高二英语学习资料 高二英语
Unit 11
Words and expressions solar adj. 太阳的;利用太阳能的
Scientific achievements
solar energy 太阳能 giant adj. very big 巨大的 在动物园里有两只大熊猫.
There are two giant pandas in the zoo.
n. a man of very great size and strength 巨人;巨物 The whale is the giant of the sea. 鲸是海洋中的庞然大物. leap v. jump; jump over 跳;跳跃 (leaped, leapt; leaped, leapt)
Can you leap the wall?
n. the act of leaping; a jump or spring 跳跃 A frog gave a leap. 青蛙跳了一步. mankind n. the human race 人类 它会给全人类带来和平.
It will bring peace to all mankind. constitution
n.[c] the fundamental principles of a nation that determine the
powers and duties of the government and guarantee certain rights to the people 宪法 The constitution was adopted. eureka man 宪法被通过.
int. 我发现了! vt. get enough people for a job 给…提供人员;配备人手;操纵 我们需要十二人以配足此船的人手.
We need twelve people to man the ship. hi-tech support Z X
n. =high technology 高科技;高技术 v. keep something or someone up; hold the weight of something 支持;支撑
That small chair isn't strong enough to support that heavy man. 那把小椅子经不住那个大胖子. v. give food, clothes, and a home to someone 供养;养活 He has a wife and fifteen children to support. 他要养活妻子和十五个孩子. n.[u] supporting someone or something; thing that gives support 支持 We cheered to show support for our team.
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n.[u] 供养 means of maintenance
高二英语学习资料 高二英语
He's the only support that his poor old mother has. 他那可怜的老母亲只靠他一个人瞻养. daily adj. happening every day 每日的;日常的 每日均通车.
There is a daily train service. adv. every day 每日;每天 I clean my teeth twice daily.
n. newspaper published every day or every week day 每日或每周日出版的报纸,日报 Have you read today's China Daily? achieve 你读过今天的《中国日报》吗? 实现;获得
vt. do or finish something well after trying hard
In order to achieve the four modernizations we must carry on our technical revolution. 为了实现四个现代化,我们必须进行技术革命. likely adj. probably, expected to happen 很可能的;有希望发生的 很可能明天我要去上海.
It's likely that I shall go to Shanghai tomorrow. economic
adj. connected with the producing and distributing of wealth 经济的
Beijing is the political, economic and cultural centre of China. 北京是中国的政治,经济和文化中心. zone n. an area of ground (especially in a town) 地区(特别指在城镇) ;地带 战区就是进行战争的地方.
A war zone is a district where fighting is going on. private 人的;个人的 Your letters are your private property. institute
adj. concerning one or a few people only -- not people in general; not public 私
n. group of people who often meet for a special reason, to talk or do
something together 学会;学院;研究所 There is an exhibition held by the Institute of Modern Art. grasp 现代艺术协会正举办一个展览.
vt. to take with or as with the hand(s); understand 抓住 抓住我的手,我就把你拉过墙来.
Grasp my hand and I will pull you over the wall. vt. understand 掌握领会;理解
When you listen, you must try to grasp the main point. master n. chief man head of the family 主人
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高二英语学习资料 高二英语
The Chinese people have become masters of their country. 中国人民已经成为自己国家的主人. vt. learn how to do something 掌握;精通 We don't think it too difficult to master a foreign language. perfect 我们认为学好一种外语不太难.
adj. completely correct and good; with nothing wrong 完美的;极好的
She speaks perfect English. 她说得一口极好的英语. arrange vt. make a plan 安排;筹划 你能安排一次参观展览会吗?
Can you arrange a visit to the exhibition?
vt. put things in a nice, neat way 整理;布置 set foot (in) 到达;进入;踏上 对……产生作用;对……有效果
have an effect on
Lenovo [liXnRuvRu] n. 联想公司 Founder rely n. 方正公司 vi. depend on; trust upon 依赖;信赖;指望 我们靠自己的双手.
We rely on our own hands. rely on failure vt.
n. the fact of failing. something which fails 失败 失败是成功之母.
Failure is the mother of success.
come to life 苏醒过来;(变得)活跃 silicon: valley n. 硅 n. low land, usually with a river, between hills or mountains 山谷;峡谷;凹地
the valley of the Nile 尼罗河峡谷 base n. place to start from and go back to 基地;根据地
That pilot travels all over the world but London is his base. 那位飞行员飞遍全世界,但伦敦是他的基地. n. the lowest part of anything 基础;底部 柱子竖立在狭窄的地基上.
The column stands on a narrow base. agency organ n. 机构;代理(处)
n. a part of a plant or animal which serves some special purpose 器官
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高二英语学习资料 高二英语
The eyes, stomach, heart, and lungs are organs of the body. 眼睛,胃,心脏和肺都是身体的器官. forward adv. to the front 向前;朝前方 历史在前进.
History is moving forward(s).
put forward propose (a demand, a fact, a plan, a suggestion, etc.) 提出;建议 Who put forward this new theory? rejuvenate 这个新理论是谁提出的?
vt. 使<人>返老还童;使…恢复活力 旅行使他恢复了活力.
He was rejuvenated by his trip. breakthrough
n. 重大突破;突围
This is a major breakthrough in computer technology. 这是电脑技术上的一大突破. impressive adj. deeply impressing the mind and feelings 给人深刻印象的 他的态度予人以深刻的印象.
He has a very impressive manner. march
vi. walk like a soldier 行军;前进 士兵在桥上行进.
