
  17.Is this your car? No, it isn't. that woman over there. A.To ask B.Ask C.Asks ( )
  18.Lily to school on foot. A.go B.going C.goes ( )
  19." the washroom?""It's over there." A.Where's B.Why is C.What's ( )
  20. Look this photo. It's my father. A.at B.up C.for 栏各句的答语( Ⅴ.(A)从 B 栏中找出 A 栏各句的答语(5%) .(A A B ( )
  1.Is this your eraser? A.Wei Fang. ( )
  2.What's your name? B.In the pencil-box. ( )
  3.Where's your ruler? C.Yes, it is. ( )
  4.Nice to meet you. D.Blackboard. ( )
  5.What's this in English? E.Nice to meet you, too. (B)从方框内七个句子中,选择五个句子完成对话,每个句 从方框内七个句子中,选择五个句子完成对话, 子只能使用一次(10%) 子只能使用一次(10%) A:Hi! Good morning. 1 . B:Hi! I' m Zhao Ming. 2 . A:Nice to meet you, too. 3 ? B:I' m in Class4,Grade
  1. 4 ? A:Me too. Do you know Bob?
www.ygjj.com 阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 初一英语学习资料 B: 5 . A:He is our English teacher. See you later. B:See you.
根据要求改写下列各句 每空一词, (每空一词, 缩写词算一词) 10%) (10 Ⅵ. 缩写词算一词) 10%) (
  1.Is this a car?(改写成复数形式) these ?
  2.We go to work by bike.(将主语改成第三人称单数 she) to work by bike.
  3.Sit down, please.(改写成否定句) down, please.
  4.You can spell that.(改写成一般疑问句) you that?
  5.My car licence number is 京 C-A1212(划线提问) your car licence number? 阅读下面短文,根据短文内容, Ⅶ.阅读理解 阅读下面短文,根据短文内容,从短文后面所 给的三个选项中选择最佳的一项(10%) 给的三个选项中选择最佳的一项(10%) I have a classmate, Jeff Green. He is English. He is now in Shanghai. His father and mother work there, too. They are both English teachers. Every day his father often takes him to school. Sometimes(有时)he goes to school by bike. They
www.ygjj.com 阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 初一英语学习资料 like China and Chinese food. We are good friends. This summer holiday(暑假)they' ll go back home. ( )
  1.Jeff comes from . A.Japan B.America C.Britain ( )
  2.Do they study in the same class? A.Yes B.No C.I' m not very sure(肯定的) ( )
  3.Where do Jeff's parents work? A.London B.Shanghai C.New York ( )
  4.How does Jeff often go to school? A.by car B.by bike C.by bus ( )
  5.Where will they go this holiday? A.London B.Beijing C.Tokyo 的问题( Ⅷ.阅读短文,并根据短文内容,补全有关 Jim 的问题(每 阅读短文,并根据短文内容, 空一词),并用完整的句子加以回答(20%) ),并用完整的句子加以回答 空一词),并用完整的句子加以回答(20%) My name is Jim Green. I' m twelve. I' m American. I' m now in China. This is my school. It's No.14 Middle School. My teacher's name is Gao Jie. At school I have two friends. Their names are Lily and Lucy. My home phone number is(0
  1. the boy's name? ANSWER:
  2.How old ? ANSWER:
  3.Is or Chinese? ANSWER:
  4.Who Lily Lucy? ANSWER:
  5. Jim's home number? ANSWER:
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