主讲: 主讲:屠皓民
第一讲 句子的基本成分 句子成分:主语、谓语、宾语/表语、定语、状语和补语。注: “”的部分是主干部分。 例:Such characteristics make them perfect candidates. 谓语是整个句子的最重要的部分,也是整个句子的突破口。只有谓语是没有从句的概念的。 一、谓语
  1、 实义动词,即行为动词,watch, play 及物动词:后面直接宾语 不及物动词:后面加介词+宾语 We have friends all over the world. The examination ended at 11:30 am. They are looking for the lost wallet.. 不及物动词有的时候也可以做及物动词来用,比如 close,begin, study, leave, work 等 The post offices close at 9:00 o’clock PM. Close the window! 形式变化:时态变化,语态变化,用情态动词+实义动词的原型,情态动词+ have+过去分词 形式
  2、 系动词 (构成系表结构) Be 动词 持续的系动词:keep,taste,…后面加形容词 He always kept silent at the meeting. The search proved difficult. 二、主语和宾语 (
  1)认识名词: ①名词是用来表示人,事物,地点,以及抽象事物名称的。比如: 人:John,sister,father 事物:water,air,sun,computer 地点:London,theater 抽象事物:love,happiness,imagination,hope ②名词的数:注意单复数 ③名词的格: ‘s 以及 of 逻辑语义: Rachel:I’m Carol’s ex-husband's sister's roommate. Doctor:I’m your roommate's brother's ex-wife's obstetrician. (产科医生) ??老友记 of: 理清逻辑语义 表示所有关系: 翻译方法: “A of B”翻译成“B 的 A” The rapidity of the motion of the wing of the hummingbird is remarkable. The coming of age of post-war baby boom brought remarkable influence upon American society. 特殊: China is proud of its five thousand years of the history and culture.
  2)语法功能:充当句子中主语、宾语、宾语补足语、表语、同位语等成分。 例:The reasons are clear now. Why he murdered his wife is clear now. He has made clear the facts. He has made clear what they had done yesterday. It is the question. It is whether the book is worth reading. We found out the murderer,Tom. We found out the fact that he was killed. 注:代词与名词关系十分紧密,与名词形成特定的指代关系。 分为以下几类: 人称代词:I/you/he/she/it/me/you/him/her/it 形容词性物主代词:my/your/his/her/its/ 名词性物主代词:mine/yours/his/hers/its 反身代词:myself/yourself/herself/himself/itself 不定代词:every/both/all/none/something/anything/everything(注意否定) 疑问代词:that/what/which/whose/who/whom (
  3)名词性结构:动名词与不定式 ①动名词与不定式做主语 例:Watching TV is my hobby. Getting enough vitamins is essential to life. Really using a language is not an easy task. (2006 完形)Finding ways to assist this growing homeless population has become increasingly difficult. (20
  09.阅读) Knowing what you are good at and doing even more of it creates excellence. To master a language is not an easy thing. To err(犯错)is human;to forgive,divine(神圣的). It is surely not wrong to live in the present rather than in the past of future. ②动名词与不定式做宾语 例:Other states are going to consider making a similar law to deal with euthanasia. Bad weather prevented him from starting out for Beijing on time. (2003Text
  1)The latest revolution isn't simply a matter of gentlemen reading other gentlemen’s e-mail. ③动名词与不定式检测题 (2004Text
  1)With thousands of career-related sites on the Internet , finding promising openings(空缺)can be time-consuming and inefficient……Working with a personal search agent means having another set of eyes looking out for you. (2004 完形)All these conditions tend to increase the probability of a child committing a criminal act. (
  4) 主语从句、宾语从句 注:把原来是词的位置转换成句就成了相应的从句。 ①主语从句: that 引导(陈述句)、 whether(一般疑问句)、 what 等疑问词引导(特殊疑问句)。 That English is important is an undoubted fact. Whether he will come to my party makes no difference to me. What we forget ?? what our economy depends on us forgetting ?? is that happiness is more than pleasure without pain. ②宾语从句:that 引导(可省?陈述句)、whether 等疑问词引导(一般疑问句)。 I've known that you are my source of endless inspiration. I don't know if/whether he needs my help. I don't know how he can come here.
He has made clear what they had done yesterday. (
