全国 2010 年 7 月高等教育自学考试国际商务英语试题
Ⅰ. Translate the following words and expressions from English into Chinese (10%)
  1. income distribution of a market
  2. set forth 收入分配的市场

  3. clean credit

  4. equity investment

  5. akin to
同类 近似

  6. endowment of nature 自然的赋予

  7. all risks 一切险

  8. non-trade settlement 非贸易结算

  9. standing committee

  10. comparative advantage
Ⅱ. Translate the following words and expressions from Chinese into English(10%)

  11.自由贸易区 Free Trade zone

  12. 进口税
import duty

  13. 开证银行
opening bank

  14. 中间产品
intermediate product

  15. 对外直接投资

  16. 技术转让
transfer of technology

  17. 特别提款权
special drawing rights

  18. 制成品
finished goods

  19. 外汇短缺
foreign currency shortage

  20. 配额限制
quota restraint
Ⅲ. Match the words and expressions on the left with the explanations on the right(10%)

  21. productive 能生产的;生产的,生产性的;多产的;富有成效的
a. one in which one of the parties agrees to supply, at the contract price, a complete product ready for use, such as a new home, factory, ship, etc.

  22. primary 主要的;初级的;基本的
commodities b. absence of agreement

  23. hyperinflation 恶性通货膨胀
c. to substitute a claim against one person for a claim against another person

  24. discrepancy 不符;矛盾;相差
d. a person who owns money

  25. practitioner 开业者,从业者
e. producing in high efficiency or in large quantity

  26. turnkey project 交钥匙投资项目
f. those commodities not processed, or only slightly processed, usually farm produce or raw materials

  27. constitute 组成,构成;建立;任命
g. money held aside to meet future demand

  28. subrogate 代替;取代
h. make up; amount to; form

  29. reserve 储备金
i. a person engaged in the practice of a profession or occupation

  30. debtor
债务人;[会计] 借方
j. soaring of prices beyond control


Ⅳ. Make brief explanations of the following terms or give the full name of the abbreviation in English (10%)

  31. drawback
缺点,不利条件;退税,the quality of being a hindrance

  32. confirmed credit 保兑信用证

  33. dirty float

  34. international licensing 国际授权

  35. IMF 国际货币基金组织 a United Nations agency to promote trade by increasing the exchange stability of the major currencies Ⅴ. Answer the following questions in English(20%)

  36. Why is it necessary to change the term “marine insurance” into “transportation insurance”?

  37. What institutions does the World Bank Group consist of?

  38. Why does the exporter sometimes require a confirmed letter of credit?

  39. What are the two wheels of APEC?
Ⅵ. Translate the following into Chinese (15%)

  40. It should be noted, however, that the existence of a letter of credit is not a guarantee of payment to anyone. Its existence only assures payment to the beneficiary if
the terms and conditions of the letter of credit are fulfilled. In addition, a letter of credit does not insure that the materials purchased will be those invoiced or shipped.
值得注意的是,无论如何,出现的信用证付款,也不能保证给任何人。 它的存在仅仅担保支 付给受益人如果条款和条件的信用证都应验了。另外,信用证不确保花钱购买材料将是那些 发票或运送的。
  41。国际金融公司成立于 1956 年。它的功能是协助欠发达国家的经济发展 方式,促进生长在私营部门的经济,以及协助动员国内、外资对这个用途。扶轮社员是一个先 决条件 IBRD 会员的国际金融公司。

  41. The IFC was established in 19
  56. Its function is to assist the economic development of less-developed countries by promoting growth in the private sector of their economies and helping to mobilize domestic and foreign capital for this purpose. Membership in the IBRD is a prerequisite for membership in the IFC.
国际金融公司成立于 1956 年。 它的功能是协助欠发达国家的经济发展方式,促进生长在 私营部门的经济,以及协助动员国内、外资对这个用途。扶轮社员是一个先决条件 IBRD 会 员的国际金融公司。Ⅶ。翻译下列成英文(25%)
Ⅶ. Translate the following into English(25%)

  42. 在所有条款中,买卖双方各自的义务排列在 10 项标题下。
Under all terms , the respective obligations of the parties have been grouped 10 headings

With the development of manufacturing and technology, there arose another incentive for trade . I.e. international specialization

There are three types of foreign exchange price : buying rate ,selling rate , the average of the two --medial rate
  45.这些机构的共同目标是通过把发达国家的资金输送到发展中国家帮助这些国家提高 生活水平。
The common objective of these institutions is to help raise standards of living in developing countries by channeling financial resources to them from developed countries

  46.自从进入 WTO 后,中国商业银行及保险行业日益受到来自国外同行的竞争。



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