全国 2010 年 4 月高等教育自学考试 国际商务英语试题 Ⅰ. Translate the following words and expressions from English into Chinese (10%) )
  1. customs area
  2. roll on-roll off traffic
  3. amendment
  4. gold standard
  5. gilt-edged stocks
  6. compound duties
  7. discount rate
  9. national treatment
  10. cost economies
  8. certificate of quality
Ⅱ. Translate the following words and expressions from Chinese into English(10%) ( )
  15. 增值税
  12. 互利贸易
  13. 保兑信用证
  14. 装船通知
  20. 目的地

  16. 追溯到

  17. 原产地港口

  18. 货物保险
  19. 商品交易会
Ⅲ. Match the words and expressions on the left with the explanations on the right(10%) ( )
  21. integration a. the act of putting money to use in something offering profitable returns
  22. voluntary offer b. connecting with the sea or navigation
  23. draft c. producing optimum results for the expenditure
  24. viability d. combining into a whole
  25. investment e. a person or an organization etc. that receives something
  26. export earnings f. the amount paid by an insured for coverage under the contract
  27. maritime g. an offer made on the initiative of the offerer
  28. premium h. money earned on the sale of goods to other countries
  29. cost-effective i. ability to succeed in operation
  30. recipient j. an unconditional order to someone to pay a sum of money Ⅳ. Make brief explanations of the following terms or give the full name of the abbreviation in English (10%) )
  31. absolute advantage
  32. irrevocable credit
  33. indemnity
  34. green field strategy
  35. APEC
Ⅴ. Answer the following questions in English(20%) ( )
  36. Why is it necessary to revise Incoterms in 1990?
  37. Why was the Special Drawing Right created?
  38. What contents should be included in a firm offer?
  39. What does international business refer to? Ⅵ. Translate the following into Chinese (15%) )
  40. In insurance of all risks, the insurer is responsible for total or partial loss or damage to the insured goods arising from natural elements or from sea perils, including all losses caused by accidents to the carrying vessels or craft or by any external causes. But it does not, as its name suggests, really cover all risks.
  41. The term Triad refers to the three richest regions of the world, the United States, the European Union and Japan that offer the most important business opportunities. Any international enterprise must bear Triad in mind if they want to be successful in the increasingly competitive world market. Ⅶ. Translate the following into English(25%) ( )



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