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侨中 9 月月考试题
听力另附 法填空( 小题; 一.语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分 15 分)
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The private automobile has long played an important 21 in the
  21. United States. In fact, it has become a necessary and important part of the American way of life. In 1986, sixty-nine percent of American families owned at least one car, and thirty-eight percent had more 22 one. By
  22. giving workers rapid transportation, the automobile has freed them from having to live near their place of work. This has encouraged the 23
  24. (grow) of the cities, but it has also led 24 traffic problems. Family life has been affected in various ways, The car helps to keep families together 25 it is used for picnics, outings. However, when
  25. teenage children have the use of the car, their parents can't keep __26 eye
  26. on them. There is a great danger if the driver has been drinking alcohol(酒精) or __27(take) drugs, or showing off by speeding or breaking down traffic
  27. laws. Mothers of victims( 罹 难 者 ) of such accidents have formed an 28(organize) called MADD. These women want to prevent further
  28. tragedies 悲剧) They have worked to encourage the government to limit the ( . youngest drinking age, Students have formed a 29(similarity)
  29. organization, SADD, and are spreading the same message among their friends. For many Americans the automobile is a 30(necessary). But for
  30. some, it is also a mark of social position and for young people, a sign of becoming an adult. Altogether, cars mean very much to Americans. 二.完型填空 (共 15 题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) While the rest of the world is sleeping,my dad is dragging my warm covers off me so we won't be late for my 6 a.m. ice hockey game. What started as a 31 is now my profession passion(a strong liking),and _32_of it would be possible without my dad. "Let's go,Brendan.You can do it!" Encouragement like that does not go unnoticed.Every game,no matter what the _33_ is,my dad always says" Good game."and" You looked great out there. "I'm _34_ , knowing that even if I make a mistake or _35_ poorly, dad will still be there my for me._36_ is one of the greatest things anyone can have. dad is my support, My without forcing me to become something I'm not.It was my dream to play hockey,and he just _37_ me. As I get older, _38_becomes fiercer(激烈的) .Each season brings a new schedule(时间表) with more than thirty games,which my dad eagerly _39 .He gets as nervous as I do,but somehow rocks in his seat and keeps _40 .He wants to yell(shout in excitement)and scream like most hockey parents, but he is different.After each game, sit down to eat and go over things to we work on in the future.Usually he only tells me how proud he is of me. Remembering all those
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early- morning games and later-afternoon skates with Dad,I realize how lucky I am to have him.It's not easy getting up and driving to rinks(溜冰场)at all hours.My dad not only does that, but also helps me realize my dreams. make sure that every game he attends, play my best just to I I show him those 6 am games did me some good. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )
  33. A.goal
  39.A.joins B.job B.none B.result B.confident B.practice B.Help B.guided B.condition B.plays C.behavior C.all C.purpose C.careful C.1earn C.Love C.ordered C.direction C.attends C.cool D.hobby D.some D.effect D.clear D.play D.Trust D.pushed D.competition D.presents D.happy
( )
  40.A.quiet B.still 三.阅读理解(共 20 题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读理解(
Mr. Jones had a few day's holiday, so he said, "I'm going to the mountain by train." He put on the clothes, took a small bag, went to the station and got into the train. Mr. Jones had a beautiful hat on. He often put his head out of the window during the trip and looked at the mountain. But the wind pulled his hat off. Mr. Jones quickly took his small bag and threw it out of the window, too. The other people laughed. " Is your bag going to bring back your beautiful hat?" they asked. "No!" Mr. Jones answered, "But there is no name and no address on my hat, and there is my name and address on the bag. Someone is going to find both of them near each other and he's going to send me the bag and the hat." ( ) 41 Mr. Jones is going to in the mountain. A. work C. see friends ( A. small bag; hat C. few boxes; shirt ( A. talked with other passengers C. looked out of the window ( )
  44. He threw out of the train. A. both his hat and his bag C. his bag ( B. his hat D. everything he carried with him B. spend his holiday D. live B. big bag; cap D. large book; hat B. read a book D. went to sleep
