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英语(二 试卷 英语 二)试卷
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  15) PART ONE (50 POINTS)
Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure (10 points , 1point for each item ) 从下列各句四个选项中选出一个最佳答案,并在答题纸上将相应的字母涂黑.
  1.He spoke so A.frankly C.convincingly
  2.The government C.attributes
  3.The heart is A.not so C.much more
  4.The factory has to be shut down spite of C.with a view of funds B.for lack of D.for the sake of room left . that even his opponents were impressed by his words B.clearly D.loudly great importance to intellectual property protection. B.attaches D.approaches intelligent than the stomach , for they are both controlled by the brain B.not much more

  5.The hotel manager said that they did not have a single A.vacant C.bare
  6.I’ll accept any job far as long as B.empty D.hollow I don’t have to get up early case though

  7.On hearing the news , he rushed out of the dining hall , leaving his luch A.finished C.finishing
  8. B.unfinished D.unfinished
did she complain about the food , she also refused to pay for it B.Only D.So his coat B.takes off D.has taken off church . B.old charming Spanish D.Spanish charming old 英语(二)试题 第 1 页 共 9 页
A.Not only C.Nor
  9.She offered me a drink before he A.would take off C.had taken off
  10.On the top of the hill stands a (n) A.charming old Spanish C.Spanish old charming
中国高教自考网 - 圆您大学之梦 Ⅱ.Cloze Test (10 points , 1 point for each item )
下列短文中有十个空白,每个空白有四个选项.根据上下文要求选出最佳答案,并在答题卡上 将相应的字母涂黑. Many people enjoy skiing in winter. Before going skiing you should 11 necessary preparations: First, be sure you keep warm and comfortable by 12 the right clothing. The feet and head are most important because 13 easily escape through these parts of the body. Make sure you have two 14 pairs of socks, preferably made of natural fibers (天然纤维). Make sure your footwear fits 15 and allows your feet to breathe. It is absolutely 16 to cover your head for about 80% of body heat can be lost through the head. Skiing can be divided 17 cross-country and downhill. The downhill variety is a great way to 18 stress and have fun. An adequate stretch before each run is necessary. It is not much different from 19 you usually do in a gym to warm up your muscles. First-timers can learn the basic skills from qualified instructors. The most important thing to learn is balance. When you lose control, 20 to one side of your body, instead of forward or backward, to avoid injuries.
  20.A.spring B.make B.shaping B.heat B.loose B.partivularly B.radical B.between B.decrease B.fall C.take C.dressing C.pressure C.thick C.invariably C.essential C.into C.minimize C.this C.jump D.get D.covering D.stress D.light D.perfectly D.potential D.from D.release D.what D.leap
Ⅲ.Reading Comprehension(30 points 2 points for each item ) 从下列每篇短文的问题后所给的四个选择项中选出一个最佳答案, 并在答题卡上将相应的字 母涂黑。 Passage One Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage. "Most parents make well-meant efforts to set high goals to motivate and stimulate their children's learning and good behavior," observes Sam Goldstein, a psychologist specializing in child development at the University of Utah. "But many don't understand their own child's limitations or strengths." In fact, many potentialities and limitations ? in intelligence, character and mental health ? are laid down prior to birth. We may want our son or daughter to do better than we did at the same age, but if it's not in the cards, or genes, no amount of coaching or coaxing (诱导) will move them much beyond their natural gifts. In fact, the pressure may have the opposite effect. In most cases, the 英语(二)试题 第 2 页 共 9 页
中国高教自考网 - 圆您大学之梦 parents' urge only adds to their children's anxiety.
Trouble arises when we ignore the signs that a child isn't ready or able to live up to our expectations. If a child is not really good at what his parents are pushing him to do, he will be confronted with failures. And repeated failures may cause some children to set the bar too low for themselves, withdrawing from new experiences and missing out on opportunities to guarantee they won't fail again. When a child doesn't meet expectations, the parents may feel anger, which shows up as annoyance or frustration. Children may see their parents' disappointment as rejection, and these feelings can lead to hostility, emotional withdrawal, lack of ability and conduct problems or immoral behaviors. The bottom line is that we must accept our children for who they are and allow them to become what they will be. But don't misinterpret acceptance as permissiveness. Let children do what they want when they want to; homework must be done, and family rules respected . It comes down to a delicate balance of control and acceptance. Often kids will give us the clue we need to help them set and achieve realistic goals. The benefits of taking a realistic view of your child may surprise you. When parents are accepting, loving and supportive, children are often motivated to exceed your expectations.
  21. According to the passage, most parents tend to . A. permit children to do what they want B. overestimate their children's strengths C. set goals beyond children's natural ability D. motivate their children all the time
  22. Children's potentialities and limitations are . A. predetermined B. predicted C. prearranged D. preoccupied
  23. Parents not only allow their children to become what they want, but also A. keep a balance of control and acceptance B. help their children to discipline themselves C. urge their children to exceed their expectations D. make well-meant efforts to stimulate their children
  24. Children can do better than expected if their parents . A. accept their children as they are B. read child-development books C. set high goals for their children D. teach family rules to their children
  25. The best title for the passage would be . 英语(二)试题 第 3 页 共 9 页
中国高教自考网 - 圆您大学之梦 A. Failure, the Mother of Success B. Early Education, A Sure Way to Success C. Parents, Be Realistic about Your Children D. The More You Demand, the Better Your Children Will Be Passage Two Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.
