1. What room has no walls, no doors, no windows, and no floors? A mushroom.(蘑菇)
  2. What is smaller than an insect's mouth? Anything it eats.
  3. What large instrument do you carry in your ears? Drums, that is eardrums.(鼓膜)
  4. What's too much for one, just right for two, but nothing at all for three? A secret.
  5. What person tried to make you smile most of the time? A photographer.
  6. What animal has a head like a cat, eyes like a cat, a tail like a cat, but isn't a cat? A kitten.(小猫)
  7. What surprising things happen every 24 hours? Day breaks, but doesn't fall; night falls, but doesn't break.
  8. What can hear you without ears and can answer you without a mouth? An echo.(回声)
  9. What do you know about the kings of France? They are all dead.
  10. What question can you never answer 'yes" to" Are you asleep?
  11. Why do some old people never use glasses? They must prefer bottles to glasses.
  12. Why is the person wearing two coats while painting the house? Because the instructions on the paint can say "Put on two coats for best results."
  13. What two words have thousands of letters in them? Post office.
  14. What do workers do in a clock factory? They make faces all day.
  15. What 5-letter word has 6 left when you take 2 letters away? Sixty.
  16. When do you go as fast as a racing car? When you are in it.
  17. How many sides does a house have? Two - inside and outside.
  18. What never asks any questions but always gets answers? A doorbell.
  19. Where did Columbus stand when he discovered America? On his feet.
  20. When the boy fell into the water, what's the first thing he did? He got wet first of all.
  21. Who isn't your sister and isn't your brother, but is still a child of your mother and father? I myself.
  22. What has teeth but cannot eat? A comb.
  23. What kind of man can raise things without lifting them?
A farmer.
  24. Why does time fly? To get away from all the people who are trying to kill it.
  25. Name five days of the week without saying: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. The day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.
  26. What animal eats and drinks with its tail? All do. No animal takes off its tail when eating and drinking.
  27. What has a soft bed but never sleeps, a big mouth but never speaks? A river.
  28. What kind of dog never bite? A hot dog.
  29. Why does the Statue of Liberty stand in New York Harbor? Because it can't sit down.
  30. What did one invisible man say to the other invisible man? It's nice not to see you again.
  31. What wears a cap but has no head? A bottle.
  32. What rises in the morning and waves all day? A flag.
  33. What is an astronomer?(天文学家)? A night watchman with a college education.
  34. How can you tell clocks and watches are shy? Because they always have their hands in front of their faces.
  35. What is wind? Air in a hurry.
  36. What comes after the letter "A"? All the other letters.
  37. What starts with a T, ends with a T, and is full of T? Teapot.
  38. What word can you make shorter by adding to it? Short.
  39. What person does every man take his hat off to? A barber.
  40. Why does the boy carry a ladder to the school? Because he wants to go to high school.
  41. What can you swallow that can also swallow you? Water.
  42. What's the difference between a hill and a pill? A hill is hard to get up and a pill is hard to get down.
  43. Why is it useless to send a letter to Washington? Because he's dead.
  44. A doctor and a lawyer loved the same girl. The lawyer went away for a week and gave the girl seven apples before he left. Why? Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  45. What will you do if a man-eating tiger is running after you?
Nothing. Because I'm a woman.
  46. What always travels on foot? A shoe.
  47. Where can happiness always be found? In the dictionary.
  48. What is higher without a head than with a head? A pillow.(枕头)
  49. Why don't you advertise for your lost dog? He can't read.
  50. On which side does a bird have the most feathers? The outside.
  51. What is the best thing to keep in hot weather? Cool!
  52. What is never used until it's broken? An egg.
  53. What's a skeleton?(骨架) It's a lot of bones without the person on them!
  54. What is dark but made by light? A shadow.
  55. What can you break with only one word? Silence.
  56. What stays indoors no matter how many times you put it out? The light.
  57. A policeman saw a truck driver going the wrong way down a one-way street, but didn't give him a ticket. Why? Because the truck driver was walking.
  58. Where can milk be best stored? In a cow.
  59. Which can move faster, heat or cold? Heat, because you can catch cold easily.
  60. What's the hardest thing about learning skating? The ice.
  61. What has cities with no houses, rivers without water and forests without trees? A map.
  62. What can be measured but has no length, width or thickness? The temperature.
  63. What makes the Tower of Pisa lean? It never eats.
  64. Why is writing called handwriting? If people wrote with their feet, we would have to call it footwriting.
  65. If there were only thre girls in the world, what do you think they would do? Two of them would get together ans talk about the other one.
  66. How many great men have been born in London? None. Only babies.
  67. When can you have an empty pocket and still have something in it? When you have a hole in your pocket.

  68. The greater it is, the less it can be seen. What is it? Darkness.
  69. The more you take away, the bigger I become. What am I? A hole.
  70. Who may marry many a wife and stay single all of his life? A priest.(牧师)



   1. What room has no walls, no doors, no windows, and no floors? A mushroom.(蘑菇) 2. What is smaller than an insect's mouth? Anything it eats. 3. What large instrument do you carry in your ears? Drums, that is eardrums.(鼓膜) 4. What's too much for one ...


   英语趣味游戏 一、游艺大厅 游艺大厅里有许多游戏角:“猜猜看”、“动动脑筋”、“外国字谜”、 “知道吗?”、“为什么?”、“多想想”、“有趣的问题”、“英语笑话”、 “英语绕口令”等等。每个游戏角陈列着不少游戏材料,初级、中级、高级 英语程度适用的都有,希望读者自己选用、改编、创新! 1.英语笑话 1.英语笑话 【1】At the Lesson of Geography(在地理课上) A teacher put his finger on some place on the map ands ...


