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全国 2004 年 10 月高等教育自学考试
I. 词法,词汇.用适当的词填空.从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出一个正确答案,并 词法,词汇.用适当的词填空. , , , 四个选项中,选出一个正确答案, 在答题纸上将所选答案的字母涂黑. 小题, Complete 在答题纸上将所选答案的字母涂黑.本大题共 25 小题, ( 每小题 1 分, 25 分) 共 each of the following sentences with the most likely answer. (25 points)
  1. Friendship is almost union of a part of one mind with a part of another. A. / C. a books in foreign languages. A. Except C. In reference to similar meanings. A. / C. between for a few more days. A. ought to C. will A. was absorbed C. is absorbed
  6.I voted for the proposal though did. A. anyone else C. someone else destruction. A. cause C. causing A. who compete C. who will compete A. For C. While
  10. "You haven't been to the Niagara Falls?"
B. the D. an

  2. a large collection of works of science in Chinese, this library also keeps many science B. Except for D. In addition to

  3. It is not always easy to distinguish words which look or sound alike or which have B. from D. from among

  4. I really go back to work tomorrow, but I feel so bad that I have decided to stay in bed B. can D. may B. absorbed D. has been absorbed B. somebody else D. nobody else

  5.She did not hear what you said because she in her reading.

  7.The enemy dropped hundreds of bombs over the city, many deaths and great B. caused D. having caused B. who are competing D. who have competed B. Since D. Though

  8. Athletes at the Olympic Games are supposed to be nonprofessionals.

  9. Jack wouldn't take up the job, we might as well ask Richard to do it. 专门收集历年试卷
", I haven't." A. Of course not C. Yes A. what they grow C. how they grow A. needn't have bought C. shouldn't have bought A. far from C. farther from A. respectable C. respective A. constant C. steady A. receive C. accept A. with C. in
B. No D. Certainly B. that they grow D. which they grow B. mustn't have bought D. couldn't have bought B. far away D. farther away B. respectful D. respected B. stable D. regular B. take D. try B. within D. to

  11. They have abandoned city life and settled in the country, living on in the fields.

  12.I this three-room apartment without the money I borrowed from the bank.

  13. Your explanation was satisfactory; you didn't tell us the truth.

  14. The trashman's neighbors consider him highly as he does work society needs.

  15. He made efforts for his degree examination and succeeded.

  16. As an experienced driver, he often warns beginners not to any risk.

  17. The Chinese handicrafts he brought home are popular his American friends.

  18. The title of the 35 Nurse of the Year was granted to Miss Helen Taylor, who had devoted herself nursing for forty years. A. in C. to
  19. He is of an expert on international law. A. something C. everything A. onto C. to A. up C. in A. that C. what
B. into D. onto B. anything D. nothing B. in D. into B. away D. off B. which D. how

  20. China attaches great importance the relationships with her neighbouring countries.

  21. He tried to appear calm, but his trembling voice gave him .

  22. Many people have exaggerated computers are capable of.

  23.He was accused drunken driving and was facing up to six months in prison. 专门收集历年试卷
A. with C. of accident. A. adopt C. adjust can get used to life there. A. for other
B. against D. by

  24. The kindhearted couple decide to the child whose parents had been killed in an B. adapt D. admit

  25. I wouldn't study abroad. For one thing, I can't afford the expenses; I don't think I B. for the other
C. for others D. for another II. 完形填空.从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选择一个正确答案,并在答题纸上将所选答 完形填空. , , , 四个选项中,选择一个正确答案, 案的字母涂黑. (本大题共 小题, 案的字母涂黑. 本大题共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,共 15 分) ( Fill in each blank in the passage with the most likely answer. (15 points) Most living things undergo two types of biological change during their lifetime. One is 26 , an increase in the size or efficiency of an organism. The other is aging, which involves a 27 in size or efficiency. Sings of aging 28 in most people between the age of 30 and
  40. Heredity (遗传) 29 a role.
determines most of the ways a person changes while aging, but environment also
All the senses decline with age. For example, the eyes cannot adapt 30 darkness, and they require brighter light for reading. In women especially, bones lose calcium(钙) and become more likely to 31 . 32 to learn, 35 33 disease or injury damages the brain, a healthy Many people believe that with advancing age, an individual loses the remember, and make decisions. But elderly person 34 serious decline in mental capacity. No one fully understands the aging process. Some scientists 36 that human aging will ever be controlled. Others believe that aging can be conquered. They note that several species of fish continue to grow until death 37 any signs of aging. Normal human cells can be kept 38 in a laboratory for only a limited time. However, abnormal(非正常的) cells, such as various cancer cells, can live for a long time. If scientists can determine how cells survive, they may gain an insight
  26. A. development
  27. A. loss
  28. A. appear
  29. A. takes
  30. A. at
  31. A. split
  32. A. responsibility
  33. A. unless
  34. A. who B. growth B. failure B. show B. makes B. to B. crash B. ability B. if B. what
remains physically and mentally active probably suffers
the process of cell aging. C. progress C. reduction C. open C. does C. in C. break C. necessity C. besides C. whom D. improvement D. cut D. happen D. plays D. with D. bend D. possibility D. except D. which 专门收集历年试卷

  35. A. neither
  36. A. suspect
  37. A. as
  38. A. alive
  39. A. so
B. nor B. distrust B. despite B. lively B. such
C. none C. doubt C. with C. live C. much
D. no D. misunderstand D. without D. living D. many