Danger is waiting for you every time you step out of your front door. The hidden- danger, however, is not a robber, but merely the sidewalk beneath your feet. Although short walk down the road may not normally be considered a dangerous activity, a recer government study suggests otherwise. Pedestrian's (行人的) danger tripping up on uneven or damaged sidewalks occurs twice every 100 meters, causing injuries which can match those suffered in a car crash. At least 600,000 trips on sidewalks require medical treatment across the country every year, according to the Pedestrians Association; the government says the figure for serious injuries is a small part of that, though. Although the elderly and disabled are the most likely victims of uneven sidewalks, it has caused injuries among thousands of pedestrians of all ages, according to one analyst of the Pedestrians Association's London Office. "Such a fall can sometimes mean a life-changing injury for older people, which leaves them wheelchair-bound or having to walk with a stick," he said. "A fall can also make people lose confidence, forcing them to stay indoors." According to Pedestrians Association director Ben Mark, the hidden dangers of walking along a sidewalk are not clear by a lack of comprehensive data, concerning the true extent of the problem. He said, "Victims of sidewalk falls are invisible casualties (受伤人员) as far as the National Road Casualty Statistics are concerned?it only counts if you've been hit by a car or a lorry on the road. It's really bad that we don't know how many people are injured by sidewalks. Nobody keeps track of the data."
  26. The purpose of the passage is to warn pedestrians to . A. make better sidewalks B. pay attention to their feet C. mind their steps D. stay indoors as much as possible
  27. According to a recent government study, . A. a robber is more dangerous than a sidewalk B. a short walk along the street might be dangerous C. a hidden danger causes more harm than any other danger D. everyone will run into a danger on stepping out of his door
  28. Which of the following statements is true? 英语(二)试题 第 4 页 共 9 页
中国高教自考网 - 圆您大学之梦 A. Car injuries match those from tripping. B. Cars have caused more injuries than lorries. C. There are 600,000 trips all together every year all over the country. D. Pedestrian injuries on the sidewalk deserve public attention.
  29. From the passage, it can be inferred that . A. a fall on the sidewalk causes young people little injuries B. most of the sidewalk injuries don't need medical treatment C, a sidewalk fall may make old people dependent on wheelchairs
D. the government provides the exact number of sidewalk injuries each year
  30. The last paragraph probably implies that the National Road Casualty Statistics A. focuses on the sidewalk injuries B. keeps track of data of sidewalk injuries C. pays less attention to the sidewalk injuries D. has an exact number of the sidewalk injuries Passage Three Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage. America's election day is 7 November. On that day citizens who wish to will cast their ballots (选票) for the presidential candidate they prefer. The result of this process is called the popular vote. However, not one of the votes cast on election day actually goes directly to a particular candidate. Why? It has to do with the electoral college. The electoral college was created in response to a problem encountered during the Constitutional Convention of 1787, where delegates (代表) were trying to determine the best way to choose the president. If Congress were to elect the president, he would be too easily controlled by the legislature. If all the citizens were to vote directly for the president, there might be too many local candidates and none representing a wide body of opinion; or it might be difficult to count the votes cast over a vast country. The framers of the Constitution (宪法制定者) intended that the electors, chosen for their wisdom, should come together and choose on behalf of the people. In fact, the swift rise of political parties guaranteed that the electoral system never worked as the framers had intended; instead, national parties quickly came to dominate the election campaigns. The electors became mere figureheads representing the state branches of the parties who got them chosen, and their votes were predetermined and predictable. But anyhow, America has retained the electoral college to choose its president and vice-president. There is some variation among states in how electors are appointed, yet generally they are chosen by the popular vote. Each political party in a state chooses a list of local worthies to be members of the electoral college if the party's presidential candidate wins in the popular vote in the state. Members of the electoral college have the moral obligation to vote for the candidate who 英语(二)试题 第 5 页 共 9 页
中国高教自考网 - 圆您大学之梦
won the popular vote in their state. This moral duty, plus the fact that electors are members of the same political party as the presidential candidate, ensures that the outcome in the electoral college is a valid reflection of the popular vote in 7 November.
  31. The term 'the electoral college' in the passage means . A. a body of persons voting out the president B. a body of persons voting out the voters C. a body of scholars for study on presidential election D. a body of persons counting the votes over a vast country
  32. The framers of the Constitution intended that the electors should A. be chosen among ordinary people B. choose the president on behalf of the people C. choose the president on behalf of the political parties D. be chosen among famous persons from each political parties
  33. In the third paragraph, the word "figureheads" means . A. political figures B. nominal electors C. constitutional leaders D. state representatives
  34. Members of the electoral college are supposed to . A. cast their ballots for the candidate they like B. carry out the presidential election on 7 November C. attend the Constitutional Convention on 7 November D. vote for the candidate winning the popular vote in the state
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