   【各种卡片的英文】 birthday card 生日卡; identity card 身份证; credit card 信用证;preferential card 优惠卡;get-well card 慰问卡;membership card 会员卡;entry card 入境卡;record card 记录卡;intelligence card (IC) IC 智能卡 1.There’s no certainty,only opportunity. 2.A good plan today is ...


   英?? v.s.美?? ┌───────┐ www.4020.cn 免费TXT小说下载 └───────┘ 更多TXT小说下载请访问:http://www.4020.cn 学英文的人有时候会注意到英式英文与美式英文的差异。其实世界上有很多种类的英文,不只英式和美式两种而已。光是在美国境内就有好多种不同的美式英文的方言。如果你在美国波士顿、纽约、迈阿密、达拉斯、洛杉矶等地区待过的话,你会发现这些地方的发音、字汇、甚至于文法,都跟其它地方稍有不同。同样的,在英国你如果待过伦敦、伯明翰、利物浦 ...


   与水果花卉有关的英文词组 Rose 有一种花:她芳香又迷人,浪漫而又多刺。她就是玫瑰,Rose 。今天我们就来 说说关于玫瑰的有趣的英语短语。 总有人将漂亮女孩比作花朵,那么如果说 The girl is the rose of the party. 也就是说 she is the most attractive girl. 而如果有人对你说,You have roses in your cheeks. 千万不要一头雾水, 那是在夸你面色红润。 是否因为事事进展得很顺利 Everything ...


   1. Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. 麻烦没来找你,就别去自找麻烦。 第一、四个 trouble 是动词,第二、三个 trouble 是名词。 2. I think that that that that that student wrote on the blackboard was wrong. 我认为那个学生写在黑板上的那个“that”是错误的。 第一个 that 是连词,引起宾语从句;第二、五个 that 是指示代词“ ...


   级英语(爆笑) 前台小姐的 8 级英语(爆笑) 昨天来了个外国人, 进到办公室, 前台小姐左看右 看,大家都在打游戏,只有自己比较清闲,就面带 微笑的:"Hello?" 外国人:"Hi." 前台小姐:"You have what thing?"(你有什么 事?) 外国人:"Can you speak Eng-lish?"(你会讲 英语吗)前台小姐:"If I not speak English, I a ...


   一、有趣的动物英语: 1. cold fish(鱼)。古怪的人;孤僻的人。 2. crocodile (鳄鱼) tears.假慈悲。 3. butterflies(蝴蝶)in one’s stomach.形容某人非常紧张。/焦急。 4. an early bird(小鸟).早起的人,形容某人勤奋。 5. let sleeping dogs(狗)lie.劝人家不要招惹不必要的麻烦。 6. She has a memory like an elephant(大象) 。她的记忆力非常好。 7. a ...


   1.How are you doing?(你好吗?)   2.I'm doing great.(我过得很好。)   3. What's up?(出什么事了/你在忙些什么/怎么了?)   4. Nothing special.(没什么特别的。)   5. Hi. Long time no see.(嗨,好久不见了。)   6. So far so good.(到目前为止,一切都好。)   7. Things couldn't be better.(一切顺利。)   8. How about ...


   God works. 上帝的安排。 Not so bad. 不错。 No way! 不可能! Don't flatter me. 过奖了。 Hope so. 希望如此。 Go down to business. 言归正传。 I'm not going. 我不去了。 Does it serve your purpose? 对你有用吗? I don't care. 我不在乎。 None of my business. 不关我事。 It doesn't work. 不管用。 Your are we ...



   During the meeting,hardly had he begun to speak when the audience interrupted him 他一开始说话,就被听众打断了 surrounded by the police, the kidnappers had no choices but to surrender on the spot (没有选择,只能投降) The concerned mother thrilled at the news of his so ...


   英语词库??自建 英语词库??自建 ?? 表示个人性格、 一, 表示个人性格、品质的词语 accurate 准 确 的 active 活 跃 的 talkative 健 谈 的 adaptable 可 适 应 的 adept[ ?ept] 擅长于 broad-minded 心胸宽广的 competent 有 能 力 的 、 能 胜 任 的 conscientious 认 真 的 、 勤 奋 的 diligent[ dilid nt] 勤勉的 Y industrious 勤劳的 hard-wo ...


   一) 连接词 either…or…, neither…nor, or, as well as…, and, both… (1) 表选择关系或对等关系的连接词: and… (2) 表因果关系或对等关系的连接词: therefore, so, as a result, as the result of …, because of, due to …,owing to, thanks to 等. (3)表时间顺序的连接词:the moment, as soon as, at first, then ...


   1.a change of pace 节奏变换   You can’t do these chemistry experiments all day long. You certainly need a change of pace.   2. a far cry from 相距甚远   The published book is far cry from the early manuscript.   3. and how 的确   A: She’s a good dancer.   B: ...


   试论英语教学中“完型填空测试” 试论英语教学中“完型填空测试”的理论探索与应试策略 试论英语教学中“完型填空测试”的 试论英语教学中“完型填空测试” 理论探索与应试策略 作者: 郑巍 李桐飞 工作单位及通讯地址: 工作单位及通讯地址:浙江省宁波市镇海区中兴中学 英语教研组( 英语教研组(邮编 315201) 电话: 电话:0574?66161833 试论英语教学中“完型填空测试” 试论英语教学中“完型填空测试”的理论探索与应试策略 1 试论英语教学中“完型填空测试” 试论英语教学中“完型填空 ...