  5)从句检测题: That each large firm will act with consideration of its own needs and thus avoid selling its products for more than its competitors charge is commonly recognized by advocates(倡导者)of free-market economic theories. (19
  75) Whether the Government should increase the financing of pure science at the expense of technology often depends on the issue of which is seen as the driving force.
  4. 定语 (
  1)形容词: He is a handsome boy. He is a boy who is handsome. We should know the culture past and present. (
  2)形容词性从句:定语从句??限定性定语从句(that 可)、非限定性定语从句(that 否)。 Mr. Zhang,who came to see me yesterday,is an old friend of mine. He studies hard at school when he was young,which contributes to his success in later life. 例:(20
  47)Multi-media groups have been increasingly successful:groups which bring together television,radio,newspapers,magazines and publishing houses that work in relation to one another. ①关系代词引导的定语从句:that 引导(做连词可省)、which 引导、who 引导、whom 引 导、whose 引导。 例: Most journalists learn to see the world through a set of standard templates(模式)into which they plug(嵌入,套入)each day’s events. Television is one of the means by which these feelings are created and conveyed. The“housing slave”is a new expression in China,referring to people who use most of their salary to repay bank loans due to soaring housing prices. 注:先行词被 any,only,all,every,no,some,much,few,little 序数词,形容词最 高级,the only. the one,the very,the right 和 the last 等成分修饰时,用 that. This is the most interesting book that I have read. that 不用在非限定性定语从句在中 that 不用在介词后面 ②关系副词引导的定语从句:when 引导、where 引导、why 引导、whereby 引导。 The day when we stop learning is the day when we die. Literature is the place where the past meets the present to contemplate the future. ③as 引导的定语从句: a. 引导限定性定语从句 such…as…,the same…as(that)…,as…as…; 例:(2001 Text
  4)The most important forces behind the massive(巨大的)M&A(并购)wave are the same that underlie(引起)the globalization process. The Sun gives us as much energy every minute as mankind uses in a year. b. 引导非限定性定语从句: 作文常用句型: is shown in the pictures, is seen from the chart,As is vividly betrayed As As in the cartoon above… (1 994 完形
  54)The words used by the speaker may stir up unfavorable reactions in the listener 45 interfere with his comprehension. A. who B. as C. which D. what (
  3)分词:现在分词、过去分词??时态与主被动 ①语法功能:定语、表语、宾语/主语补足语、状语。
定语: a. We are often attracted by enchanting music. They are repairing the broken window. b. The American President visiting China now will return on Saturday. I like reading books written by Mark Twain. c. 分词作定语检测题: (1 996 年语法)There was a very interesting remark in a book by an Englishman that I read recently 4 what he thought was a reason for this American characteristic. A. giving B. gave C. to give D. gives (2003 年 63 题)The emphasis on data gathered first hand, combined with a cross-cultural perspective brought to analysis of cultures past and present, makes this study a unique and distinctly important social science.
  5. 状语 (
  1)副词 注:状语修饰动词、形容词和整句。 例: She carefully picked up all the bits of broken glass. Our country is becoming increasingly strong. He is old enough to get married. He passed the first-round of the examination. However, he was not admitted by Renmin University because his performance on oral English was really bad. (表示上下文关系) (
  2)介词充当状语 ①介词的定义: 中介作用(介词与名词的搭配, 介词与形容词的搭配, 介词与动词的搭配) ②常见介词基本意义总结: 空间关系:in,on,at 时间关系:in,on,at 论及、牵涉关系:about,on, over 介词 原因关系:because of,for 方法手段:by,with,in 组成构成:of, from,with 让步关系:despite,in spite of 排除关系:except,but 其他常见介词:besides;among;towards;between ③介词或短语介词的语法功能在句中的体现: 注:无论是介词还是短语介词后面所接的词都是名词性的。 Apart from women's own happiness,the needs of the community must be considered. Advertisements may be classified into three types according to the kind of appeals they use. (
