Unit 1 Where’s your pen pal from? from?
青岛60中初一英语 青岛60中初一英语 单海霞
本单元主要学习国家和语言的表达,学会运用where 本单元主要学习国家和语言的表达,学会运用where 和what引导的特殊疑问句询问来自哪里,居住在哪里 what引导的特殊疑问句询问来自哪里, 引导的特殊疑问句询问来自哪里 及所说的语言是什么。本单元围绕“ 及所说的语言是什么。本单元围绕“询问你的笔友来 自哪里”这一话题,设计了三个任务型活动: 自哪里”这一话题,设计了三个任务型活动: 任务一是:对话展现国家,居住地和所说语言, 任务一是:对话展现国家,居住地和所说语言,学习 语言和国籍及居住地的英文表达。 语言和国籍及居住地的英文表达。 任务二是:进行调查,询问各自的笔友来自何处,练 任务二是:进行调查,询问各自的笔友来自何处, 句型。 习where, what 句型。 任务三是:制作笔友档案卡片,进行交流, 任务三是:制作笔友档案卡片,进行交流,巩固所学 的新单词及句型。 的新单词及句型。通过这三个任务型的活动使学生掌 握国籍,语言和居住地的询问及表达。 握国籍,语言和居住地的询问及表达。
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二、 单元知识系统
Where is your pen pal from? She’s from Australia. Where does she live? She lives in Sydney. What language does she speak? She speaks English. 三、本单元总体目标 通过本单元的学习让学生掌握所学目标语言; 通过本单元的学习让学生掌握所学目标语言; 学会国籍,语言和居住地的询问及表达; 学会国籍,语言和居住地的询问及表达;在互动的 交流中学会谈论自己以及同学的国籍,语言和居住 交流中学会谈论自己以及同学的国籍, 学会谈论好恶。 地,学会谈论好恶。

  1.词汇: .词汇: (
  1)Canada, Australia , France, Japan, the United ) States, the United Kingdom , Singapore, English, French, Japanese (
  2) pen pal, country, live, language, world, any
  2.结构: .结构: 询问来自哪里, (
  1)用where询问来自哪里,住在哪里 ) 询问来自哪里 (
  2)用what询问语言等 ) 询问语言等
  3.句型 .句型: Where is your pen pal from? He’s from Australia. Where is John’s pen pal from? He’s from Japan. Where does he live? He lives in Paris. Where does she live? She lives in Sydney. What language does she speak? She speaks English.
难点 语法重点: 语法重点:使 用where引导 引导 的特殊疑问句 询问来自哪里, 询问来自哪里, 住在哪里; 住在哪里; 使 用what引导的 引导的 特殊疑问句询 问语言; 问语言;表示 国家, 国家,人和语 言的词语。 言的词语。
本单元的主题是谈论笔友的国家,居住 地和所说语言,围绕这一主题进行一系列 的交际活动,使学生掌握国家,城市及所 说语言的表达,正确使用where 和what引 导的特殊疑问句对国家,居住地和所说语 言进行询问。在学习语言之前要先学习国 家及城市,在此之前学生已经学习了China, Chinese;也对Japan, Japanese 有所接触。 所以,这些对学生来说不难。但是一旦加 上语言,学生就较容易弄混淆,有点头痛 了。
采用Classifying,Contrasting和Role playing playing的 采用Classifying,Contrasting和Role?playing的 Classifying 学习策略,利用教学图片、幻灯片、实物(国家标志) 学习策略,利用教学图片、幻灯片、实物(国家标志) 或制作课件(反映国家特征,课内外活动) 或制作课件(反映国家特征,课内外活动)等来展开课 堂教学、Pairwork问答式的口语交际活动或游戏等小 堂教学、Pairwork问答式的口语交际活动或游戏等小 组活动,进行“询问和谈论笔友”的课堂教学和练习。 组活动,进行“询问和谈论笔友”的课堂教学和练习。 本单元的教学法建议:语音教学??让学生进行模仿 本单元的教学法建议:语音教学 让学生进行模仿 操练;词汇教学??采取情景介绍或展示图片的方式 操练;词汇教学 采取情景介绍或展示图片的方式 进行教学,让学生在情境中操练、 进行教学,让学生在情境中操练、理解含义并学会运 用;口语教学??采取pairwork问答式的口语交际活 口语教学 采取pairwork问答式的口语交际活 采取pairwork 动或游戏等小组活动互相操练;听力教学??采取图 动或游戏等小组活动互相操练;听力教学 采取图 文配对和对话选择的方式;写作教学??以填表、造 以填表、 文配对和对话选择的方式;写作教学 以填表 句为主;语法教学??总结规律、抓住特征、模仿操 总结规律、 句为主;语法教学 总结规律 抓住特征、 练。
七、 单元课时分配:本单元用5课 时教学
  2(from 1a to Grammar Focus) 第二课时:P3 (from 3a to
  4) 第三课时:P
  4(Section B 1 to 2c) 第四课时:P5 (3a to 3c) 第五课时:P
  6(self-check 加探究练习)
Section A (P1-P
the United States
the United Kingdom

