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感谢您的到来! 感谢您的到来!
四个选项中, 从A、B、C、D四个选项中,找出 、 、 、 四个选项中 其划线部分与所给单词的划线部分 读音相同的选项。 读音相同的选项。 可选题: 可选题:

  1.Improve A. discover B. conclusion C. program D. discussion

  2. own A. lawyer B. loud C. autumn D. shoulder

  3. dangerous A. Canadian B. January C. average D. advance

  4. consider A. president B. visit C. thirsty D. music

  5. exact A. exist B. exhibition C. exercise D. expert

  6. have A.gave . B.save . C.hat . D.made .
改写句子;改写后两个句子的意 改写句子; 思必须一致, 思必须一致,每个空格填一个单 词。

  1.Ann is wearing a red blouse.
is in The girl a red blouse Ann.

  2.The bananas on that tree are not difficult to reach.
It’s to easy reach the bananas on that tree.

  3.Ling Feng is the tallest in our class.
taller Ling Feng is than any of the other students in our class.

  4.The journalist often helps my little brother do his homework in the hotel.
helps The journalist often my little with brother his homework in the hotel.

  5.How many morning papars are there in your class?
the number What‘s ____ of morning ____ __ papars in your class?

  6. “I’m going to have lunch with my sister.” said Jennie.
she Jennie said ___ is going to have with lunch ___ ___sister.
单词翻译配对。 单词翻译配对。

  1. (
  1)present (
  2) parent (
  3) peasant (
  4) percent a. 农民 b. 父母 c. 百分之 d. 现在 A. B. C. D. abcd bcad daba dbac

  2. (
  1)model (
  2)medal (
  3)modal (
  4)metal a. 奖章 b. 金属 c. 模型 d. 情态的 A. B. C. D. acbd cadb bcad cdba

  3. (
  1)experience (
  2)experiment (
  3)expectation (
  4)expensive a. 昂贵的 b. 经历 c. 实验 d. 预期 A. B. C. D. bcda bcad cbad bdac

  4. (
  1)fair (
  2)hair (
  3)pair (
  4)air a.头发 b. 空气 c. 集市 d. 一对 头发 A. B. C. D. abcd bcad cadb cdab

  1)towel (
  2)tower (
  3)towards (
  4)total a. 朝向 b. 毛巾 c. 总共 d. 塔 A. B. C. D. bdac badc dbac adbc

  6. (
  1)block (
  2)black (
  3)blank (
  4)blood a. 血液 b. 空白 c. 黑色 d. 封锁 A. B. C. D. abcd dacb dbca dcba
以英语回答图片所展示的国家名。 以英语回答图片所展示的国家名。
总共有 个谜语,看谁抢到哦! 个谜语,看谁抢到哦!

  1.What has cities with no . houses, rivers without water and forests without trees? A map.

  2.What room has no walls, . no doors, no windows, and no floors? A mushroom.

  3.Two little brothers, One . lives on one side, The other on the other side, They hear what you say, But they do not see each other。 。 Ear.

  4. A cat, eyes like a cat, a tail like a cat ,but isn't a cat? A tiger.
总共有 道单选,这次要加油啦! 道单选,这次要加油啦!

  1."Do you often meet each other?" "No, we don't. But we can meet at the New Year's party ." A. once a year B. once a month C. every week D. last year

  2."What's the matter with your sister?"" ." A. She is very kind. B. She is doing her homework. C. She has got a cold. D. She is in her room.

  3."What do you do early in the morning? “ "I . It keeps me healthy and strong." A. wash my face B. read English C. do my homework D. do morning exercise

  4. If you feel ,you have to see the doctor. A. well B. good C. bad D. nice

  5. My favorite programmer is I watch every football game. A. music B. Beijing Opera C. sports D. CCTV news

  6. She to visit some places in the south last month. A. is going B. went C. go D. goes

  7.The story is .I like it very much. A. easy B. bad C. small D. wonderful

  8."How do you go to school?“ " " A. Every day B. By bike C. Early D. AT 7:00

  9. Mr. Green has two children . One is a son, is a daughter. A. one B. other C. the other D. another
10 .“Did you have a good “Yes , I did. No.4 row
  14.The film was very nice.” A. seat B. meal C. sleep D. rest



   我校初一年级举办趣味英语知识竞赛 为进一步推进新课程的实施,活跃校园文化生活,初一年级 2011 年 3 月 16 日在东报告 厅举办了以趣味英语为主题的英语竞赛, 此次活动目的是让学生通过英语趣味知识竞赛, 增 强对英语的学习兴趣,树立学习英语的信心,了解中西方文化的差异,提高真实交际能力, 从而全面提高学生的综合语言运用能力,以此来推动本年级的英语教学。 本次竟赛以班级为单位,通过两个环节比赛进行,其中包括: 1、必选题:(每题 1 分,共 48 道小题) 1)看图识国家 (选出一名选手 ...


