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牛津英语中考复习过关检测题(8A Units 1-
  3) 一. 单项选择
  1. Daniel is my friend. 1 like to share my with him when 1 am happy. A. joy B. happy C. sad D. secrets
  2. --Why don't we have a day out? -- . A. That's right. B. You're great. C. What a good idea! D. No, I don't.
  3. They had a wonderful time . A. chat on the Internet B. chatting on the Internet C. chat in the Internet D. chatting in the Internet while they mean the
  4. When British people say "American football", American people say same thing. A. American football B. football C. soccer D. American soccer
  5. The lazy boy ate the food, but did the work. A. most; most B. most ; least C. least; most D. least; least
  6. When people visit France, they can see . A. the Eiffel Tower B. the Opera House C. the White House D. the pyramid
  7. The workers wore glasses over their eyes to keep them . A. save B. safe C. safely D. clearly
  8. Our teacher made us about our friends in English. A. talks B. talk C. talking D. to talk you won't pass the driving test.
  9. Work hard, A. but B. and C. or D. because
  10. --Who did it better, Bill or Henry? --I think Bill did just Henry. A. as well as B. as good as C. as better as D. more badly than
  11. Do you like travelling from one city to ? A. other cities B. the other C. others D. another , and we were all very .
  12. The trip was A. boring; boring B. bored; bored C. boring; bored D. bored; boring
  13. Tom is a true friend, I didn't like him at the . A. but; beginning B. or; end C. and; end D. and; beginning
  14. He always looks . Now he's looking at his new drawing. A. happy; happily B. happy; happy C. happily; happily D. happily; happy
  15. The boy fell the rock and himself. A. from; hurted B. down; hurt C. off; hurted D. off; hurt 二.完形填空 "I don't have to go to school. My school 1 me!" Sara shows me her room. "This is my classroom and this is my teacher and the others 2 . " She points to a large radio with a microphone. Sara lives with her parents on a farm in Central Australia. It's about 60 miles from her farm to her neighbours. She can't go to 3 because her farm is so far away from 4 . There are a lot of children like her in Australia. They use the "School of the Air". There are 12 of 5 for children in the
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outback (内地) of Australia. They are at these schools until they are about 12 years old. Sara says, "We talk to our teachers every day on the 6 . And our 7 last about 30 minutes. Our teachers 8 us the class work and we do it before our lessons. Twice a year our teacher 9__ us, and once a year all the students 10 . That's the best time of the year."
  1. A. comes to B. looks for C. helps with D. thinks about
  2. A. neighbours B. students C. books D. blackboards
  3. A. hospitals B. station C. cinema D. school
  4. A. the nearest airport B. the nearest town C. the big city D. the capital
  5. A. the radio B. the farms C. them D. it
  6. A. trains B. ground C. radio D. computer
  7. A. classes B. meetings C. parties D. programs
  8. A. helps B. hands C. sends D. shows
  9. A. helps B. calls C. thanks D. visits
  10. A. come B. meet C. arrive D. appear 三.阅读理解 Arriving in New York There are three airports in New York. When you arrive at one of them, you can take bus or taxi to any place in New York. Eating out There are many kinds of food in New York and you needn't eat at McDonalds every day. There are good restaurants in Little Italy and Chinatown, for example. Hotels There are lots of good hotels in New York. The best is The Plaza on 5th Avenue. You don't have to pay a lot to stay in the city. There are lots of smaller hotels and the YMCA near Central Park is great for young people. Public Transport In New York, there's a good bus and subway service. If you are planning to use the subway a lot, you should buy a subway ticket for the journey because it's cheaper. But you don't have to use public transport--there are lots of places you can go to on foot. The Empire State Building, 5th Avenue and Central Park. The New York taxis are a part of the city experience, so you should take at least one taxi during your visit! Places to see Finally, there are a lot of places to see in New York such as Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. And you shouldn't go home without climbing the Statue of Liberty to enjoy the scenery of the city. Shopping Shopping in New York is fun. There are big shops on 5th Avenue. They are open seven days a week. But be careful when you look at the prices. You have to pay a special 8% tax (税) on everything you buy in New York.
  1. How many kinds of public transport are mentioned (提及到) in the passage? A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. Five.
  2. "The Plaza" here is the name of .
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A. a restaurant B. a hotel C. an airport D. a shop
  3. How much do you have to pay if you buy a book of $10 in New York? A. $
  10.8 B. $
  10.08 C. $18
  4. When yon visit New York, you should . A. eat at McDonalds every day B. take a taxi whenever you go out C. stay at the best hotel D. climb the Statue of Liberty
  5. From the passage, we can learn that . A. people can visit many places of interest in New York on foot B. New York is not a good place for shopping C. people must travel by public transport in New York D. people have to eat only one kind of food in New York
D. $810
四. 词汇
  1. --Who is your (close) person in your family?--My grandmother is.