  40. A. through B. towards C. into D. in III. 难句释义.从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选择一个正确答案,并在答题纸上将所选 难句释义. , , , 四个选项中,选择一个正确答案, 答案的字母涂黑. (本 小题, 答案的字母涂黑. 本大题共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) ( Choose the closest paraphrased version for each of the sentences or italicized parts.(10 points)
  41. Time is treated as if it were tangible. A. … it were something too tricky to grasp. B. … it were something solid which you can seize and control. C. … it were something you can't easily see or notice. D. … it were something that man can never understand.
  42. A cross response signals that the parents are in inner conflict. A. … the parents are usually sorry when they respond angrily. B. … the parents are sure they are right in responding angrily. C. … the parents are not certain that the best way is to respond angrily. D. … the parents are not sure whether or not they should respond angrily.
  43. Intellectually, we must admit, he was not of much importance. A. His mental abilities were about or below average. B. He was not much respected among intellectuals. C. His friends thought of him as a good-for-nothing. D. He was not regarded as a well-informed person.
  44. A little girl tramping around in the Pennsylvania woods near her home feels close to the birds and plants and animals. She is at ease with them. A. She enjoys being close to them. B. She finds it easy to make friends with them. C. She feels relaxed and comfortable with them. D. She regards them as closer friends than humans.
  45. What man on earth could deny a child the chance to live? A. What kind of man could refuse to help a child survive? B. Is there such a man who could deprive a child of the chance to live? C. No man should ever refuse to give a child the chance to survive. D. Only a merciless person would not give a child the chance to survive.
  46. Even when you have doubts about people, act as if they are worthy of your best manners. A. … treat them politely. B. … speak as politely as you can. C. … show that you are a man of good manners. D. … tell them that they deserve your best manners.
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  47. Nothing was too good for that child [Laura]. A. Laura deserved whatever her parents did for her. B. Laura was a spoilt child and she was hard to please. C. Laura never took her parents' love and care for granted. D. Laura was untouched no matter what her parents did for her.
  48. There is a great deal to be said about the suburb. A. The suburb has many advantages. B. The suburb is much talked about. C. The suburb is a nice area to live in. D. The suburb attracts many city people.
  49.If I care about you. I'm concerned about your growth, and I hope you will become all that you can become. A. … you will become what you want to be. B. … you will eventually become a gifted person. C. … you will develop all your abilities to the full. D. … you will be capable of doing all sorts of jobs.
  50. No one really expects a vacation trip to produce a close friend. A. Not everyone believes that people they meet during a holiday trip could become close friends B. Not everyone thinks close friendship can be developed among fellow travelers during a vacation trip. C. People everywhere are so eager for friendship that they want to make close friends during a vacation trip. D. Though they may hope so. people don't think it possible to form close friendship during a holiday trip. IV. 阅读理解.认真阅读下列两篇短文,每篇短文后有 5 个问题,根据短文的内容从 A, 阅读理解.认真阅读下列两篇短文, 个问题, , B,C,D 四个选项中,选择一个正确答案,并在答题纸上将所选答案的字母涂黑. 本 , , 四个选项中,选择一个正确答案,并在答题纸上将所选答案的字母涂黑. (本 ( 小题, 大题共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) Read the two passages and answer the questions.(10 points) Passage 1 Years age, there was a very wealthy man who, with his devoted young son, shared a passion for art collecting. Together they traveled around the world, adding only the finest art treasures to their collection. The widowed elderly man looked on with satisfaction as his only child became an experienced art collector. The son's trained eye and sharp business mind made his father smile with pride as they dealt with art collectors around the world. A few weeks after his son joined the army, the elderly man received a telegram informing him that his beloved son was missing in action. The art collector anxiously awaited more news, fearing he would never see his son again. Shortly afterwards his fears were confirmed. The young man died while rushing a fellow soldier to safety. Heart-broken and lonely, the old man faced the upcoming Christmas holidays with sadness. The joy of the season?a season that he and his son had so looked forward to in the past?would no longer visit his house. On Christmas morning, the depressed old man was visited by a soldier with a large
5 专门收集历年试卷
package in his hand. The soldier introduced himself as his son's friend. "I was the one he was rescuing when he died," he told the old man. As the two began to talk, the soldier mentioned how the man's son had told everyone of his?and his father's?love of fine artwork. "I'm also an artist," said the soldier, "and I want to give you this." As the old man began to unwrap the package, paper gave way to reveal a portrait of the man's son. Though the world would never consider it a work of talent, the painting showed the young man's face in striking detail. Overcome with emotion, the old man thanked the soldier, promising to hang the portrait above the fireplace. After the soldier departed, the old man set about his task. As he promised, the painting went above the fireplace, pushing aside thousands of dollars worth of paintings. And then the old man sat in his chair and spent Christmas gazing at the gift. In the days that followed, the man learned that his son had rescued dozens of wounded soldiers before a bullet killed him. As stories of his son's bravery continued to reach him, fatherly pride and satisfaction began to ease his grief. The painting of his son became his most prized possession. He told his neighbors it was the greatest gift he had ever received. The following spring, the old man was ill and passed away. The art world was looking forward to an auction(拍卖) on Christmas Day, where, according to the will of the old man, all of his art works would be sold. The day finally arrived and art collectors from around the world gathered to bid(竞价) on some of the world's most spectacular paintings. Dreams could be fulfilled this day; greatness could be achieved as some people could say, "I have the greatest collection." The auction began with a painting that was not on any museum list. It was the painting of the



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