   英语知识竞赛策划书 一、前言 二、大赛目的 三、比赛主题:趣味英语,你我共进 四、比赛规则:公平、公开、求知、求实、求精 五、比赛介绍:a b c 活动内容:。 。。比赛分为三轮(参赛选手多) ,第一轮为预选赛,主要内容 是自我介绍,然后是自由展示时间。自由展示可以是讲一个英文小故事,或者唱一首英文歌 曲。第二轮为笔试。选手随机抽取试卷答题,题型分为选择、单词填空、快速阅读、作文。 若报名选手较少,则将前两环节融合进行。第三轮:决赛。将前几轮中的优胜者决出后进行 第三轮比赛。第三轮比赛时将有 ...


   一、选出下列各题的最佳答案(40 分) 1.It's a longto Moscow;it's about five thousand kilometres. A.street B.foot C.way D.end 2 . Let's go to the classroom to hear what Tina isthe little boy. A.telling B.talking C.speaking D.saying 3.There is“a” in the word“age” and ...


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   组长: 组长 陈诗悦 组员: 组员 许加迎 许晋河 许斯宜 邱舒颖 黄伟程 信息员: 信息员 姚恩超 指导老师 : 陈小芳 随着经济全球化的不断推进,掌握英语这 随着经济全球化的不断推进, 门语言已经成为必备的能力,. ,.英语是世界 门语言已经成为必备的能力,.英语是世界 通用的商务语言, 通用的商务语言,掌握了英语就等于在竞 争中夺得先机.但是, 争中夺得先机.但是,现在很多同学对英语 学习的一种态度就是无趣,语法枯燥. 无趣 学习的一种态度就是无趣,语法枯燥. 因此很多同学的英语成绩 ...


   级英语(爆笑) 前台小姐的 8 级英语(爆笑) 昨天来了个外国人, 进到办公室, 前台小姐左看右 看,大家都在打游戏,只有自己比较清闲,就面带 微笑的:"Hello?" 外国人:"Hi." 前台小姐:"You have what thing?"(你有什么 事?) 外国人:"Can you speak Eng-lish?"(你会讲 英语吗)前台小姐:"If I not speak English, I a ...


   1.Why are girls afraid of the letter C ? 1.Because it makes fat fact! 2.Why is the letter E so important? 2.Because it’s the beginning of everything! 3.Why are the letter G and letter S in "gloves" close to each other? 3.Because there is ...


   超级雷人语录 My advantage is that I am handsome, but my disadvantage is that the handsomeness is not so obvious. 我的优点是:我很帅;而我的缺点是: 我的优点是:我很帅;而我的缺点是: 我帅得不明显。 我帅得不明显。 When I went shopping one day, a group of girls stopped me, saying that I was handsome. Bu ...


   趣味英语:中国人最易误解的45句话 1. The house is really A-1.   (误译)那间房子的门牌确实是A-1号。  (正译)那间房子确实是一流的。   2.He bought a baker’s dozen of biscuits.   (误译)他买了面包师做的12块饼干。   (正译)他买了13块饼干。   3. A bull of Bashan woke the sleeping child with his noise.   (误译)贝兴的一头公牛弄醒了那个酣睡的孩 ...


   1.How are you doing?(你好吗?)   2.I'm doing great.(我过得很好。)   3. What's up?(出什么事了/你在忙些什么/怎么了?)   4. Nothing special.(没什么特别的。)   5. Hi. Long time no see.(嗨,好久不见了。)   6. So far so good.(到目前为止,一切都好。)   7. Things couldn't be better.(一切顺利。)   8. How about ...



   汉英口译分类词汇(10)--教育文化词汇 (大学)代理校长 Acting President (大学)副校长 Vice President (大学)校长 President/Chancellor (大学)专科 Major Types of Education in China short 2- to 3- year higher education programs (大学的)研究小组;讨论会 seminar (国家)助学金 (state)stipend/subsidy (戏剧学院)表演系 ...

《牛津小学英语》6B Unit 2 More exercise

   . II A O U S 量l ^ N e ; C l £ 】 塑烈 赏析 员 仇 牛 《 津 小 学 英 语 》6 B U n it 2 e x e r Cl S e ,、 . ? 口 钱丹凤 a r e n o t ( 2 )i t T it . ? s (M u a n y : H e is “ t a ” lk in g ? to … a bo u t tu d e n t s s ta n d o u p s . ) ho u W h a t : is “ IT ” T : Oh ...


   UNIT 1 II. Listening Skills Listening for Names 1. Doris: Good morning. Can I help you? David: Yes. I need to change one of my courses. Doris: I’ll see what we can do. What’s your name, please? David: My name’s David Brown. Doris: Your first name a ...


   1。英语课堂游戏:抢读字母 英语课堂游戏: 这是一个训练学生认读字母的游戏,教师将全班分成若干小组,然后逐个出示字母 卡片,学生们举手抢答,教师让最先举手的学生读出该字母,读对的给该组记 10 分, 最后得分最多的组为优胜。 英语课堂游戏: 2。英语课堂游戏:抢答字母组 将全班分成两个小组,并把两套字母卡片分别发给各组学生。游戏开始,教师用中 文说:"乐谱的七个调","美国","圆心和半径","中华人民共和国", ...


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