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完 形 填 空 练 习(一)
You may think that English dictionaries have been used for many many centuries. In fact, an English dictionary you 1 today wasn't made until the Qing Dynasty( 清 朝 ). Three men 2 3 work on dictionaries. They spent nearly all
did most of the important their lives trying to
words for their dictionaries. For them, it was a
wonderful journey. The largest dictionary in the world is Oxford English Dictionary. The 4 for this dictionary came from an important meeting in Britain in
  75.Twenty-two years later, Oxford University asked James Murray to be the editor( 编 者 ) of its new dictionary. Murray had never been to 5 . At the age of fourteen, he left his village 6 he
school in Scotland and taught himself while working in a bank.
became a great teacher. After Oxford gave him the job, Murray had a small house 7 in his garden to do the work. Every morning, Murray got out of bed of five 8 in the small house several hours before the new dictionary in ten 9 10 adding( 增 加 ) words for the letter he was very old. Forty-four years
o'clock and
years. But after five years, he was "A"! He worked on the dictionary
later, in 1928,other editors finished the dictionary.
( D. miss (
B. write
C. copy
B. boring
C .early
D .dangerous ( )
  3.A.spell B. invent C. collect
阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 初三英语学习资料
D. make ( D. prize ( )
  5.A.school B. cinema C. village )
  4.A.way B. idea C. use
D. collage ( )
  6.A .Later B. Long before C. So far
D. Ever since ( broken ( worked ( D.always ( D. since )
  10.A.if B. because C. until )
  9.A.already )
  8.A.read D.thought B. still C. usually )
  7.A.sold D.drawn B. wrote C. B. built C.
Key: 15 ACCBD



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