  2. I'll never forget the (beautiful) of the beaches of Australia.
  3. He got ill yesterday. Today he feels even (bad).
  4. The (long) of the table is
  1.5 metres.
  5. Mr Wu didn't go to the meeting because it was (important).
  6. Everyone knows the magazine because of so many (广告).
  7. (幸运的是), he got back his lost MP
  8. All of them enjoyed (他们自己) at the party yesterday.
  9. His mother is always looking forward to (收到) the letter from her little son.
  10. He (变得) interested in c)cling at the age of
  8. 五,根据中文完成句子.
  1.学习家政学是很有用的. It is learn .
  2.她乐意与别人分享任何东西. She with .
  3.我们老师的领带颜色和你的一样. Our teacher's tie is.
  4.我奶奶九十多岁了,但还很健康. My grandma is 90, she is still very .
  5.他自学了如何驾驶小汽车. He cars. 六,选择方框中单词或短语的适当形式补全句子. in need, because of, slim, smile, lonely, be different from, instead of, exciting, or, oneself
  1. My advice his, you can have a try.
  2. Her face makes her look very lovely.
  3. We were very to see Chang'e I 's flying to the moon.
  4. I think my sister is than you.
  5. The old man has no children, now he lives in a small house.
  6. Last week, I had to stay at home going hiking with my friends because 1 was
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badly ill
  7. Be careful with the fire, you may be burned.
  8. Many people try to learn English in Beijing the 2008 Olympic Gaines.
  9. The students in our school are very helpful. They are collecting things for people .
  10. I don' t think the little boy can look after . 七.根据首字母补全短文. Happiness is not the s l as money. It is a f 2 of your heart. When you are poor, you can a 3 say you are very happy, because you have something e 4 that can't he bought with money. When you are in t 5 , you can say loudly you are very happy, b 6 you have m 7 chances to challenge (向...挑战) y 8 . So you can not always say you are poor and you have bad luck. As the saying goes, life is 1 9 a revolving (旋转) door. When it closes, it also opens. If you take every chance you get, you can be a happy and l 10 person. 八.任务型阅读. She was there when I needed her most. Vanilla is my best friend, she is a lovely girl with two big, beautiful eyes, but she always hides them behind a pair of dark glasses. One day, I nearly ended our friendship. I remember that day clearly. We were sitting in class. The teacher was giving us our results for a Chinese test. I had done badly. I felt so sad that I wouldn't talk to anyone. At lunch time, 1 even stayed in the classroom alone. Suddenly, I heard a voice. It was Vanilla. "You look very unhappy," she said. "What's wrong?" 1 looked at her, but said nothing. I knew Vanilla had got a good mark in the test. I thought she was making fun of me. 1 stayed silent, but Vanilla didn't go away. She kept asking me questions, "Is it because of the exam? Do you want me to show you the right answers?" I looked away from her. When I looked up again, Vanilla had gone. And so had my exam paper! I didn't know what to do. I looked everywhere for my paper, but couldn't find it. In the afternoon, Vanilla came up to my desk and gave me my exam paper back. I looked at it and got big surprise. Vanilla had written the right answer next to every one of my mistakes, my face went red. Vanilla had been trying to help me all along, how mean I had been to her when she was being so nice. I wanted to hug her, but all I did was to hold her hands and say, "Thank you." That afternoon, Vanilla and I walked home together. I felt so happy that I had to thank her again. We were still best friends.
  1. What is the Chinese meaning of "..., but she always hides them behind a pair of dark glasses."?
  2. Why did the writer feel sad?
  3. Which of the following phrases has the same meaning as "making fun of"? A. Saying hello to. B. Seeing me off. C. Laughing at. D. Looking after.
  4. I felt so sad that I wouldn't talk to anyone. (同义句)
  5. Vanilla left the writer because she . 九.书面表达. 根据汉语提示,完成短文,要求要点全面,语句通顺,有逻辑性,单词数为
  1. 上周,王老师和我们一起乘长途客车去了南京.这是我们第一次去那儿.
  2. 南京有许多名胜,每年有许多游客去那儿参观.南京是我国最古老的城市之一.
  3.我们参观了许多,拍了一些照片.我们在夫子庙(the Temple of Confucius)还吃了许多不 同种类美味的小吃.
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  3. 我们在旅行中学到了很多东西.
  4. 我们玩的很愉快,将来还想去参观.



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