  1. Canada
  2. France
  3. Japan
  4. the United States
  5. Australia
  6. Singapore
  7. the United Kingdom
  8. China
I have a pen pal. She is from the United States. Her name is Helen. Do you have a pen pal? Where is she /he from?
Where are the cities? Complete the chart below:
Australia The United States Canada France Japan
City Sydney New York Paris Toronto Tokyo
Country Australia
.Listen and complete the chart. Name City Country John Tokyo Jodie Andrew Talk about the chart.
A: Where is John’s pen pal from? B: He is from Japan. A: Where does he live? B: Tokyo.
A Guessing Game
Where are they from? What language do they speak? (Discuss)
Who is the best actor?
The Best Actor
The best actor in the performance. Class2, Grade 1 Feb22, 2005
Grammar Focus
Where is your pen pal from? He’s from Australia.
Where is John’s pen pal from? He’s from Japan. Where is here pen pal from? Where does he live? Where does she live? What language does she speak? She’s from France. He lives in Paris. She lives in Sydney. She speaks English.
Free Talk Talk about countries and languages by four freely.
  1)Write down something about your pen pal or your friend’s pen pal.
  2)Make a quiz card. )

  3) Use the information in the form to make conversations according to the model.
Name Nationality Language
A: Where is …from? B: He\She is from… A: What language does he\she speak? B: He\She speaks…
? QUIZ: Name that place!
Where is Sydney? Where is New York? Where is Paris? Where is Toronto? Where is Tokyo?
a.France b.China c. Japan d.the United States
Memory Game
Let students try to repeat the sentences. ? People in Singapore speak Chinese and English. ? People in Australia speak Australian. ? People in the United States speak English. ? People in the United Kingdom speak English. ? People in China speak Chinese. ? People in Canada speak English and French.
Listen and speak
What’s her name? Where does she live Does she have any brothers or sisters? Where is she from? What’s her favorite subject? Does she speak English?
Situational conversation
You are Lucy. Your partner is Lucy’s mom. You receive a letter from your pen pal. Ask and answer questions about Lucy’s pen pal and then make a conversation between Lucy and her mother.
Be a class reporter. Interview your classmates and get some information about their pen pals. Who is the best actor? The Best Actor
, The best actor in the performance. Class2, Grade 1 Feb24, 2005
MAKE A SURVEY Ask your partners about their pen pals. Which countries are they from? What languages do they speak?
The third Period
Singapore The United States The United Kingdom Pen pal language In English Australia Japan France world live country
Reading Read 3a and answer the following questions. 1 Where is Bob from? 2 What languages does he speak? 3 What does he want? 4 What does he like?
Discuss and design an information card for Bob in groups. After discussion, show students the model card.
Check your cards!
Name: Bob Living Place: Toronto Age: 14 From: Canada Language: English and French Favorite Subject: PE Family: brother and sister
Situational task
PEN PAL WANTED My is Tom King. I’m 14 old and I’m from . I speak . I have a brother, Sam, and a , Lisa. I play on weekends. It’s my favorite sport. I like at school. It’s fun! My favorite is The Long Weekend. Do you know it? It’s an action movie. Please write and tell me about yourself. Name: Tom King First Name: Tom Last Name: King Age: 14 From: Australia Language: English Favorite Sport: Soccer Favorite Subject: Music Favorite Movie: The Long Weekend Family: brother (Sam), sister (Lisa)
Write an e-mail about yourself. Dear friend, My name is…
To be Tom’s pen pal , and write a letter to answer him.
Words revision
Revise the key words in self-check
Word King
Remember the most new words in Unit
  1. Class2, Grade 1 Feb 25, 2005
.Describe the new students in your class. .Discuss which of the new students you like best.

  1.Tom lives in the United States.(划线提问) Tom ?
  2.Julie speaks Japanese.(划线提问) Julie ?
  3.Where is your pen pal from?(复数句) Where from?
  4.Peter comes from Canada.(否定句) Peter from Canada.

  5. I like (go) to the movies on weekends.
  6.I can speak a little French.(一般疑问句) you a little French?
  7.Her pen pal is from Singapore.(划线提问) her pen pal from?
  8.Sydney is the capital of .
  9.I think China is a very interesting country.(否定句) I China a very interesting country.
Write something about your best friend.



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