  42. He carried a and wore a beautiful .
  43. During the trip Mr. Jones often .
  45. The other people laughed because they thought what Mr. Jones did was very.
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A. clever B. necessary C. helpful D. foolish
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(B) Rescuers have found the bodies of over 130 people killed in two ferry disasters in Bangladesh.The accidents happened during a storm that hit the country on April
  21.Hundreds more are missing or feared dead. The two ferries sank in different rivers near the capital city of Dhakfi as strong wind and rain hit the South Asian country.The government has banned all ferries and other boats from traveling at night during the April-May stormy season. One of the ferries,MV Mitali,was carrying far more people than it was supposed to.About 400 passengers fitted into a space made for just 300,police said.The second ferry carried about 100 passengers. "The number of deaths is certain to rise. "said an official in charge of the rescue work.No one really knows how many people were on board the ferry or how many of " them survived." Ferries in Bangladesh don't always keep passenger lists,making it difficult to determine the exact number of people on board. Besides the ferry accidents,at least 40 people were killed and 400 injured by lightning strikes, falling houses and trees and the sinking of small boats. Storms are common this time of year in Bangladesh , as are boating accidents.Ferry disasters take away hundreds of lives every year in a nation of 130 million people. Officials blame 责备) these river accidents on a lack of safety measures 措施) ( ( , too many passengers in boats and not enough checks on weather conditions. Ferries are a common means of transport in Bangladesh.It is a country covered by about 230 rivers.Some 20,000 ferries use the nation's Waterways every year.And many of them are dangerously overcrowded. Since 1977, more than 3,000 people have died in some 260 boating accidents. ( )
  46. people have been found dead in the two ferry disasters. A,Over 130 B,At least 40 C,About 400 D. Over 3,000 ( )
  47. The two ferry disasters occurred. A. at noon B. in the morning C. at night. D. In the afternoon. ( )
  48. Officials attribute boating accident to A. strong winds. B. bad weather conditions. C. the blockages of waterways. D. the lack of safety measures. ( )
  49. Which of the following statements is NOT true of the two ferry disasters? A. They were overcrowded. B. They sank on April
  21. C. The exact number of deaths could be easily determined. D. They sank somewhere near Dhaka. (C)
Welcome to the Pacific Beach Hotel! The Pacific Beach Hotel overlooks Waikiki beach and is a five-minute walk from the Honolulu zoo. Ala Moana shopping center is one-mile away. Reach downtown Honolulu in four miles and Pearl Harbor in 14 miles.
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The 837-room Pacific Beach Hotel also has a three-story, 280,000-gallon indoor oceanarium (水族馆),which is now the home of over 70 different species of Hawaiian marine life .The hotel also houses Hawaiian Rainforest Salon and Spa ,a fourth floor pool with a sundeck and whirlpool spa ,and a tennis court located on the eighth floor. Each standard guest room is supplied with air-conditioning ,coffee-maker ,digital telephone ,hairdryer ,iron and ironing board on request ,one king-size or two double beds ,mini-refrigerator, personal safe ,private balcony ,private bathroom with shower and bathtub ,and TV with movies-on-demand and video games .And non-smoking rooms are available. Here is the room type and rate for February: (book now and get another 20% off) Regular rate (per Special (per night/per Room type night/per person) person) CITY VIEW with BALCONY 2 double beds or 1 king-size (all standard room) Max?4 $ 250 $180 people OCEAN VIEW with BALCONY 2 double beds or 1 king-size bed (standard $ 290 $ 220 room )Max?4 people OCEAN VIEW with BALCONY One-bedroom suite?top floor of $ 580 $ 400 oceanarium-1 king-size bed Max ?2 people OCEAN VIEW with BALCONY Two-bedroom suite?top floor of $ 900 $ 760 oceanarium-2 king-size beds Max ?4 people ( )
  50. If your parents are going to Hawaii for a 2-day holiday and will stay in this hotel . They enjoy the oceanarium. How much will they pay at least? A.About 600 dollars. C.About 800 dollars. ( B.About 700 dollars. D.About 900 dollars. . B.playing tennis D.visiting the Honolulu Zoo . B.a private bathroom D.a swimming suite . B.to introduce a new hotel D.to ask the public for help
  51. If you stay in this hotel ,you can get all the following service EXCEPT A.enjoying the marine life of Hawaii C.having a sunbath
  52. In the Pacific Beach Hotel ,a standard room does NOT include A.a mini-refrigerator C.a TV with movies-on-demand
  53. The purpose of writing this passage is A.to attract more tourists to the hotel C.to suggest a good place of interest
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Two American scientists told the people in industrial nations that they would be much healthier if they ate more of the same kind of foods eaten by humans living more than 10,000 years ago. The scientists say that the human body has changed very little since human first appeared on earth, but the way we live has changed greatly.Our body has not been able to deal with these changes in life style and this has led to new kinds of sicknesses.These new sicknesses were not known in ancient times.So they are called "diseases of civilization (文明)".Many cancers and diseases of the blood system, including heart attacks and strokes(中风)are examples of such diseases. Scientists noted that early stone-age people used very little alcohol(酒精) or tobacco, probably none.Ancient people also got a great deal of physical exercise, but a change in food is one of the main differences between life in ancient times and life today. Stone-age people hunted wild animals for their meat, which had much less fat than farm animals.They also ate a lot of fresh wild vegetables, and fruits.They did not use milk and other dairy products, and they made very little use of grains.But today, we eat a large amount of dairy products and grain foods. eat six times more salt than stone-age people. eat more sugar. We We We eat twice as much fat but only one third as much protein(蛋白质)and much less vitamin C. People today probably do not want to live as people thousands of years ago did, but scientists say that we would be much healthier if we ate as those ancient people did, cutting the amount of fatty, salty and sweet foods. ( )
  54. The people in industrial nations would be much healthier if they ate A.more foods as humans living 10,000 years ago did B.as humans living 10,000 years ago C.more kinds of food eaten by people living over 10,000 years ago D.more of the same kinds of foods eaten by people over 10,000 years ago. ( )
  55. New kinds of sicknesses have been found because . .
A.the human body has changed compared with human first appeared on earth B.the way we live has changed a little C.our body can't deal with the changes in life style D.the way we live today is proper for the human body ( )
  56. Stone-age people were much healthier than people today because they ate a lot
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of . B.grain foods and farm animals D.wild animals, fresh wild vegetables and fruits A.milk and other dairy products C.salt and sugar
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