  3)副词性从句:状语从句……时间状语从句、地点状语从句、条件状语从句、原因状语 从句、 结果状语从句、目的状语从句、方式状语从句、让步状语从句、比较状语从句。 ①时间状语从句:正点……as,till,(not)until,as soon as…,every(each)time,the instant, the minute,the moment,the second,no sooner. . . than,hardly. . . when;之前……before;之 后……after,since,once; 例:The baby start’s crying the minute he sees his father. No sooner had he drunk the coffee than he began to feel drowsy(困倦的). ***“not. . . until"的四种不同句式:
a. 正常句式 We didn’t go home until we finished our homework. b. Until 在句首 c. 倒装句式 Not until we finished our work did we go home. d. 强调句式 It was not until……that we went home. 注:分享同一翻译:直到……才。 (1 994Text
  2)While computers offer these conveniences to consumers, they have many advantages for sellers too. 时间状语从句检测题: (1991 年语法)to speak when the audience interrupted him. A. Hardly had he began B. No sooner had he began C. Not until he began D. Scarcely did he began (1998 年 Text
  2)Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true??it comes to classroom tests. A. before B. as C. since D. when (20
  22)As was discussed before,it was not?the 19th century that the newspaper became the dominant pre-electronic medium, following in the wake of the pamphlet(小册子)and the book and in the company of the periodical(期刊). A. after B. by C. during D. until ②地点状语从句:everywhere/anywhere/wherever; 例:(1998Text
  2)Everywhere you go in America,you hear tales of corporate revival. ③条件状语从句:suppose/supposing,assuming,provided/providing,as(so)long as; if only:只要;only if: 只有 :只要; (1996年语法)The senior librarian at the circulation desk promised to get the book for me 3 She could remember who last borrowed it. A. ever since B. much as C. even though D. if only (2004年完形
  42) He can continue to support himself and his family__ he produces a surplus. A. only if B. much as C. long before D. ever since suppose/supposing, assuming, provided/providing 注:相当于 相当于if 例: Suppose/Supposing that it rains, can we play football indoors? Farmers will have a good harvest, assuming the weather is favorable. Provided/Providing we get good weather it will be a successful holiday. (1993语法) You can arrive in Beijing earlier for the meeting night train. A. provided B. unless C. though D. until you don't mind taking the
as long as... (2002Text
  4) As long as a doctor prescribes a drug for a legitimate medical purpose, the doctor has done nothing illegal even if the patient uses the drug to hasten (加速) death. ④原因状语从句: as, since, in that; considering; now that, as(so) long as; on the grounds that; 例(20
  03.37 )__ they are adjusting to their new bodies and a whole host of new intellectual and emotional challenges, teenagers are especially self-conscious and need the confidence that comes from achieving success and knowing that their accomplishment are admired by others. A. If B. Although C. whereas D. Because (1995语法)Hydrogen(氢元素) is the fundamental element of the universe __ it provides the building blocks from which the other elements are produced. A. so that - B. but that C. in that D. provided that
  96.46 ) Vitamins are similar because they are made of the same elements?usually carbon (碳元素),hydrogen,oxygen(氧元素),and sometimes nitrogen(氮元素). They are different__ their elements are arranged differently. A. in that B. so that C. such that D. except that (20
  22) Theories centering on the individual suggest that children engage in criminal behavi



