青浦区 2007 年初三英语学业模拟试卷听力文字及答案 Q20
Paper I I. Listen and choose the right picture (根据你听到的内容,选出相应的图片 (共 6 分) 根据你听到的内容, 根据你听到的内容 选出相应的图片): 共
  1. Sally began to collect shells when she was only 7 years old. (E)
  2. Our English teacher, Miss Li, is talking with two foreigners in her office now. (B)
  3. Look at the mobile phone. It has a big colored screen. (G)
  4. These vegetables are very fresh. Where did you buy them? (F)
  5. Tom had seen the film “Star Wars” twice by the end of last month. (C )
  6. The two boys who are making faces look funny. (D ) II. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear (根据你听到的 根据你听到的 对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案): 共 对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案 (共 10 分)
  7. W: Hi, Sam. M: Hi, Wendy. I’d like you to meet our new classmate, Sandy. Q: Who is the new classmate? ( C)
  8. M: Mum, what’s for supper? W: Well! I’ve prepared some eggs, fish, chicken wings and meat. M: Great! I like fish best. Q: What’s the boy’s favourite dish? (B)
  9. M: Linda, What do your parents do? W: My father is an engineer and my mother is a doctor. What about your parents? M: My father is a policeman and my mother is a teacher. Q: What does Linda’s father do? (B)
  10. M: When will George come? W: He said he would come at six. Now it’s ten to six. He will be here in ten minutes. M: I’m afraid your watch is five minutes slow. Q: What time is it now? (D)
  11. M: Where have you been? W: I’ve been to the evening school. M: How often do you go there? W: Three times a week. I study there on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings, but we’ll have a test next Sunday. Q: When will the girl have a test? (C )
  12. M: Hi, Mary! Did you watch the basketball match on TV yesterday? W: No, I didn’t. Was there anything interesting? M: Yes. The match was between the Rockets and the Lakers. Yao Ming did a very good job. He helped the Rockets win the game. Q: Which team won the game? (A)
  13. W: How much are the peaches? M: Three dollars a kilo. W: Are they fresh? M; Of course. How much do you want? Q: Where does the dialogue take place? (A)
  14. M: Excuse me , I want to complain about this watch.
W: What’s the problem? M: It doesn’t work. W: Oh, I’m very sorry about that. I’ll take care of it right now. Please wait for a moment. I’ll be back in no time. M: Thanks. Q: What’s wrong with the watch? ( D)
  15. W: Sam, you look tired. Did you have a busy day? M: I certainly did. I could go to sleep right here in the office. W: Why don’t you go home then? M: I’d love to, but I’ll have a meeting this evening at seven o’clock. W: Oh, I forgot it. Well, at least you can sit down for a while. Q: Why can’t Sam go home? (C )

  16. W: Did you enjoy yourself at the party last night? M: Oh, I didn’t go. W: Why not? M: I hurt my leg the day before yesterday. What about you? W: I had to look after my grandma. She was ill. M: What a pity! Q: Why didn’t the woman attend the party? (D)
III. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false (判断下 判断下 列句子是否符合你听到的短文内容, 符合的用“ ”表示,不符合的用“ ”表示): 共 列句子是否符合你听到的短文内容 符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示 (共 6 分) People eat different things in different parts of the world. In some countries, people eat rice every day. Sometimes they eat it two or three times a day, for breakfast, lunch and supper. They usually eat it with meat, fish and vegetables. The Japanese eat a lot of fish, and they also eat a lot of rice. In Western countries such as Britain, Australia and the U.S.A, the most important food is bread or potatoes, which can be cooked in different ways. And some people eat only fruit and vegetables. They don’t eat meat or fish or anything that comes from animals. They eat only food from plants. Some people say that food from plants is better for us than meat. 17-
  23. T F T F F T F IV. Listen to the passage and complete the table (听短文,完成下列表格 (共 7 分) 听短文,完成下列表格): 共 May I have your attention , everybody? Here is an announcement. Tomorrow is June
  1. It’s Children’s Day. Here is the plan for the holiday. In the morning, we will go to a university to listen to a lecture by Mr. Black, a professor. The lecture will last one hour. Then at about 9:00 we are going to visit the Ocean Park. We will see various kinds of sea animals there. In the evening, we will have a party at the school hall. Please come to school at 7:
  30. Our teachers are going to be with us. Please let me know if you want to ask for leave. My telephone number is 397724
  24. June 1 ;
  25. 7:30 ;
  26. lecture ;
  27. Ocean;
  28. animals ;
  29. party ;
  30. 39772405 Paper II 41-
  50. A C A D C
V. 31-
  40. B A B D A VI. 51-
  58. B E C A
  59. fourth
  60. funny
  61. carefully
  63. heat
  64. choose
  65. beautiful VIII.
  67. didn’t cost
  68. Why did
  69. will be

  62. difference(s)
  66. visitors
  70. colder than
  71. too to
Paper III IX.A.72-
  77. C E A B G D B.78-
  83. FTFTTF C. 84-
  89. C B B C A D D. 90-
  96. C B A D B D A E. 97-1
  03:story;popular; win; think;but;across;enemies F. 1
  04. In 19
  69. 1
  05. Because they want to get ready for a trip to Mars. 1
  06. 16 years. 1
  07. Yes, it will. 1
  08. They will take six tons of building material with them. 1
  09. NASA, Japan, Russia, China and other European countries. X. 写话评分标准 (共 16 分) 内容和语言各 6 分,组织结构分 3 分, 书写分 1 分。 一) 内容 6 分 内容切题,意思连贯,表达清楚、完整。 4-5 分 内容基本切题,意思大致连贯,表达基本清楚,但不够完整。 2-3 分 内容不够切题,意思不够连贯,表达不够清楚、离题目要求较远。 0- 1 分 文不对题,表达不清。 二)语言:
  1. 词数:每少 5 个词扣
  0.5 分,以此类推。只写个别词、词不成句不给分。
  2. 拼写:每错扣
  0.5 分,同一错误不重复计数。
  3. 单词拼写、大小写、标点符号等错误每两处扣
  0.5 分,扣分总和不超过 1 分。
  4. 语言分最多扣 6 分。 三)组织结构:
  1. 内容充实、不写废话;上下文连贯、用语规范、表达准确、无或少见语法错误;词汇和 句型句式运用恰当,多见好句型和习惯用语表达用语者,可给 2-3 分。
  2. 一般情况下,内容和语言积累得分在 10 分以上者(含) ,方可得到 1-2 分组织结构分。
  3. 内容和语言在 10 分以下者,如文中有值得肯定的好的语型和表达,可酌情考虑给 1 分 组织结构分。
  4. 通篇句型、句式单一,词汇贫乏者,即使无语法错误,一般亦不给组织结构分。 四) 书写分 书写规范,字迹清晰,可以给书写分 1 分。



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