The soldiers marched over the bridge. n.[c] long walk 长途跋涉;行军
The Red Army covered 25,000 li on their Long March. 红军在长征中行军二万五千里. aim v. point a gun, etc. at something or someone 瞄准
Peter aimed the gun at the bird, but did not fire. 彼得用枪瞄准鸟,但没有开枪. aim (sth) at direct against 瞄/对准;针对 In saying this I am not aiming at you. announce 我说这话可不是针对你的.
vt. to make known publicly 宣布/告;发表
The news was announced by Radio Beijing. 这消息由北京(英语)广播电台发表了. genome evolution n. 基因组;染色体组 n.[u] the way in which the development of living things from a few simple
forms of life, or from a single form, has taken place 进化;发展 The teacher is explaining the theory of evolution to the students. 老师正在给学生们解释进化论. byte humanoid n. 字节;比特 adj. 有人的特点的
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element (化学)元素 Gold, iron and tin are elements. n.[c] a necessary part 要素;成分 Cells are the elements of living bodies. battle
高二英语学习资料 高二英语
n.[c] any of the more than 100 simplest materials that make up all substances
n. a big fight between armies 战役;战斗 那次战斗中无一人阵亡.
No one was killed in that battle.
n. trying very hard to do something that is not easy 斗争;奋斗 The doctors had a battle to save Jon's life. strategy n. 战略;策略 为抢救乔恩的生命,医生们进行了艰苦的工作.
Unit 12 Words and expressions fiction
Fact and fantasy
n. 小说;虚构 (谚) 事实奇于小说.
Fact [Truth] is stranger than fiction. belief
n. sure feeling that something is true 信念;信仰;相信 她已不信仰宗教了.
She has lost her belief in religion. league
n. a unit of distance equal to
  3.0 statute miles (
  4.8 kilometers)
里格 [长度单位,相当于
  3.0 法定英里(
  4.8 公里)] n. group of persons or nations together for common goal 联盟;社团 Are they League members? balloon sky 气球 bulb make a living botany apply n. 球状物;球茎;灯泡 谋生 n.[u] 植物学 v. use; put into practice 应用;运用 我们应当把理论运用到实践中去. 他们是团员吗?
n. bag that becomes bigger when filled with air or with gas and can float in the
We should apply theory to practice. v. ask for 申请;请求
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He applies to the consul for a visa. applied
高二英语学习资料 高二英语
applied science 应用科学 foundation n. the act of starting the building of something 基础 农业是国民经济的基础.
Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy.
n. the action of founding, establishing; placing on a basis 建立 the foundation of a new school servant 创办一所新学校
n. someone who works in another person's house, cooking, cleaning, etc.
仆人;公务员;雇员 We should always be the servants of the people. 我们应该永远做人民的勤务员. whale n.[c] a large fish like animal which lives in the sea 鲸
The whale is the largest animal in the world. 鲸是世界上最大的动物. hunter n. someone who chases wild animals for food or sport 猎人;搜索者
set out begin a journey; start 启程;出发;开始 We set out for the Western Hills at 10:
  30. collision n. 碰撞[with, against] 我们十点半出发去西山.
His car had a collision with a truck. 他的车子与货车相撞. n. (利害,意见,目的等的)不一致;冲突 come into collision (with...) companion (与…) 冲突/抵触/对立 n. someone who is with another person 同伴;同伙 她似乎是那青年的伴侣.
She seemed to be the companion of the young man. overboard 抛)到水时
adv. over the side of a ship or boat into the water 向船外; 从船上落 (或
Don't throw that box overboard. 别把那只箱子抛入水中. submarine n. ship that can travel under the sea 潜水艇
Some submarines carry many men and stay underwater for several weeks. 有些潜水艇能装很多人,并在水下呆好几个星期. permanent adj. 永久的;固定的
permanent residence 永久住处
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高二英语学习资料 高二英语
n. a visitor, someone whom you have invited 客人;旅客 他们在等一位客人来吃饭.
They are expecting a guest to dinner. voyage
n. sea journey 航海;航行;航空 他航行至日本.
He made a voyage to Japan. iron
n.[u] strong hard metal 铁 (谚)趁热打铁.
Strike while the iron is hot. aboard (飞机,火车) They went aboard the ship. adv.
prep. On, in, or into a ship(aeroplane,train, etc.)在船(飞机,火车)上;上船
It's time to go aboard. 上船(飞机等)的时间到了. lamp n.[c] thing that gives light 灯 他点着灯,整整工作了一夜.
He worked for a whole night with the lamp lighted. dislike
vt. not to like, to hate 不喜欢;讨厌
I dislike being alone. 我不喜欢独居. n.[c] a feeling of not liking 不喜欢;讨厌 I took a dislike to him. prisoner gentle 我讨厌他.
n. a man who is locked in a prison 囚犯;俘虏 adj. kind and friendly 温和的;温柔的 母亲对婴儿总是温柔体贴的.
Mothers are gentle with their babies.
adj. that moves softly; that feels soft 轻柔的;柔和的 The gentle breezes rustled through the leaves. 微风穿过树叶吹了过来. Iceland layer n. 冰岛 n. a thickness of some material which is laid on or spread over a surface 层;地层 我冬天在床上铺三层毯子
I have three layers of blankets on my bed in winter. marble
n.[u] hard stone for statues and special buildings 大理石(制品) 教堂有大理石地板.
The temple had a marble floor. shore
n. ground next to the sea or a big lake 岸;滨
The ship stopped a little way off the shore. 船停在离岸不远的地方.
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luggage (总称)行李 =(美)baggage
高二英语学习资料 高二英语
three pieces of luggage 三件行李 in public where other people are, openly 当众;公开地 She is too shy to sing in public. throw light upon/on 她很腼腆,不敢在众人面前唱歌.
阐明,使……明白/清楚 事实说明了这个问题.
The fact throws light on the problem. brilliant
adj. very clever 非常聪明的;才华横溢的 她是一个有才华的学生.
She is a brilliant student.
adj. very bright 光



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