   2012 考研翻译基础班 新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 主讲: 主讲:唐静 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大纲 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 一 翻译的定义 二 翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三 翻译的基本过程 四 考研翻译的核心解题策略 第二章 翻译技巧:词法翻译法 一 词义选择和词义引申 二 词性转换 三 增词法 四 省略法 第三章 翻译技巧:句法翻译法 一 名词性从句的翻译 二 定语从句的翻译 三 状语从句的 ...


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   在考研英语试卷中,长难句日益成为科技文体中出现频率很高的考试重点。同时,它 也是翻译题中常出现的考查难点。对于考生来说,长难句也是考卷中得分较难的一部分。所 以,万学海文以实例为据,向 09 年正处于复习中的同学们,讲一讲考研英语长难句的结构 解析技巧。 英语长句也就是复杂句, 里面可能会有多个从句,从句 与从句之间的关系可可能为并列,包含与被包含、镶嵌等形式。因此分析长难句或者翻译长 难句, 首要解决的应该是弄清楚从句以及清楚从句之间的关系。 英语经常出现的复合句包括: 名词性从句,它又包 ...


   新东方暑假考研强化班写作部分FC 讲授 新东方暑假考研强化班写作部分 L1 一、考什么?(考研考什么?考研写作考什么?) 1、 阅读: 50 分 25 分→30 分 写作 大:20 分 10 分→12 分/14 分 小:20 分 5 分→7 分 /8 分 翻译: 10 分 5分 完型: 10 分 5分 (得阅读者得天下,得写作者得天下) 2、作文 8.13 小:介绍信(自荐信、推荐信) recommend 邀请信、感谢信 (第五次课讲) 大: (第一次到第四次课) grateful subt ...


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   英语长难句分析 2009-09-11 13:08 字号: 大大 中中 小小 他山之石 阅读 144 评论 0 在阅读中, 我们经常会遇到一些长而难的句子。 长难句通常含有较多、 较长的修饰成分、 并列成分或从句。 长难句的丰富内容和复杂结构往往会导致理解的困难。 理解长难句的关键 是了解长难句的类型,理清句子成分,抓住句子中的关键部分。 一、长难句的分类 1、带有较多成分的简单句。 如 : Having chosen family television programs and women ...


   考研英语长难句分析技巧及实战 " 从结构来说,英语句子中,除了谓语之外,其它的 从结构来说,英语句子中,除了谓语之外, 成分均可以由从句或者非谓语动词来充当。 成分均可以由从句或者非谓语动词来充当。从句子 本身是一个完整的句子,因此,从句与从句之间的 本身是一个完整的句子,因此, 关系可能包孕、套嵌,也可能并列,平行。 关系可能包孕、套嵌,也可能并列,平行。从功能 来说,英语有三大复合句, ①名词性从句, 来说,英语有三大复合句,即:①名词性从句,包括 主语从句、宾语从句、表语从句和同位语 ...

英语 长难句分析经典134句

   ★Gre 难句分析经典 134 句★ 读者学习指导: 大原则:以实战的要求为目的。难句子不仅出现在阅读中,还出现在句子填空、逻辑但体中,因此,对难句子得攻克 变得相当重要。 原则一:迅速读懂 原则二:利用语法、不靠语法 即在 Gre 中,考生永远也不需要再考场上分析一句话的语法成分,也不要想这句话有没有语法错误,考生的唯一任务 就是现场迅速的读懂文章。然而在初期可以少量的运用语法,目的有二:一为初学者如果看不懂句子得结构,往往会 感到心情沮丧,或大脑混乱,根本就读不尽文章,因此引入语法能够给 ...



   Unit 4 Food 第一课时教案 By Fu Lihong Xiangshui Experimental Junior High school 一、设计的基本理念 构建以人为本,以学生的学、练、测为主线的优化课堂教学模式,通过 实施任务型、活动性教学,夯实学生语言基础,提高语言运用能力,培养学 生参与、合作、探究的创新精神。 二、教学内容:Comic strip & Welcome to the Unit 教学内容: 三、教学目标: 教学目标: 1、知识目标 词汇:本课时的 9 ...


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   2010 年 12 月英语四级考试答案(完整版) 导航: [1] 写作 [2] 快速阅读 [3] 听力 [4] 仔细阅读 [5] 完形填空 [6] 翻译 作文范文: 版本一: Help Children to Be Independent Thanks to the “family plan” policy,today in China many families have one child.Loving and caring for children is an old Chinese ...


   英语新闻标题总是力求用有限的字数来表达新闻的内容,为此,在措 词上尤其要狠下功夫,选词尽可能经济达意、简短明了,偏爱选用那 些短小精悍或字母最少的动词。这是因为短小易懂、形象生动的措词 不仅能增强新闻的简洁性和可读性,而且还能节省版面篇幅。如表示 “破坏”或“损坏”一词意义的动词,标题一般不用 damage,而用 一些较之简短的词,如 hit,harm,hurt, ruin 或 wreck 等。又如表示 “放弃” 这一概念的动词, 标题一般不用 abandon, 而用 drop, give ...


   蓝天家教网 http://www.ltjiajiao.com 伴你快乐成长 本资料来源于《七彩教育网》 本资料来源于《七彩教育网》http://www.7caiedu.cn 2009 年最新高考英语常用句型归纳 1,as 句型: (1) as 引导方式状语从句句型:"按照……;正如……" 例:We do farm work as the old peasant teaches us. As(it is)in your country, we grow wheat in t ...